The Obvious

These items are the obvious ones that we shouldn't leave the house without: house keys, car keys, wallet, driver's license, bank card and office access card (on working days).

Feminine Hygiene

We don't need to say much about this one. We are all well aware that Lady P arrives and ends on her own terms. Stay prepared with a few tampons or pads, panty liners and some hygiene bags.


Paper cut? Ripped hangnail? These can be painful and difficult to keep clean. So, keep a few plasters in your possession. Pro tip: plasters fit perfectly in a card or cash sleeve in your wallet or purse.


We never know what will happen and when. So, stay on top of things with a few helper pills. We recommend getting a pill box and stocking it up with Panado (headaches and fever), Imodium (diarrhoea), Adco-cyclizine (nausea) and Hyospasmol (tummy and period cramps).
* Always consult a medical practitioner before starting any medications.


Those who are sexually active, or are hoping to be, should always stay prepared. Especially in a world riddled with HIV, unplanned pregnancy and other STDs. Be wise, condomise.

Self Defense

Unfortunately, we live in a world where women are often targeted, with the intent to harm. Besides taking a few self defense classes, it is essential to keep some items on your person in case the worst should happen. We suggest a small canister of pepper spray and a small torch available in key chain sizes at Cape Union Mart as well as a taser available at any Tactical Outfitter Store. Remember that anything can be used as a weapon such as high heels, scissors, tweezers and even keys.



The world has switched to apps and cards for most financial transactions. But every now and then, you find yourself in need of some cash, whether it be for a parking ticket, a car guard in Braams or to catch a taxi. Aim for a few coins and various small notes.


We can't live without our phones. What if we take a wrong turn and get lost or the car breaks down and you don't know if that's smoke or steam coming out the bonnet? Be smart, and keep a power bank for in case your battery runs low in an emergency.


Colds and flu season, hay fever and allergies can make tissues an essential. Keep a pack handy so you don't need to ruin perfectly good sleeves or dash to the bathroom in a hurry.

Breath Fresheners

Bad breath can affect us all. But in case that guy/girl you've been eyeing pops round, be sure to keep some gum or mints in your bag.

Hand Sanitiser

Let's face it, sometimes being around people can be quite gross. They sneeze, cough, pick at wounds and then touch you. Keep yourself safe with a handy bottle of hand sanitiser. We love the Oh So Heavenly Hula Hands with coconut.

Lip Care

Dry lips - urgh. They are uncomfortable and can lead to painful cracks. Keep your lips moisturised with some lip balm or petroleum jelly to keep them soft and luscious. Get some tinted lip balm to keep that colourful pout.


Sun Block

While this may not always be an essential, having this in your purse could potentially save you from a very uncomfortable sunburn later on.


Protecting your eyes from the harsh sun rays is essential in eye health. So, keep you shades around for whenever you may be in the sun. Get a pair that covers your eyes and surrounds, it may even prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Nail Care

We've all been there. Our nail just broke or chipped and we need to fix it ASAP before it catches on something and rips right off. We desperately beg all the ladies nearby for something, anything to help save us from impending doom. Save yourself the trouble and always keep a nail clipper or nail file in your purse. They're small enough to carry around without hassle.

Hand Cream

This is something most of us already have in our bags. And why wouldn't we? Having dry hands can be quite uncomfortable, especially in the colder months. Oh So Heavenly's Crème Oil Collection of hand creams are a favourite for us, especially in Coconut Cream and Macadamia Oil.

Brush and Hair Tie

A little comb or brush tucked away in your bag can be a life saver, especially on windy days. Remember the hair tie and perhaps a few clips, you never know when you'll have a hairstyle emergency.


Last, but not least, is make-up. This is a very personal item for your purse as it changes for everyone. We might be content with just our lip balm, but others need eyebrow pencils, lipstick, lip gloss and mascara. Remember to keep a compact mirror too.