SHARP Recovery Solutions

This rehabilitation centre warmly opens its doors and allows you the freedom to delve into yourself, and find what it was that you want out of life. The centre offers counselling and coaching staff in substance abuse, who nurture you through a carefully crafted recovery programme that is suitable for different personalities, all in a healthy environment.

Where is it? 41 Pretoria Street, Oaklands, Sandton, Johannesburg

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Addiction Treatment Centre

This centre helps with any addiction you may have, whether it be substance or alcohol abuse. Addiction Treatment Centre helps you take the first steps in dealing with and overcoming addiction. The addiction treatment programme includes individual and group therapy and when appropriate, couple or family counselling too.

Where is it? 22 Falklands Ave, Johannesburg

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Houghton House

Houghton House offers a comprehensive range of treatment options. Their full spectrum of care includes detox facilities, expert counselling, psychiatric care, psychologists, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals too. Their programmes accommodate all levels of care in addiction treatment to aid you on the road to recovery.

Where is it? 432 York Ave, Randburg

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Phoenix House

This rehabilitation centre helps in substance abuse and addiction. Their treatment programmes offers out-patient and in-patient programmes that help nurture an individual during the process of growth and healing. Their programmes includes weekly sessions, therapeutic sessions with their psychologist or social workers, and group sessions with addiction counsellors.

Where is it? 16 Bernard Street, Martindale, Johannesburg

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Healing Choices

Healing Choices is a fantastic facility that embraces the importance of dealing with trauma when addressing substance abuse. The facility also offers a holistic approach to treatment with step work coaching, recovery meetings, social therapy groups, life coaching, spiritual guidance, and motivational talks.

Where is it? 5 Stompneus Road, Randburg, South Africa

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Do you know of other rehabilitation centers, not mentioned above, that you would recommend? 

By Neo Sesinye