Even though we're all on lockdown, it doesn't mean that we can't lend a helping hand to those who need our support during this difficult time. There are many ways to volunteer during the lockdown/pandemic, and best of all, you don't even need to leave the comfort and safety of your home to reach out and help out locally. You can still offer resources, skills and contributions to those in need.

Wondering how to volunteer and make a difference in your community during the lockdown? Here are a few suggestions for you to consider:

Grocery Shopping With A Twist

When we say grocery shopping, we don't mean grocery shopping for you and your loved ones. We mean shopping for much needed items and necessities that NPOs are kindly asking to be donated to their cause. To assist, contact local NPOs or visit their websites to take a look at what's on their wish list or grocery list, go shopping for these products online and have it all delivered to their desired address. Even if it's just a few of the items they require, each little bit will be greatly appreciated.

grocery shopping

Do Some Virtual Volunteering

You can still volunteer while you're under lockdown! Just like the rest of the nation, this act of kindness has gone virtual, allowing you to assist from home. The term for this is called virtual volunteering and it has become a thing! Want to virtual volunteer during your free time? Then visit Forgood.co.za, which will offer you a wide choice of causes in various locations throughout South Africa asking for assistance with various activities during the lockdown. All you have to do is go online and search for activities that suit your interests and skills.

charity community hands holding a red heart

Support Domestic Workers

Among those that have been affected the most during this time are the domestic workers and gardeners that keep homes in top condition. Even if they have the benefit of living with you and your family, they still have extended families that rely on their income to ensure they're still provided for during the lockdown. Help them ensure that their families will be alright during the lockdown by paying them during this uncertain time.

cleaning products in a blue bucket being held by a cleaner wearing orange gloves


Another good deed you can do during the lockdown is donate. There are many Back-A-Buddy initiatives that need your help. You can also support our frontline heroes in the medical industry by donating to the SHOUT4Masks initiative that'll provide health workers with the necessary protective gear as they treat and fight the spread of COVID-19. Also, contact your local animal shelters to find out how you can donate to their organisation.

donate child putting coins into a blue piggy bank

Offer Virtual Chats, Tutoring Or Counselling

During the lockdown, there are many people that are either social distancing or isolating alone who feel lonely. There are others that aren't coping and need someone to talk to about what's bothering them. Also, there are parents that are battling to home school their children as they, too, need to work and require some assistance. Many are struggling at this time. Offer your skills, kindness and expertise to those who need some help on community pages on social media.

man with brown hair making a phone call with a white smart phone placed near his ear

Support These Community Initiatives 

Many charities, organisations and SMEs are struggling to make ends meet or keep their doors open due to the national lockdown and the spread of the pandemic. Right now, they need you more than ever to help them make it through. To see which community initiatives and charities need your help, click here to see how you can give back to the community during this difficult time.

charity community green grass with glass jar filled with coins and soil being watered

What Is It?

The Darlings are bringing you yet another quarantine-friendly live online broadcast show.

Continental Breakfast, Maiden China and Rose Butch are ready to wow you.

Don't miss out!

When Is It?

Sunday, 26 April 2020 at 21:00 PDT.

Where Is It?

Online, click here.

How Much Is It?

Free, but donations are welcome.

For More Information

For more information, click here.

Event is subject to be cancelled at any given time, so please check to avoid disappointment.

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

For a feel-good story that'll have you ready to go on an adventure of your own, be sure to read Eat, Pray, Love written by Elizabeth Gilbert. After a bitter divorce and a turbulent love affair, Elizabeth realises she needs to embark on a journey in search of three things she has been missing in her life: pleasure, devotion and balance. She travels to Rome, Italy, where she learns Italian and gains 25 pounds. Then she goes to an ashram in India, where she discovers that enlightenment entails getting up in the middle of the night to scrub the temple floor. And lastly, she heads to Bali, where an old toothless medicine man offers her a new path to peace. Slowly, through her experiences and lessons, happiness begins to creep up on her. This is an inspirational must for all!

