What Is It?

Jukebox Junior is a fun, live, musical show to take the kids to. With categories from pop hits to nursery rhymes, this show has mass appeal for all kids who love music! Live Jukebox, the adult version of this show, has been successful and critically acclaimed - especially from younger audience members.

Kids love a good competition and music. These two thigs come together in a crazy, fun and interactive show where the kids are the stars! Think Noot vir Noot meets Trivial Pursuit meets 30 Seconds… but with music and all for kids. Categories include Pop, Nursery Rhymes, Disney Tunes, Local Music and TV Tunes… let the fun begin!

Whether your child loves to be front and centre playing the games, or prefers to sit back and enjoy the show from their seat, this show is the top choice for kids!

When Is It?

Monday, 24 September 2018 at 14:00

Where Is It?

Barnyard Theatre, Gold Reef City, Northern Parkway, Ormonde, Johannesburg

How Much Is It?

Tickets cost R95 per person and can be purchased here.

For More Information?

For more information visit the Barnyard Theatre website.