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Japanese Tapas At Umami Food Studio

What Is It? Tapas is the 'in-thing' in food circles right now. Bite size morsels of goodness with enough to share, what could be better? Now, imagine Japanese style tapas!  Visit Umami Food Studio in Midrand to learn more about this culinary art of Inari sushi this May. This delicacy is made by filling a pouch […]

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Tsuyu Teppanyaki Bar

Tsuyu Teppanyaki Bar is a Japanese restaurant started by a Taiwanese and Cantonese couple in 2000. They specialises in authentic Japanese cuisine. Tsuyu's menu includes sushi, crisp tempuras, teppanyaki stirfries, authentic donburis, soup noodles and so much more. The restaurant's aim is to provide quality Japanese food at affordable pricing. Should you wish to host a […]

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Calling all sushi lovers in Johannesburg! Yamasaki is the perfect restaurant to visit for affordable sushi that you can pair with a decent glass of wine, should you wish so. Not big on sushi? Not a problem. Yamasaki also serves spring rolls among other amazing Japanese and Chinese meals, traditionally prepared for your enjoyment. Next […]

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In the mood for sushi or anything fishy? Then Hashi is your place. They are all about offering new and exciting taste sensations around Japanese cuisine. They use a blend of Japanese techniques with the exotic ingredients and flavours that are similar to South American cuisine. Their menu offers 40 different variations to choose from including unique sushi items like crispy salmon, […]

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