We don't know what the statistics have to say, but we think South Africa is one of the most influential countries in the art industry. One place that has contributed to this industry in the Johannesburg Art Gallery.

Art In Mzansi

Art has always been a part of the people of Joburg, whether consciously or not. The city is packed with influences that have played a significant role in fashion, design, dance, music and more.

Johannesburg Art Gallery JAG

More and more, people are falling in love with visual and fine arts and visiting Joburg's plethora of galleries.

Every year, we are seeing more people exploring the world of exhibitions and showcases. The Johannesburg Art Gallery is a major contributor to all the beauty that lives in the inner-city.

Johannesburg Art Gallery JAG

Johannesburg Art Gallery

Better known as JAG, the gallery is comfortably situated in Joubert Park.

The art of it all begins with the gallery's building, the architecture really speaks to what they do and the quality of the work that lives in the building.

This awesome gallery is home to some of the most beautiful pieces of artwork. They house new age art that speaks to the modern, urban, urban contemporary and futuristic work.

Johannesburg Art Gallery - Gerard Sekoto

Art By Gerard Sekoto

Some of the most renown artists have works displayed in the gallery, such as the likes of Picasso, Pierneefs and more. Their forward thinking and innovation makes them one of Joburg's top galleries - #FRIENDSOFJAG.


This growing name has played a huge part in advancing and creating a portal for the gallery to keep moving forward.

#FRIENDSOFJAG helps the gallery with fund raising, giving their activities and educational programmes a push and keeping the art alive.

How can you be a Friend of JAG?

The friends of JAG have some cool perks. Being a friend means you can enjoy their lectures, experience tour visits, enjoy discounts and exclusive invitations for their openings and get a discount on the Johannesburg Art Gallery's catalogues.

Johannesburg Art Gallery JAG

More Than Just A Gallery

JAG offers much more than a standard gallery offering. They often host cool events and art showcases.

Some of their shows include The Evidence Of Things Not Seen, 2018's FNB Joburg Art Fair and non conventional projects like And Counting by !Kauru Contemporary African Art Project and Curated by Tšhegofatso Mabaso and Julia Taonga Kaseka.

So Jozi, go and enjoy the beauty not so far away.