5G Is Here!

It feels like just yesterday everyone was trading in their ADSL connection for fibre, and installation trenches were appearing left, right and centre in suburbs throughout the country. But with fibre available to only a select few (only 496,000 South African homes had fibre in 2019), 5G is starting to change the home internet game, beginning with Gauteng!

Experience Faster Streaming on Multiple Devices

Want to watch Netflix on your laptop while your kids stream YouTube videos in the lounge or play their favourite games on your tablet? 5G is the best option for households that want to make the most of a single connection, as it allows for fast streaming for multiple devices at once.

child wearing headphones streaming from laptop

Good News, It's Cost Effective!

There are more benefits to 5G broadband than just speed. 5G is also an affordable option since it doesn’t require cabling to be laid and connected to your building. All you need is a 5G router, and you’re all set. In this sense, it will cost operators less to deploy, with the savings passed on to the customer.

Right now, network operator rain offers customers unlimited data on the 5G network through two affordable products:

Both products come with a free-to-use router, and are on a month-to-month basis.

Get Up & Running With Ease

Since 5G is a plug-and-play solution, getting your connection up and running once you have a 5G device is as simple as plugging in a wireless router – no waiting for operators to dig up (and fill in) trenches in the road, or tricky installations.

couple streaming on their laptop on their bed with white linens

Best For Home Use

The one caveat of 5G internet is that while its fast download speeds are great for streaming and browsing, its upload speeds are more suited for home use than business. If you regularly need to upload large files or engage in high-definition video conferencing, fibre may be more suited for your needs.

But for South Africans living in urban areas, rain’s 5G offers an affordable and practical option for home internet, allowing many users to leapfrog older technologies. rain has plans to roll 5G out to metros across the country in the next few months, but in the meantime, Gauteng is the first in the country to enjoy the new generation of home internet.

For More Information

For more information about rain and their 5G offers, visit www.rain.co.za.

Don't forget to like and follow rain on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Thanks to smart phones, the internet and a selection of cool apps and websites, we can "get together" online, socialise and have a little fun! We have found a few cool ways for you to "hangout" with your friends and family, without having to step foot out of your home. From cooking together to gossiping and testing your trivia knowledge, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Enjoy A Girls'/Boys' Night In

When was the last time you went out with your friends and had a good time socialising? Can't remember? Yes, the lockdown has definitely been that long! Well, why not grab a mocktail (here are a few recipes for you to try out), dial up your friends or family members via WhatsApp video chat, Zoom, Skype or Google Hangout, and just have a great catch up session while staying in and remaining safe in the comfort of your own home? This is a great way to check up on everyone, see if they're coping during this lockdown and are still all well and healthy, and just to get the latest scoop on everything that's happening in their lives. During this time, we need to be more connected than ever.

ladies have a video chat on laptop

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Netflix Watch Party

Is there a show that you and your loved ones enjoy watching and discussing after every episode? Why not watch your favourite series together on Netflix? There's also plenty of new shows for you to check out once you have rewatched all of your go-to series. There's definitely something for all tastes.

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Quiz Night!

For a little bit of fun during the lockdown and to broaden your general knowledge, why not plan an exciting virtual quiz night? Set a certain day/evening during the week to host a quiz night, alternate the role of who will be the quiz master for the event and have a blast. You can even make things extra competitive and interesting by keeping a tally of everyone's scores, then arrange a prize for the overall winner once lockdown has been lifted. Need some help in hosting a quiz night? Visit Stuff.tv and learn how to do a quiz night via Zoom.

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Host An Online Dinner Party

Getting together and enjoying a lovely meal is a thing of the past. Well, until the situation gets better, that is. And until then, why not enjoy a dinner party online with your loved one? Just like the quiz nights and girls'/boys' night in, you can make a video call on one of the various apps available and enjoy a meal together while socialising – talking about your day or week and what you have been getting up to during lockdown.

But, be sure to go all out with some table décor, placemats, candles, cutlery, the works. Once everyone is together online, you can share what you have prepared for dinner and even share the recipes. We've got a lot of recipes for you to try, including DIY bread recipes, Friday night homemade takeout recipes and even heart-healthy braai ideas if you'd like to have a virtual braai.

Workout Together With An App

Why not use this time to get into shape? Grab a virtual gym buddy, find a cool workout routine on YouTube or download a fitness app you can both use, set up a video call and break a sweat together! Workouts are much more entertaining when you have someone doing them with you. Looking for a few workout suggestions? Take a look at our selection of YouTube exercise regimes here.

