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Fight To Help Our Homeless

The country is facing one of the most difficult situations it has ever had to face. The COVID-19 virus has greatly impacted the economy and although many people are able to make ends meet, the homeless people in the country are suffering and need help. If we work together we can play a significant role […]

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SDI FORCE Launched To Assist The Vulnerable

How Do They Plan To Help? Faced with what our President has described as "a medical emergency far graver than what we have experienced in the last 100 years", SDI realised that it is micro suppliers who could play a much-needed role in ensuring the delivery of a multitude of critical services that would be required […]

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Budget-Friendly Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The Essentials No one ever seems to realise the cost of essentials for mom and baby. Help the parents-to-be out with a hamper of all the basics. You don't have to splurge here to put together a wonderful and thoughtful gift. A packet of nappies, some baby bum cream or powder and a cute bib […]

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Do A Good Deed – Donate To These Wonderful Charities

Well, giving is a good deed and what better way than to give to charity shops and organisations around the city that could do with your help? Check out this list of charity shops and homes that you can give a helping hand to, all because there’s no greater joy than helping those in need. Smile […]

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