One thing we all miss during this lockdown is that one place we love to visit on the regular. Take a moment to think about your favourite restaurant or bar – your spot. Is it just a place you go to or is it more than that? For many South Africans, our local spot is our home away from home. Where we get to eat, drink and be merry, surrounded by the people we love. It’s where our community comes together, where memories are made and life can be truly savoured and celebrated.

people from all walks of life sitting around a table at a restaurant toasting with stella artois beer

The bad news: Your favourite local spot (and all those who work there) is under threat. With most restaurants and bars having already been brought to their knees by social distancing regulations that began even before the national lockdown, the ongoing livelihood of hundreds of thousands who rely on these businesses to survive hangs in the balance.

That’s why Stella Artois is rallying to #SaveYourSpot.

How You Can Help

Stella Artois, one of SA’s best loved premium beers in the SAB, has launched an online platform on which you can buy a voucher to your favourite restaurant or bar. Not only will this money go to your spot, but Stella Artois will add an additional 50% of the value of each voucher.

It’s a win-win – for you AND your spot! Not only can you redeem your voucher at your favourite local spot after the lockdown and enjoy 150% of the value you paid for it, but the spot itself will benefit from some much-needed financial relief to pay wages and rent when they need it most – right now.

three ladies sitting at a bar enjoying stella artois beer and laughing

Why Participate?

Vijay Govindsamy, Commercial Director High End Company at SAB, reminds us what’s at stake: “Most restaurants and bars have about 16 days worth of cashflow reserves to keep their business afloat. That’s a global average. For many South African outlets, that figure will be significantly less. If we hope to see our favourite spots survive this lockdown, we need to rally together and do what we can to support them now – when they need our help the most.

This initiative is born out of a genuine love for our restaurants and bars. It’s a love we share with most South Africans who are famously sociable and gregarious the world over. By buying a voucher to #SaveYoutSpot, you’re investing in the good times that still lie ahead – you’re investing in hope,” Vijay continues.

stella artois beer in glasses on a wooden table with two men in the background out of focus

So, how much is Stella Artois investing? R1.5 million. Which (together with the amounts patrons pay toward their vouchers) effectively translates to a much-needed R4.5 million cash injection into the food and beverage industry.

After the 50% incentive bonus runs dry, Stella Artois has committed to still oversee and run the online platform, in the hopes that a movement toward rallying for our restaurants and bars will continue. They will thus continue to facilitate the purchasing of vouchers and their value being transferred directly to the outlets they relate to.

restaurant table with stella artois in a glass surrounded by plates of food burgers, people

How To #SaveYourSpot

  1. Visit rallyforyourbarandrestaurant.com.
  2. Buy a digital voucher to your favourite spot to the value of R100, R250 or R500.
  3. Stella Artois will add an extra 50% to the total voucher amount you've selected.
  4. Redeem your voucher after lockdown and enjoy 150% of the value you paid for it.

Can’t find your favourite local spot? Nominate it via the online platform and Stella Artois will get hold of them directly to get them listed ASAP.

A movement that at once celebrates the good times ahead, while helping our most beloved places survive the bad times, is a movement we can most certainly all get behind. Cheers to that!

#SaveYourSpot campaign logo with three people drinking stella artois beer

For More Information

For more information about this wonderful initiative, visit rallyforyourbarandrestaurant.com.

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Brand South Africa Is Making A Difference

Playing its part and making a difference in South African communities, Brand South Africa, the official marketing agency of the country, donated Princess D menstrual cups to Grade 6 and 7 girl learners at Palm Ridge Primary School as part of its Mandela Day community engagements.

An initiative started by Brand South Africa Play Your Part Ambassador, Shamila Ramjawan and co-owned by South African Olympic gold medallist, Caster Semenya, the Princess D cup is a green alternative to disposable tampons and pads.