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

Enjoy reading tales about big life changes, moving realisations, exciting travel adventures and inspiring philosophical teachings? Then be sure to read Robin Sharma's The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. The title tells the story of a high-profile lawyer, Julian, who makes the big decision to leave his career after having a heart attack, to search for a bigger and more profound meaning in life. The story is told through the words of Julian's former colleague, who contacts Julian after he returns from his life changing adventure – travelling abroad and living with monks in the Himalayas.

turning a page in a book

Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

During these times, we need something inspiring and uplifting to keep our minds off of all the uncertainty going on around us, which is why Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse is another must-read you need to add to your bookshelf (or e-book collection). Siddhartha is a novel that centres around the spiritual journey and self-discovery of a wealthy Indian man named Siddhartha during the time of the Gautama Buddha. He gives up all of his material possessions in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and knowledge. He also meets many different people along the way, who teach him meaningful life lessons that contribute to his own personal growth.

The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho

A book that’s similar to The Alchemist is The Pilgrimage, written by Paulo Coelho. It follows the true events of how Coelho walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain as part of his initiation process to a Catholic sect. This thought-provoking story takes you on a journey of self-knowledge, wisdom, meditation and spiritual mastery. It combines the elements of travel as well as the physical and mental challenges that play a role in the self-discovery process. Readers will see beyond ordinary and into the remarkable with this enchanting and inspiring read.

woman with black hair reading a book

Life Of Pi by Yann Martel

You might have watched the movie, but have you actually read the book Life of Pi by Yann Martel? If not, you're definitely missing out on an absolute must for your collection! The story follows a young boy named Pi, whose father owns a zoo in India. Pi's father decides they will immigrate to Canada. So, they pack up their lives and board a ship along with all the animals from the zoo. But, tragedy ensues – they become shipwrecked. Pi manages to survive on a small lifeboat that he shares with a few of the animals from the zoo. The story focuses on Pi’s experiences on his lifeboat in the middle of the ocean and how he manages to make it.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is a modern classic that you definitely need to read at least once in your lifetime. It's definitely one that'll leave you feeling inspired and mindful. The thought-provoking novel tells the magical tale of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy, who dreams to travel far and wide in search of treasures that are far more extravagant than any other ever found. One day, he decides to follow his dreams and his heart, and travels to distant lands, where he meets interesting people and finds wisdom that's life-changing. This story is full of spirituality, magical realism and folklore that you need to experience.

Looking for more titles to add to your reading list? Take a look at our list of suggested Classics To Read During The Lockdown.

What Is It?

Savanna Premium Cider will be showing its continued support for the SA comedy industry over the next few months with the launch of its #SavannaVirtualComedyBar. These comedy sessions will be guaranteed to administer the medicine of laughter to the people of South Africa when they need it the most, while also giving paid comedians a virtual stage to showcase their talent.

It’s always been Savanna’s mission to support and nurture comedic talent, but now they’re ramping up their efforts in response to the times. The #SavannaVirtualComedyBar will consist of two facets – the weekly Bar Nights and Comedy Specials.

The weekly Bar Night events, which will be hosted on Zoom, will allow people to connect with their friends and have a drink, while interacting with two comedian hosts or ‘barmen’. Comedy Specials will be run every two weeks and will star nine different comedians. These will be shown on Savanna’s YouTube channel and will be streamed on their social channels, Savanna Cider.

When Is It?

The first Weekly Bar Night will be held on Thursday, 09 April 2020 and will feature David Kau and Nik Rabinowitz, with Coconut Kelz as host.

The first Comedy Special event will start on Saturday, 18 April 2020 and will star nine of SA’s comedic talents to be announced soon.

Where Is It?

From the comfort of your couch via Zoom. Or on Facebook.

How Much Is It?


For More Information

For more information about Savanna Cider and their Savanna Virtual Comedy Bar, visit savannacider.com.

Or, visit the Savanna Cider Facebook page.

The Safe Place To Recover & Isolate

Whether you're looking for a comfortable and safe place to recover or simply looking to isolate yourself away from loved ones to protect them, The Capital Hotels and Apartments has come up with the perfect solution. In partnership with Discovery Health, they will launch a COVID-19 isolation and recovery facility at The Capital Empire in Sandton.

