Fan Gear 

Teens are avid fans of almost everything. Whether it be music, a television series, movies or gaming. So, why not treat your teen to a funky fan gift from Typo this Christmas? With Harry Potter, Friends, Stranger Things, Disney and Marvel gear, there is tons to choose from here. You can pick one item or go all out with a notepad, water bottle, accessories and a cute mug. Your teen is sure to be super chuffed with their new collection of geeky trinkets.

For the teenage musos out there, Typo's sister store, Cotton On, has a great range of distressed band t-shirts. Featuring all the bands that most likely formed way before your teen was even born, including Guns N' Roses, Queen, Metallica and The Beatles. But, we know how much adolescents love to claim old things as their own, so gift your rock star in the making with an iconic t-shirt this Christmas.

gifts for teens


Don't blow your budget on Christmas presents this year. After all, there are still the dreaded school registration fees and uniforms to pay for in the new year! Pop into your nearest Lovisa jewellery store for on trend, affordable stocking fillers and special prezzies for your stylish teen. Get a set of five earrings for only *R100 or pick up a couple of chunky rings. If you dare, gift your teen with a matching Mom and Daughter charm necklace (they may only wear it around the house, but it's the thought that counts anyway).

Is your teen a fitness fanatic? Gift them with a FitBit this Christmas. These accessorised fitness trackers are just as popular as ever, now boasting even more exciting features such as sleep tracking and step challenges. While we don't recommend purchasing a FitBit with SMS and email notifications, there are a number of models perfect for young athletes. The FitBit Ace is designed specifically for children aged eight years and older. This showerproof wristband tracks active minutes, steps, sleep and fitness milestones. Available on for *R1899.

gifts for teens

Let's Get Cooking

The teen years are an excellent time to start learning basic kitchen skills. Let them experiment a little these school holidays by gifting them with handy kitchen appliances and unique ingredients. The Bubble Tea Online Store will have you and the kids whipping up Taiwanese-inspired milk drinks in no time. You can find everything from Rooibos-infused iced tea syrups, to tea powders, tapioca pearls and boba bubble toppings here. They also stock DIY freezo starter kits, so your teen can create their very own Instagram-worthy chocolate or cookie flavoured ice drinks.

Keep the kitchen fun going with an ice cream maker from Clicks! The Safeway Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker is the perfect gift for the summer season. With a non-toxic freezing solution, this ice cream maker allows you to craft your own delicious summer dessert from scratch in just minutes. Teens will be enthralled by this nifty gadget, so get your hands on one this Christmas.

gifts for teens

The Gift Of Choice

If you really are at a loss over what to buy for your teen this Christmas, offer them the gift of choice. Think a book voucher from Exclusive Books, an iTunes voucher to get them jamming along to their favourite artists or an Xbox Live Gold Card. Available at most large retail outlets, such as Checkers Hyper, Pick n Pay and Makro, these cards offer teens the opportunity to buy their ideal Christmas gifts.

Do you have any ideas on what the best Christmas gifts for teens are? Let us know about them!