The up-cycle movement has been on the rise for a couple of years now. With eco-warriors at the helm, furniture is no longer being discarded without a second thought. Similar to re-cycling, the up-cycling movement promotes re-use of non-perishable or slow degrading items. The difference here though is, instead of breaking down materials to re-cycle them, the old is given a little spit and polish to make it seem brand new.

This movement is especially relevant to furniture and upholstery. The manufacturing process behind that brand new reading chair you have been eyeing can have disastrous effects on the environment. So, instead of buying new, we work with what we have to create something updated and modern. Using only minimal materials, up-cyclers can re-work a dusty, old piece of furniture into a contemporary living space must-have.

Up-Cycled Furniture

Up-Cycled Furniture 

As trends come and go, you may find up-cycling your much-needed answer to millennial pastels, prints, gold finishes and all other interior design gimmicks. That's where Up-Cycled Furniture comes into the picture, specialising in couches, dining room chairs, occasional chairs, benches, custom-made furniture and more. They will re-upholster your favourite lounger back to its original glory. Or, you can give your entire living room collection a complete makeover without having to blow your budget.

Rather than waste your time DIYing your household items to their former look and comfort, send them off to Up-Cycled for the royal treatment. If you are unsure of the look you want, they will choose the fabric and style for you. So, the next time you find a super cool armchair at that vintage store in town, don't pass it by. Up-Cycled will not only give it some much-needed TLC, but they can make it uniquely yours, reflecting your tastes and comforts.

How it works

Up-Cycled collects your run down and tired furniture at the most convenient time in your schedule. They then haul them off to their factory workshop, where all the magic happens. Up-Cycled has years of experience in traditional and modern upholstery. They also have a vast amount of understanding of furniture function, restoration and traditional re-upholstery techniques. So, whether you are looking for timeless traditional or clean contemporary design, they will be able to transform your drab couch or chair into something worthy of a magazine cover. Your furniture is then re-delivered to your home, ready to brighten up your living space.

Up-Cycled Furniture also creates their own custom pieces. Their pallet patio sets are particularly impressive, as they re-work, paint and transform old wooden pallets into outdoor furniture to last you a good couple of years. Complete with glass tops and lockable wheels, their tables and garden couches are the perfect addition to your braai or pool area. So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to some fancy 'new' furniture.

Check out this awesome custom made pallet patio set! You can Choose your configuration and colours! Call or email us for an obligation free quote on 082 641 8838 or

Posted by Up-cycled on Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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