Both companies recognised the need to create safe spaces for people exposed to or infected with COVID-19 to isolate and recover, and to support the country’s efforts to flatten the curve during the national lockdown period.

self-isolation hotel woman in bed listening to music

About The Self-Isolation Hotel

The medically-controlled facility with access to 24-hour nursing care is open to anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and needs to be in isolation while they recover. To enable broad access to these facilities, The Capital Hotels and Apartments has significantly reduced their rates. The Capital intends to avail additional facilities in other major South African cities. Also, Discovery Health Medical Scheme members seeking self-isolation and care can access this facility at a reduced rate.

self-isolation hotel

How It Works

Starting from R1 350 per night for a standard hotel room, the rates include three meals per day. Guests are encouraged to stay for between 12 and 14 days to allow for full recovery before they return home.

From R2 000 per night, guest can stay in a modern spacious apartment with a fully fitted kitchen (including laundry facilities).

All rooms include the hotel's standards of complimentary high speed Wi-Fi and Smart TVs.

Discovery Health Medical Scheme will contribute R400 towards the daily rate during the period of isolation (this is specifically for Discovery Health members who have COVID-19 and who do not require in-hospital care).

To oversee recovery, Discovery Healthcare Services will make 24-hour nursing supervision available as part of the service. In addition, Discovery Healthcare Services has made arrangements for referral and if needed, ambulance transportation of anyone who needs escalated medical care.

self-isolation hotel

All food is inspected to ensure suppliers are following the WHO food preparation protocols and is prepared under strict hygiene standards. Food will be delivered at the room door, with strict isolation protocols.

All Capital staff have been trained on global best practice protocols for sanitisation and care of both themselves, their family and guests, following the guidelines of the WHO, European and US Centres for Disease Control and the South African Institute for Communicable Diseases. Additionally, all staff will use the necessary personal protective equipment to ensure their safety.

Daily room servicing to ensure a hygienic environment includes the disinfection of high touch points, including TV remotes, door handles and toilet flush handles as well as front desk pens and room keys. Commercial grade cleaning and disinfectant materials are used in all aspects of the hotel.

All staff will be screened for any symptoms and signs of COVID-19, including regular body temperature monitoring. Any staff members involved in the food supply chain has their temperature check performed hourly.

The Capital

For More Information

For more information about The Capital Hotels and Apartments and their Self-Isolation Hotel, click here to view their offers during this difficult time.

You can also book by contacting them on [email protected] or 011 290 9700.

Don't forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with the latest hotel news, offers and more.

Host A Tea Party

Get the kettle on the boil and make a few little sarmies and treats. Set up a lovely spot in the garden with cushions, a small table and decorations. Then gather the kids for a fun tea party outside. And if you're looking to make it extra entertaining for the little ones, be sure to take a look at Exclusive Books' downloadable party planning pack themed around the book, The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr. This tea party planning pack includes fun activities including how to make your own party bunting and hat, exciting party games and lots of fun colouring sheets.

tea and biscuits outside in the garden

Have A Braai!

What do we South Africans do best in times like these? We braai! Grab a few steaks and chops out of the freezer, gooi together some salads, open a few tins of corn and beans and you have yourself a delicious get-together for you and your family. Also, enjoy this lovely weather we've been having by eating outside. And afterwards, toast a few marshmallows if you have some stocked in your pantry.

backyard braaing chops and wors

Create A Garden Reading Nook

During this lockdown, we've got plenty of time to catch up on reading those books we've always wanted to tick off of our list. Also, those classics that everyone recommends you read at least once in your lifetime. Here are a few classic novels to consider. Make reading these classics extra relaxing by setting up a comfy little nook in your garden. Grab a cup of coffee, a blanket, a few cushions and enjoy an afternoon outside with one of your favourite books.

reading in the garden during the day time, man in chair on the grass

Have A Picnic In The Garden

Just like a tea party, prep a few goodies and set up a picnic somewhere in your garden. Other than enjoying some delicious finger snacks, this is the perfect time to play a few old school board games with your loved ones... while outside. Jenga might be a little bit of an issue with the uneven surfaces, but here are a few other board game suggestions to consider playing during your garden picnic.

