We all love doing something different and unique, and with so many things on our bucket list, we wanted to introduce you to something that will be a jaw dropper.

This calls for some zorbing, we can call it a ball of fun.

What is Zorbing?

Many consider it an extreme sport, however it can be considered a game depending on what it is used for. It is growing in the country and many people are starting to getting into it.

For those who are not familiar with what zorbing is, this is a transparent plastic ball you can either go into or wear. The traditional way to zorb is to go inside the ball and go down a slope and with other innovations like playing soccer, you can wear the ball.

Why It's the Bomb Dot Com?

Although it might seem a bit daunting at first, you will be aching to do it again once you have tried it.

Zorbing is just absolute fun, and will get the adrenaline pumping. It is also extra fun to get the entourage or the family together to join in on the fun.

Let's check out some places where you can find it around Johannesburg.

Jozi X

Jozi X is known for their fun and extreme activities, and they have also brought zorbing into mix to add some more fun into our lives.

They offer two different kinds of zorbing, Hydro Zorbng as well as Harness Zorbing. They are both quite an experience, we would encourage you to try both. Their Hydro involves a water chute and roller coaster so you can already imagine the ball of fun you'll be having.

Their Harness Zorbing is an adventure you don't want to miss out on. The high speed is definitely what an adrenaline junkie would love.

Sandton Action Sports

Sandton Action Sports is as its name suggests, situated in Sandton and has become very popular for the action sports and now they have included indoor bubble soccer.

How this works? With indoor bubble soccer, you wear the plastic ball and have fun playing against others and bumping into each other during the game. The perk about this is that the fall is not that painful.

They have curated amazing options for team buildings and kids parties as well.

Bumper Balls

Bumper Ball SA

Bumper Ball SA is situated in Greenside at the Pirates Sports Club. They are all about bubble soccer so if you looking for a soccer game with a twist, this is it. Their zorb balls are life size added all the more to the fun.

They host bachelor parties, team buildings, festivals and events. The more, the merrier - the game is always better with more people. So, take all your mates and go have some fun or you can suggest what venue would be suitable for you.


Dance classes

Dancing is no doubt a super fun way to get active. You're so busy having a good time that you forget you're actually getting some exercise. Joburg is full of places that offer dance classes. For the littler ones, don't be afraid to start random dance parties to their favourite tunes, even if it IS jiving to Baby Shark. Katz School of Dance offers a multitude of dance classes for kids, from hip hop and jazz to Latin and contemporary.

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VR Gaming

If your kids are the gaming type, then treat them to some VR (Virtual Reality) gaming. They'll love you for it and you get the added bonus of getting them up, off and away from the couch for a little while. Places like Blue Ocean VR, BT Games are great places to do some VR gaming. BT Games has multiple locations including Sandton City and Cresta.

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Tree-Climbing Adventures

Taking kids on outdoor adventures is also a great option. Getting them climbing trees, zip lining, doing obstacles, etc, is a sure-fire way to get the kids active. Places like Acrobranch are great because they provide a host of outdoor activities but you still have that added element of safety. And there are courses that cater to the little ones, older kids, teenagers and even adults so it's a lot of fun for the whole family.

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The older kids will surely enjoy paintball - the running around, friendly competition and fun rivalry will surely get them pumped and having a blast. BZRK Paintballing, Battlezone Paintball, Fun Paintball and Field 19 Paintball are just a few places that offer paintball sessions in Joburg.

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Bouncing About

Everyone knows kids love trampolines, so trampoline parks like Bounce make for a thrilling day out for all ages. Plus, jumping is a great cardio workout. But it's so much fun, you forget that you're even getting your heart rate up... until you get home and you're ready to pass out standing upright. iJump and Gravity Trampoline Park are other alternatives to Bounce.

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Strawberry Farm

For those kids who are more laid-back and aren't big on adrenaline-pumping activities, Strawberry picking is a good option. Not only is it getting active from all the walking around but it's also the only delicious activity in this list. Enjoy some fresh berries at places like the Field Berry Farm and Tangaroa Strawberry Farm. Just keep in mind the berry growing seasons!

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Go-karting is an age-old favourite for all ages, both young and old! It's adrenaline-rushing and fast-paced and the kids will most-definitely enjoy themselves. We love it so much, we wrote an entire article dedicated Go-Karting in Jozi.

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Maze Adventure

Maze adventures are an awesome activity for kids because not only are they getting active by walking, they're using their problem solving skills at the same time to get out of the maze. It's like exercising both your body and brain at the same time. Honeydew Mazes is a great place to go. Their giant mazes takes about 60-90 minutes to do but there's also smaller puzzles and mazes to complete and a few other games to take part in.

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Obstacle course

Listen, obstacle courses are amazing. And no, we're not talking your P.E teacher's kind of obstacle course. We're talking castles, ball pits, bubble balls and much more! Jozi X is the ultimate adventure park to take kids to. Not only do they offer the most epic obstacle courses, but they have many activities that cater to kids of all ages!

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Aerial Acrobatic

This is another activity that kids will enjoy! But don't worry, we're not talking Cirque du Soleil or Pink levels just yet. There are kid-friendly aerial acrobatics available in Joburg. Aerial acrobatics is great activity for muscle tone. Sky Dance Studio offer aerial acrobatics classes for kids.

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Powered by Pure Rush Industries, Jozi X offers fun and exclusive activities for those looking for a bit of adventure. The park has a number of activities available specifically designed to cater for visitors aged between five and 75, so there is something for everyone! Check out their Action World and enjoy all eight of their harness-free features from falling from their nine metre high climbing walls or circus-sized trapeze and land onto Krush Kushions. Also try out some mountain boarding and even climb into a three diameter inflatable ball and roll down a 200m long slope! Perfect for a adrenalin-filled fun day out with family and friends.

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