The cup is a reusable, eco-friendly and cost-effective way for girls and women to manage their cycles in a hygienic way, with total privacy, safety and dignity and is equivalent to 3 000 sanitary pads and lasts for up to 10 years.

Brand South Africa

“Women and especially young girls in South Africa are the most vulnerable members of our community and an initiative like this needs our support,” says Brand South Africa Acting CMO, Sithembile Ntombela.

“Although Mandela Day is there for us to contribute to our communities, it’s this spirit of Ubuntu, that we as South Africans, need to take forward throughout the year to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. After all, playing our part is the South African way of success. This engagement is one of the ways we can do that,” concludes Ntombela.

For More Information

For more information on Brand South Africa, visit www.brandsouthafrica.com.

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For more information on Play Your Part, visit www.playyourpart.co.za, or like Play Your Part on Facebook or follow @PlayYourPart on Twitter.

Who Is Sydney Madibo?

Sydney is the Winner of One Day Leader, Season 5, on SABC 1 and has used every opportunity as a stepping stone to continue being an inspiration to the youth. When asked to define himself in his own words, he says he is "a student, speaker and an aspiring entrepreneur," as well as "a life-long learner and a community and nation builder for the current generation and the next".

Sydney Madibo

What Are Sydney's Passions?

"Well, if I were to talk about them we'd be here for a long time, but I'll point out a few," he laughs as he explains, "The ones that stand out are youth empowerment, active citizenship, education, literature and being a music enthusiast." He goes on to say that in one way or another he is influenced by all of these. Apart from all of the above, he also has a company/movement with his friend where every year for two or three consecutive months, they host a show called The Naked Truth Poetry Music. Busy guy.

Tell Us More About Your Company 'Little Big Steps'

The company was started by a friend of mine, Busi, who wanted to run drives for orphanages and give back to communities. I've always been interested in the same line of work. We decided to join hands and register Little Big Steps as an actual organisation that does active work. Little Big Steps is a non-profit organisation, and we work with the poorest of the poor, among other things, speaking at seminars to try and get funding and the rest of the world involved. We also focus on projects that uplift the community. Because of our participation in different communities, we got a Gauteng Premier Youth Excellence Award in 2018 as an NPO.

Sydney Madibo

Why Do You Feel The Need To Inspire The Youth, Especially Those From The Townships?

If you have ever been hungry, and if you have ever been broke, you will understand how much that really can demotivate you. For me, more than anything, it's bad life experiences that we experience at a very young age... As we grow, you realise that you have to make the choice of either blaming the world and ending up being miserable even when you do work... or taking it upon yourself to see that the next person, or whatever number of people you can reach, do not go through the same things you've experienced.

You know that road and those experiences, and you know how to navigate out of them – to get to entrepreneurship, public speaking and varsity and all the other things. All you do is try to present these opportunities to the next person.

How Does One Motivate The Youth To Take Initiative, Especially With Mandela Day Coming Up?

It's not about how much money or resources you can give. One needs to understand the very slim distinction between resources and empowering the youth; those are two different things. You want to move the youth from a state of dependency to being active citizens. Move them to a point where they have to ask themselves where they can get these resources themselves. Empower the young people to want to be educated and to see that they can use their education to develop themselves and others as well.

What Does Democracy Mean To You?

To me, it's an opportunity to be what my forefathers couldn't be. The opportunity for me to move as I want to move. The opportunity for me to speak as I want to speak. To empower as I want to empower. And it is also an opportunity for me to realise that the level of my success, or the lack thereof, does not depend on my skin tone, but on how my character is built. It presents limitless opportunities for not only young people, but every single citizen to be the best version of themselves.

What Will You Be Doing For Mandela Day?

Sydney says that everyday is Mandela Day for him, but he plans to attend The 16th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture.

The Future Is.....

The future is anything and everything because it is ever-changing. The future is young; the future is youth empowerment, youth in parliament, youth in government.

Through The Eyes Of A Millennial: Sydney Madibo