picnic basket sitting on awooden table with a red and white blanket

Meditate Or Do Some Yoga

Meditating and doing yoga outside in your garden has many benefits. Other than the fact that you'll have more room to stretch out and move around without knocking anything over, you'll also get some fresh air. The sounds of nature will calm you and you'll also be getting some Vitamin D from the sun. So, grab your mat, a bottle of water, set up on the grass and zen out.

woman in red shirt and purple pants doing yoga on grass

Fit In A Workout

Speaking of fitness and wellness, why not get your heart rate up with a quick workout outside? And with Adventure Boot Camp posting daily workouts on their Instagram page, getting an effective workout has never been easier. You can also check out various YouTube videos offering everything from HIIT, strength training, breaking a sweat while doing housework and much more. Click here to read our article about how to keep fit during isolation.

lady doing squat exercises in her garden

Play Backyard Games With The Kids

Get the kids away from their technology and spend some time outside playing a few old school backyard games. These can be as simple as charades, tag and finding cool shapes in the clouds to playing soccer, hide and seek or creating your own cool obstacle course using outdoor furniture and other household items. This is the perfect opportunity to get creative.

girl hoola hooping in garden, aerial view

Do Some Gardening

Since the season is changing, there's plenty of gardening that can be done on your property. Leaves are falling from the trees, so why not rake them up and save them for a compost heap? Prune those rose bushes and prep your flowerbeds for the new season. Or why not get started on growing your own veggie patch? You can even change up the scenery a little bit by clearing your garden of unwanted plants or simply just planting them in another area on your property.

For more gardening tips and to-dos, be sure to read our Let's Get Gardening article. It covers everything from autumn gardening to eco-friendly plants and indoor plants.

gardening and planting

Naked Insurance Brings #GetNakedAtHome Live Sessions

We all may be on lockdown, but it doesn't mean we can't get to enjoy local musical talent live from the comfort of our own homes! This is why Naked Insurance is bringing South Africa #GetNakedAtHome. This is an initiative which supports local entertainers who have had shows cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak throughout the country. Not only does this initiative support them, but it also provides you with amazing entertainment to keep the boredom at bay during the 21-day national lockdown.

This week, you can catch Shortstraw and Elvis Blue live on Instagram as part of the #GetNakedAtHome lineup.

Shortstraw (left) and Elvis Blue (right)

Shortstraw (left) and Elvis Blue (right)

When Is It?

Where Is It?

Don't miss these amazing live sessions with Naked Insurance!

How Much Is It?


For More Information

For more information about these #GetNakedAtHome live stream sessions featuring the best in local music, keep an eye on Naked Insurance’s Instagram page for updates and lineup announcements.

YouTube Has Hundreds Of Workouts

The first place to scour when you need workout inspiration and regimes to help you keep the corona bulge off while in isolation is YouTube! This platform offers a wide range of exercise videos, including HIIT workouts, weighted exercises and at-home solutions if you don't have the right gym machines or items with you (did you know using a 2L bottle of water is just as good at a 2kg dumbbell?)

Need a few suggestions of YouTube fitness influencers to follow? Visit Blogilates with certified fitness instructor, Cassey Ho, and take a look at her full-length POP Pilates, PIIT28 and Bootcamp Sculpting workouts that will truly make you feel the burn!

Another must-follow is POPSUGAR, which features P90X, the Victoria’s Secret workout, Tabata and Bar Method exercise regimes. There's also plenty of at-home, no equipment, toning workouts.

Need one more? How about FitnessBlender? This channel offers tons of HIIT and strength training exercises if you're looking for a challenging workout to test your limits.

And lastly, how about a great workout with plenty of entertainment and dancing? The Fitness Marshall will have you up on your feet doing a dance workout to a few of your favourite tunes (Justin Bieber's Yummy being one of them!)

We have an article dedicated to YouTube workouts here if you want to broaden your arsenal of exercise videos.


