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Q & A With Artist NovaWoolf - On "The Path To Integration"

  Q & A  with NovaWoolf Can you elaborate on the title of your new collection "The Path to Integration?" Sure. The collection traces the journey of integrating the self. It is about recovering from domestic, complex trauma. It is about the healing journey towards dismantling of our defense mechanisms and facing our demons, our […]

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A Quick Chat With Wedding Photographer Hema Nana From Designer Photo

What drew you to wedding photography? We didn’t plan to be wedding photographers, but after shooting a family member’s wedding, we realised we loved the rituals, emotions and the colours of weddings. Are you self-taught or did you take a course or two for photography? Where did you study? I’m a qualified graphic designer and […]

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Up Close And Personal With Jillian Grogor!

So, tell us a little bit more about yourself, your team, and what kind of events you’re involved in? Jillian: Zebra Square specialises in strategic marketing and PR, which generally will culminate in a unique event such as the one we hosted recently for the Estee Lauder - the Look Good, Feel Better Breast Cancer […]

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