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Global Travel Experts Reveal Their Insider Travel Tips For 2020

Hidden Gems You Need To Visit In 2020 Trafalgar’s Travel Directors travel the length and breadth of Europe and the UK, bringing ‘Only with Trafalgar’ experiences to their guests, but they’ve given us the inside scoop on their favourites. Add these 10 must-see European experiences to your 2020 travel list: Óbidos, Portugal One of the […]

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Vino In Piazza Wines Of Italy

What Is It? Happening for the first time in South Africa, wine lovers will be able to sample some of the best wines Italy has to offer at the Vino in Piazza, Wines of Italy. This wine show will introduce 143 labels from 20 wineries from 11 different regions including Veneto, Piedmont, Lombardy, Tuscany, Sardinia […]

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WIN A Trip To Italy Valued At R50 000! Here's How...

La Vita Italiana! The Italians believe that the secret to a happy life is to “mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto” (eat well, laugh often, love much) and Montecasino couldn’t agree more. They know how much we all enjoy and love the passion, energy and entertainment that they offer, including world-class theatre, movies, shopping, over […]

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