Know Your Line Up!

The biggest names in the music industry will be coming to make your crossing over to the new year an amazing experience. This year more than ever, we wouldn't want to miss out on all the fun if we were you! Another huge part of knowing who is on the line up is knowing that you will prepare yourself to have nothing but the best of fun! So, make sure you are prepared, music wise. Prepare yourself to enjoy every artist that will be coming on stage. The likes of Solange, Miguel, Masego and many more both locally and international artists will be stepping on stage to give you the best performances you've ever seen!

The Fashion

Afro punk is all about being creative and having creative thinkers come together to have nothing but the best experience ever around like-minded individuals like themselves. We've found that every Afro Punk festival around the world has it's unique style and culture, and that is the beauty of this festival. So, everyone let your culture shine and we promise you will have the best experience ever. Now, lets see you bring your own style!


What's incredible about Joburg and its people is that we are not afraid to express ourselves, through clothing and most importantly through the way we interact with people. Being firm and not following the rules is a huge deal in our culture, having everyone bring their own unique way of expressing themselves. This here event, is one incredible festival because it allows the freedom for everyone to be able to experience not only one thing that brings people together, but a variety of ways to appreciate the culture we've managed to keep as a city, and that is through music and an overall fun time, and of course not forgetting the fashion!

Haig Club Clubman x AFROPUNK Bringing You All The Fun

This event is one of the biggest events in South Africa and in the world and we are truly excited for this year's line as we always are every year. The third edition is coming, and this time around, Haig Club Clubman which exhibits the same bold and progressive spirit has arrived in style as a premium partner. 

There is no better way to end the year off than with the most highly-anticipated music festival. AFROPUNK has created an annual theme for 2019, the theme is WE SEE YOU, a message that brings together AFROPUNK ideology and the people who support it, under the banner of acknowledgement, and in resistance to those who strive to oppress. 

AFROPUNK is a social establishment with no boundaries and has been defining culture in the music world for over 15 years. An inclusive platform of multiculturalism - people from all walks of life gather to express their uniqueness and exuberant attitudes. The festival is known for its stance against prejudices of any kind and outrageous, head- turning fashion. 

Designed to be different, Haig Club Clubman is a Single Grain Scotch Whisky that has been taking the Scotch world by storm through its innovative, stand-out blue square bottle, partnership with David Beckham and light, smooth taste. The brand plans to have a vivid footprint at the event by activating in ways that allow festival-goers to make their own rules to the drinking experience. 

The AFROPUNK x Haig Club Clubman partnership comes as no surprise, as a brand that embodies style and does not believe in allowing old rules to define it. Fans are bound to receive an experience like no other. At the event, Haig Club will recognize and celebrate stand-out festival goers, who exemplify style by embodying the spirit of the Haig Club mantra, "make your own rules". The brand promises a whisky experience like no other.

For More Information

Visit this Afropunk's Facebook page, Haig Clubs Facebook page, Instagram, or simply visit Haig Club website. For the event details click here, and also check out our Why You Need To Be At AFROPUNK Joburg This Year.

News Cafe, a South African franchise, iconic cocktail bar and market leader in catering to urban sophisticates for over two decades, is excited to announce their commercial partnership with the highly–anticipated Haig Club Clubman Single Grain Scotch Whisky. Responsible for remarkably shaping the cocktail bar category with award winning cocktails in South Africa, a resonating vibe and a truly premium experience, the partnership with Haig Club Clubman is a perfect fit for the retailer.

Designed to be different, HAIG CLUB Clubman is a Single Grain Scotch Whisky that has been taking the Scotch world by storm through its innovative, stand-out blue square bottle, partnership with global icon David Beckham and light, smooth taste. To celebrate the arrival of Haig Club Clubman to all News Cafe stores, the outlet hosted exclusive events at two of their landmark stores, Sandton and Woodmead last night. The launch was unforgettable, as David Beckham made an appearance at both events.

“We are extremely excited to be a launch partner of Haig Club Clubman in the South African market and we were honoured to host David Beckham at our launch events last night. The Haig Club Clubman brand brings with it an energy and style that matches perfectly with our brand.” said News Cafe brand manager, Varina Singh.

Guests were entertained at the event by the internationally renowned DJ, Black Coffee who performed at both venues. The multi award-winning musician had customers on their edge of their seats, as her performed for two full houses attended by high profile local guests including Chris Jatha; Nambitha Ben-Mazwi, Gemaen Taylor, DJ Zinhle & Shashi Naidoo.