Lillian Gray Art School is one of Joburg's foremost fine arts schools for children and adults, run by renowned graphic designer, fine artist and public speaker, Lillian Gray. Having graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with a BA in Fine Arts, she went on to exhibit her work in New York, London and Italy. Gray then ran her own graphic business successfully for six years before pursuing her passion for teaching. The Lillian Gray Art School has now been fostering new talent since 2016, growing the world of fine art one student at a time.

Kids Classes

Most children begin to draw at the age of three. It is a fundamental stage of development, as children learn to express their creativity and emotions through visual mediums. Encourage your child to find their inner artist by enrolling them in classes at Lillian Gray Art School. Teaching the little ones the fundamentals of drawing, painting and clay modelling, these classes are tailored to children aged six to eight and nine to 13. With lessons taking place up to five times a week for the older kids, the Lillian Gray Art School fully invest their time and expertise in developing your child's skills and creativity.

All standard art materials are included in the cost of the classes, so you get bang for your buck as well. Children with an artistic eye are known to be more observant and find it easier to interpret shapes and patterns. Plus, there is always the added benefit of making lifelong art buddies!

Lillian gray Art School


Balancing school work, extra murals, a social life and creative hobbies can be difficult for teens. Which is why Lillian Gray Art School offers art classes for teens aged 13 - 18 in the late afternoons. However, this does not mean that these classes aren't up to standard. In fact, Lillian Gray offers in depth art history and practical classes herself, engaging young minds with interactive teaching and hands on demonstrations. If your child is preparing for a career in the arts, Lillian can also help them put together a stand out portfolio. Give your child the opportunity to express themselves creatively, all the while learning valuable artistic skills to propel them into their future careers.


Lillian Gray believes that it's never too late to unlock your creative potential. Even if you have never picked up a pencil to sketch before, the adult classes at Lillian Gray Art School are open to people of all levels of skill in drawing. You will be encouraged to experiment here too, playing with various mediums to find your special niche. Or, you may simply want a creative outlet to get you out of the hum-drum of everyday life. Either way, these lessons can help with stress and anxiety, allowing you to express your deepest emotions and get back in touch with your younger self.

Paint Nights

If you aren't convinced that Lillian Gray Art School is ideal for the kids or yourself, attend one of their regular Paint Night events. Here, you will get to experience what art classes with Lillian Gray will be like, as she or one of the other expert staff members at the school guide you through an evening of observation, imagination and fun. The school offers monthly Last Thursday ladies paint nights, couples paint nights, corporate functions and kids art parties.

To stay informed about Paint Night events at Lillian Gray Art School, follow their Facebook page.

Lillian Gray art school

For More Information

Visit their website for more information on classes, special events and workshops. Or, you can contact them on 076 828 2448 or [email protected].

Details: 82 Kessel Street, Fairland, Roodepoort, Gauteng.