Summer Bodies Are Made In Winter - The Guide

Who has time to work on their summer body when summer arrives? Honey, we just want to socialise and show off when it gets warm, which means you've got to get working in winter! Here's some advice...

Seek Inspiration

We are visual people by nature, and we find inspiration by looking at things we like. Find other people who are going through their fitness journey to stay on track and dedicated to your goal. To start, here's our Top Female Fitness Accounts To Follow On Instagram.

You Are What You Eat

It's true, you are what you eat. Ok, you're not literally that vetkoek you ate yesterday, but you will start to look like one if you continue to eat unhealthy foods. We know you might get a little SAD (Separation Anxiety Disorder) having to give up junk food, but the rewards of healthy and clean eating are well worth the sacrifice. Often we default to fast food when we don't know what to eat for lunch or dinner, so cooking in advance, meal planning and knowing what your week looks like, will help you stick to your diet.

Eating Healthy

Gym Gear For That Extra Motivation

Motivation comes from a lot of things, and gym gear is one of them. Those fab yoga pants might just be motivation enough for you to roll out of bed. So if you're in need of some new threads, check out our list of where to get the perfect gym gear.

Hitting The Gym

Being disciplined is key! You can eat clean and healthy all you want, but if you don't work out, all of that just goes to waste. Make a schedule and decide what exercise you want to do, whether it's running, yoga, planks, squats or push-ups. If you're like us and enjoy working out from home, there are thousands of YouTube workout videos to choose from, so no excuses! Also check out our list of exercises you can do at home, during this pandemic!

Hitting The Gym

Don't You Dare Press Snooze!

Set an alarm for working out, so that you can ready your body to be in the routine of working out early. We all think a little snooze never hurt anybody but, really, if you keep snoozing you'll just end up postponing. Nothing is as wonderful as an early morning workout session and knowing that you've achieved something for the day.

Don't You Dare Press Snooze!

A Little Stretching Never Hurts

High-energy exercise is important, but stretching is twice as important. So, off to yoga, we go! Yoga stretches muscles that other exercises don't reach and can also help the body to self-heal. The most important aspect is that it creates strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body. Here are some physical benefits:

A Little Stretching Never Hurt No Body


Feel free to share your workout routines with us down below!