Clean The House During The Lockdown

Is doing an exercise regime not for you? Well, there is another way to get your heart rate up and have you breaking a sweat. Grab your household cleaning products and start a mass cleaning session at home. Believe it or not, but cleaning your home from top to bottom is a great full body workout. Dusting the top shelves and scrubbing grime off stove tops, ovens and showers will work the arms. Vacuuming, mopping and sweeping is great for your abs and back. Plus, all the walking around the house from room to room will have you getting your daily 10 000 steps done in no time!

women cleaning kitchen floor with mop lockdown

Do Your Steps Around Your Property

Don't underestimate the effectiveness and power of walking! According to FitBit, completing 10 000 steps each day typically burns between 2 000 to 3 500 calories per week. So, lace up your takkies and take a power walk around your house, garden or property. If you incorporate this with a spring clean AND a YouTube workout, you'll definitely hit that 10 000 step mark with ease.

lockdown walking grey nike sneakers on green grass

Limit Your Indulgences

We know! You're stuck at home, bored with nothing better to do than snack on all of your favourite treats while binge watching throwback series like Desperate Housewives. We also have a list of must-watch throwback series here, if you're interested. But let's face it, the binge snacking will get the better of us by the end of the lockdown. So, how do we curb this?

Firstly, limit your snacks and where you can, swap them out for healthier alternatives. For example, if you're craving something sweet like chocolate, pick up a fruit instead. Or rather go for a piece of dark chocolate (less calories!)

Next, stick with your regular routine of having breakfast, lunch and dinner. This lockdown is definitely throwing us all off when it comes to our norm, but you need to stick with your usual meal times to avoid excessive indulging.

And lastly, make wholesome meals that'll keep you feeling fuller for longer throughout the day. Need to stock up on a few groceries and staples during the lockdown? Support these local fresh produce delivery services.

lockdown fresh produce and vegetables in a heart shape basket, bananas, red peppers, green peppers, orange carrots, red onions

Keep The Kids Active

There's no easier way to keep in shape than by running after and having a blast with the kids! They're all little bundles of energy, so they'll definitely keep you on your feet, up and moving. Even better, why not head outside and play a few games of tag, catch, soccer, leap frog and more? These old school outdoor games will have you and the little ones active, away from technology and off the couch.

lockdown little girl kicking a soccer ball outside on green grass

Cosmetix Teaches You About Makeup

Since you have a little spare time to get creative and let your imagination run wild, why not join Cosmetix SA and learn how to apply makeup like the influencers do?

This is the perfect opportunity to up your game in your makeup knowledge and application and stand the chance of winning something amazing at the end!

cosmetix 17 day challenge makeup brushes in a black holder

How To Join The 17-Day Challenge?

What do you need to do to be part of the fun? Well, head over to @cosmetix_sa on Instagram, like their account and turn on your notifications.

Tune in daily during the lockdown to get the latest how-to videos and illustrations that will show and teach you a brand-new makeup skill to add to your overall look.

Post your own look from each skill you've learned daily using affordable and absolutely stunning beauty products from @catrice.cosmetics and/or @essence_cosmetics and stand the chance of winning yourself a beautiful Cosmetix hamper to the value of R5 000!

One dedicated follower who tags Cosmetix SA in ALL 17 daily looks and skills to complete their 17-day challenge will successfully be entered into the draw for this amazing prize. The winner will be announced on their social media platforms on Thursday, 16 April 2020.

Terms & Conditions apply. 

So, what are you waiting for? Gather all your Essence and Catrice Cosmetic goodies, click over to Cosmetix SA on Instagram, get creative and start posting your stunning looks!

Here Is Day #1's Makeup Class – The Perfect Fluffy Brows!


For More Information 

For more information about Cosmetix SA, visit their website at cosmetix.co.za.

Also, don't forget to follow and like them on all their social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

#cosmetixsa #cosmetixlockdown #stayhomewithcosmetix

Contact them on 021 534 0287 or [email protected].

Also, for more information about Essence Cosmetics, click here. And for more about Catrice Cosmetics, click here.