Lindfield House has to be one of Joburg’s best-kept secrets and a must-visit if you're looking to do a little time travelling! Ever wondered what it would be like to sip tea and live like those classy ladies back in the Victorian era? Well, who could possibly imagine that an authentic Victorian House exists right underneath our noses, not to mention the world’s best tour guide and a lovely afternoon tea? It's definitely worth a visit if you're in the area!

The Lindfield House Victorian Museum is fascinating and captivating from start to finish and will intrigue guests of all ages. Situated just a few blocks from the SABC building in Auckland Park (near UJ), this stunning Herbert Baker house has been lovingly restored and beautifully decorated by owner, Katharine Love, who actually lives in this treasure trove of Victoriana.

Lindfield House Victorian Museum

From the moment you step inside the front door and are greeted by Katharine dressed as a Victorian parlour maid, you're immediately swept back into the past when men visited with calling cards, women squeezed themselves into corsets,rand servants slept in the kitchen on a fold out bed with a rifle, guarding the family's silver in the pantry! Goodness, how things have changed over the years!

One of my favourite parts of the house is the children’s nursery, with the most amazing doll’s house, rather odd museum room (where the children collected items from their travels and various other odd creatures preserved in formaldehyde), and the school room where the children would do their schoolwork with a nanny and eat their meals. The library is also quite phenomenal, as is the bedroom (with the man of the house having a separate room leading outside so he could pop in and out at will!)

Lindfield House Victorian Museum

And as if the tour of this 'time capsule' isn't amazing enough, the tea is the cherry on top! You'll get to enjoy delicious sausage rolls, fluffy scones with jam and cream, and scrumptious cake. I loved every moment from start to finish – you can bank on about an hour and a half for the whole tour and another half an hour for tea. Booking is essential, so make sure you make an appointment soon! This experience is highly recommended for those who are looking for something personal and unique.

Admission costs are as follows:

Single or groups:

Lindfield House Victorian Museum

Specialised tours:
Book an intimate behind-the-scenes, specialised tour of the Lindfield Victorian House Museum. Katharine will take you on a private tour, sharing stories and information not included on regular tours and allowing you to explore areas or objects that are not open to the general public. Available by prior appointment only.

For More Information

For more information about this historic gem, visit You can also call them on 011 726 2932 or email [email protected].

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Address: 72 Richmond Avenue, Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

Pictures by the Lindfield House Victorian Museum

Written by Shelli NT