Health & Fitness Expo

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Learn A New Skill Or Start A New Hobby

Since we can't enjoy social get-togethers, surely it's getting boring staying cooped up at home all day long? Why not gather a few friends and family members to learn a new skill online? The internet has given us an abundance of things to try and learn! And we have plenty of suggestions and ideas that we think you may enjoy. Want to learn how to cook new, healthy and oh-so delicious recipes? Try Vitality HealthyFood Studio Live Chef! How about getting some new books delivered via UberEats and hosting a digital book club? Or, why not let your creativity run wild while exploring the world of art with these online art classes perfect for all ages?

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How have you been socialising and "hanging out" with your family and friends during the lockdown? Let us know in the comments below!

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MTN had to make it on our list because it is one of South Africa’s biggest network providers and their services have been useful to many people. So, if you are working from home and want to make sure you reach all your deadlines on time, then this is just the service provider to use. Check out their deals and services, then click here and see which one works best for you.


Cell C

Gamers and streamers, here is something just for you. Cell C provides internet at speeds of up to 1Gps. It is also cost-effective at just R20. And, with the right deal, you'll never have to worry about running out of data again.


Telkom Network

This is definitely a go-to for many South Africans. Telkom is ranked among the most used internet provider, providing their customers with excellent services. They also provide internet services, data and calling services.



If it’s a great fibre deal you're after, then you’ve found it. Axxess doesn't require much from you; no contracts or credit checks, and they offer free VoIP calls to other users using Axxess voice numbers.


If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment down below!

Rosebank Office Space at The Link

From all walks of life and occupations, professionals from all over the city are thriving and working at The Link. What is The Link, you might ask? Well, think six floors in this nine-story building, all dedicated to WeWork members, featuring art-adorned lounges, bright and spacious conference rooms and modern private offices that allow you to work and get down to business. And as for location, commuting is a breeze with the Gautrain Station next door and ample parking on site. Need a breather? Head to their onsite wellness room, or explore the neighborhood’s variety of shops and delicious hot spots for a bite to eat.

WeWork’s office space at The Link in Rosebank is an ideal space to put down roots for your business. Want to check it out? Then be sure to click here and schedule a visit today.


Sourced: WeWork

How Much To Rent? 

We love the sound of The Link already! It's central, it's trendy and just all-round 21st century. But the question is, how much does it cost to rent office space at The Link? Don't worry, we have all the information right here! So, depending what you're looking for regarding office space, these are the numbers you'll be looking at:

Private offices - From R5 400 / month

Dedicated Desks - From R3 300 / month

Hot Desks - From R2 600 / month

Labs Desks - Price varies


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Included Amenities?

But what comes with the rent you'll be spending monthly on this office space? Are there any benefits and amenities that comes along with it? Well, of course there is! Here's what amenities are included:

Their Onsite Staff

Their team are there to support you throughout the working week, from their front-desk service to personalised support.

Cleaning Services Around The Clock

Around the clock, their cleaning crew will keep common areas, meeting rooms and private offices spick-and-span.

Private Calls In Their Booths

Make those all-important calls and video chats with the soundproofed alcoves provided.

Refreshing Fruit Water

Stay hydrated and refreshed throughout the day and during your meetings with cool fruit water for you and your guests.

Need To Hold A Meeting? 

Will you need to host meetings during the week? Not a problem! The dedicated meeting spaces include audiovisual equipment and interesting details like customised wallpaper and marble tables.


Sourced: WeWork

Printing Stations

Need to do some printing? Every floor at The Link has its own space equipped with a business-class printer, office supplies and a paper shredder.

High-speed Internet

Everyone is relying on the internet more and more these days, which is why The Link ensures that they are hooked up to the fastest internet possible to ensure smooth sailing. Hook yourself up to hard-wired Ethernet or secure Wi-Fi. There's also IT support and guest log-in functionality.

Who Needs Coffee?

Can't start the day without a fresh cuppa Joe? Get your caffeine buzz throughout the day with an endless stream of freshly roasted coffee at The Link.

Professional & Social Events

Need to do something fun and interesting with the team? Or would like to broaden their horizons? From workshops to thought-leader panels and cheese tastings, The Link's programming helps businesses nurture a strong team culture.

Unique Common Areas

The heart and soul of their location, these lounges are living room-style spaces designed for creativity, comfort and productivity.


Sourced: WeWork

For More Information

For more information about WeWork and what they have to offer, visit www.wework.com.

Address: 173 Oxford Road, Rosebank, Johannesburg.

Also, don't forget to check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Check out more about the the Rosebank Link.