Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori

This is the new creation from Gucci and a fresh update on the original Gucci Bloom. While Gucci Bloom is, surprise surprise, a floral fragrance, Acqua Di Fiori adds flavours from the forest. With the addition of fresh green hues like jasmine, red-flowered vine and Chinese Honeysuckle, vibrant energy is added to the soft floral, making it young and joyful. For those who are both feminine and free-spirited, this is a perfume that invites the energetic, whimsical attitude to life. Available at Edgars Beauty.


Coco Mademoiselle

When I asked my colleagues what fragrance they would choose for summer, Mary-Ann threw her arms up and exclaimed dramatically: "Coco Mademoiselle!" It has Oriental tones and, like the woman who wears it, has a brilliant mind of its own. The citrus, jasmine and rose awaken the senses and the mind. Spray this on in the morning and you will be inspired to "seize the day.” Coco definitely gives this one the nod. Buy your Eau de Parfum at Woolworths.

Ellie Saab - Le Parfum Rose Couture

Close your eyes and imagine falling onto a bed of pastel-coloured rose petals, glistening with soft morning dew ... that's the image created by this delicate and lyrical scent. It’s a magical perfume to add to your daily beauty routine. The Eau de Toilette can be bought from Edgars Beauty.


Stella By Stella McCartney

Because The Beatles were the lullabies of my childhood (thanks, Dad!) and the background music to my life, it is only natural for me gravitate towards a fragrance by Paul McCartney's daughter. What an interesting, complicated fragrance. This one is for women who are dynamic and layered with mystery and personality. It is at once soft and confident, demure and bold. If getting to know you is a lifetime, Stella is your girl. Get yours at Ascot Cosmetics.

Clarins - Eau Des Jardins

This is my recent discovery. Clarins may not be known for their fragrances. Until now, that is. This gem is my everyday fragrance. It’s the smell of happiness, of choosing joy. It celebrates life and abundance and smells exactly as its name suggests: Eau des Jardins. Water from the gardens. This perfume comes from Eden, with hues of citrus, wood, exotic flowers, cedarwood, blackcurrent and spearmint. It both destresses and energises. Plus, this fragrance range from Clarins has properties to treat and replenish the skin with care. Find yours at Ascot Cosmetics.


J'Adore Dior

Here is a fragrance for elegant brides. It smells like the deep afternoon sunlight. The combinations of orchid, jasmine and mandarin conjure up the image of a sun-kissed skin, an exotic island and a romantic getaway. Truly, I adore Dior. Available from My Perfume Shop.

Olympea By Paco Rabanne

According to Kim, Paco Rabanne is her go-to fragrance. This is something daring, sassy and provocative. Inspired by the goddesses, heroines and fierce queens of the past, Olympea packs a female punch at stereotypes and celebrates women who are terrifying and tremendous. Go get 'em, girl, but stop past Edgars Beauty first.


Roberto Cavalli - Paradiso

And, coming in at first place, we have Roberto Cavalli, Paradiso. If perfumes were music, this would be my jam. It’s exotic, wild and classy, and it tantalises, inviting your senses into paradise. This fragrance is full of body: nothing too spicy, nothing to sweet. The floral and citrus hues of cypress, jasmine, mandarin and bergamot are a real celebration. But, even though the original Paradiso is my jam, the newer Paradiso Azzurro is my 2019 upgrade. Azzuro lets in the ocean breeze, soft light and calming lavender. Sitting on a yacht in the blue Mediterranean Sea could not be a better setting for this scent. This fragrance is everything in a bottle. Ascot Cosmetics knows my order.