A Little Bit About Hotpod Yoga

Hotpod Yoga Joburg opened it's first location in Linden back in 2015 and has taken the city by storm! Being the first of it’s kind in the city, everyone wanted to experience it for themselves. And due to the high-demand for Hotpod Yoga, this led to the opening of a second pod in Melrose in May this year! Since launch, Hotpod Yoga Joburg has run over 2 600 yoga classes and taken over 3 000 customers through 150 000 minutes of hot yoga!

Hotpod Yoga Melrose and Linden co-founders, Genna and John, were born and bred in Joburg. Genna worked in the mining industry before following her passion and buying her first yoga studio in 2016. As a teacher, having trained in 2008 and using her business background, she built it into a thriving yoga school. Whilst exploring expansion options, she came across Hotpod Yoga and fell in love with the simplicity of its approach. Together with her husband, John, an engineer and fitness fanatic, they identified the growing need for yoga for everyone – to enable people from all walks of life to access yoga and benefit from its many advantages, without being put off by the stereotypes.

Hotpod Yoga is established in over 40 locations around the world. It encourages customers to adopt a ‘yoga designed for real life’, leaning away from today’s stereotype of bendy Instagram goddesses and green juice guzzlers.

Hotpod Yoga Joburg

Photographer Credit : Ed Reeve

What To Expect...

Hotpod Yoga really is for everyone! If you've never tried yoga before, then this is a great opportunity to get started! Classes are held in their signature, 20-person, inflatable studios, AKA pods. Heated to 37 degrees Celsius, these pods offer the perfect environment to escape the outside world and release the tensions and stiffness of everyday life. Hotpod Yoga has built a strong reputation in the city and it continues to grow as it establishes itself as the ‘go-to’ yoga destination.

For their full schedule, visit their website at hotpodyoga.com.

Hotpod Yoga Joburg

Where To Find Hotpod Yoga?

What to join in on the hottest yoga trend to hit the city? Then make sure you pay them a visit at one of their two locations across the city:

Hotpod Yoga Joburg

How Much Does It Cost?

Hotpod Yoga Melrose and Linden classes are priced as follows:

All bookings MUST be made in advance and online at www.hotpodyoga.com.

Hotpod Yoga Joburg

For More Information

For more information about this interesting and unique yoga experience, visit hotpodyoga.com, call 076 484 7216 or email [email protected]

Also, check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Hotpod Yoga Joburg