From Our Playlist With Love

Here at HQ, we love sharing the latest content of what's hip and happening in the city with you. But with the Coronavirus outbreak, we deemed it necessary to get personal and share a list of songs that's been keeping us afloat and helping us get through this tough time in our lives. Click here to listen to all the songs we’ve chosen!

Music Is Fluent In All Five Languages Of Love

There are five languages of love - Quality Time, Gifts, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch and Acts of Service. All of these languages can be found in music:

Quality Time

While everyone is indoors, practicing social distancing, the city feels a bit lonely. We've already put together a list of top Netflix and Showmax shows to keep you entertained. But, to keep you company while doing your chores, there's nothing better than music. Anything is possible with the perfect playlist, so spend some quality time indoors with some special music.


While you may not be able to unwrap music, it still makes a great gift. This is because it shows thoughtfulness and effort and may even help your loved ones stay sane during these tough times. Consider our playlist as a gift from us to you, to show you just how much we value all our readers.

Words Of Affirmation

Music reminds us that we are never alone. There is a song to help us through any problem. These songs include verbal compliments that reflect love and appreciation. This playlist is a constant reminder of how much we appreciate and love our audience and hope you are keeping safe at all times.

Physical Touch

We know that touching is a sensitive subject right now, but this love language is about showing expressions of love and reinforcing a sense of presence. We hope our special playlist fuels you and helps you wake up every day with a positive outlook on life.

Acts Of Service

The world is a scary place right now. But through acts of service, we can all come together and help each other survive this global pandemic. One of the ways we're helping you is by making your day better, one song at a time. So, blast some music, dance around your house and let these quarantunes guide you to positive thoughts!

Do you know of any positive songs we should add to our playlist? Let us know about them in the comments section below!

Joburg people are privileged with a flood of the best entertainment in the country, however it can be hard finding spots where you can jam and participate in open mic experimentals. That's why we had to give you a taste of the open mic spots that are keeping the jamming culture alive.

Open mics really allow artists to get into their zone and experiment, try something new and really create an experience for the person rendering the art or enjoying the entertainment. A lot of artists can really attest to the fact that one can really grow through partaking in jam sessions and live entertainment in general.

A quick low down in case you not familiar with the Open Mic scene

What is an Open Mic?

An open mic is an open platform for anyone who wants to perform, ranging from anything between music, spoken work (poetry) and even comedy if you are lucky.

How it works?

Ideally, you would find spots like the ones we will be checking out, get there on open mic day/night, register your name and await your performance. (However registration process can differ depending on spot).

Note: Some spots can be specific to theme or genre i.e. Acoustic night however don't let that put you off, you could bump into a guitarist you can collaborate with. That is what jamming is about right?

Why Open Mic?

This is an opportunity to have fun, build confidence, meet other performers and just learn from the idea of creating a moment.

And here are some spots you can find open mic sessions...

Open Mic

Rustic Cafe

Rustic Cafe is situated at the Old Parktonian Sports Club in Bordeaux, neighbour to Blairgowrie. Many who are not from the area have not heard about Rustic but it has been around and has become quite the spot for foodies, sports fans, artists and students of course - the cafe is across the road from Vega School Johannesburg.

The cafe hosts open mics on the 1st Thursday of the month (Acoustic Nite) and on the 2nd and last Thursday (Open Mic Nite) so if you want a cool night out, this is the spot.

Open Mic

Outie Bakery + Cafe

Better known as "Outie", this amazing cafe is situated in one of the most artistic hubs in Joburg - Newtown, right in front of The Market Theatre so you definitely won't miss it.

They collaborated with Word N Sound to bring poetry to this amazing crowd that love poetry every Wednesday and just an extra mention - they also host Jazzy Sundays. Outie has become thee spot for some famous faces, we are pretty sure this also has to do with their food. LOL! Swing by sometime!

Open Mic

Niki's Oasis

Niki's Oasis, also situated in Newtown; is one of the oldest jazz lounges in Joburg. Rooted to the raw element of music and has hosted ample international and local artists, Niki's is known for its good reputation.

As a very Word of Mouth driven spot, performing here might require you to pay the spot a visit to confirm when the next open mic or event is - this is what I call spontaneity. Don't let that discourage you because when you do get there, you won't want to leave. The people are warm including the owner, Niki.

Let's start creating moments peeps!