Ice cream is one of the most loved treats in the world. We're taking a look at which is our favourite between Paul's Homemade Ice Cream and Häagen-Dazs.

With such great contenders, this is going to be tough!

Paul's Homemade Ice Cream

Paul's Homemade Ice Cream

Paul's Homemade Ice Cream is one of the most popular ice cream brands in the country.

You can find this delicious treat at one of their stores across the city. If you have yet to taste this frozen dessert, now is the time.

Paul's Homemade Ice Cream is all about creativity and innovation. They pride themselves on making ice cream that is absolutely marvelous.

Paul's offers unique and unexpected flavours to allow you to enjoy your favourite sweet treats in a new way.



Häagen-Dazs is known for their quality and gourmet offerings.

Their ice cream flavours are to-die-for, and that is what makes them a tough contender.

Häagen-Dazs also has ice cream bars, as well as their scoops. Their ice cream ranges from the traditional flavours to more adventurous flavours for you to explore.

What Makes These Spots The Best?

So now it's up to you, Joburg. Who do you think is the master of gelato and the king of cream? Let us know in the comments section below!

Dining Out

Olives and Plates

This eatery, located inside the Exclusive Books of Hyde Park Corner, offers exquisite meals with a slight Mediterranean twist. Their menu offers tantalising meze, deconstructed souvlaki and exceptional pasta dishes. Stop by to browse the wide selection of books, while feasting on a delectable meal.

Find more information here.

So Yum

This Chinese restaurant serves up a South African take of the Chinese yum cha meal with their dim sum. Traditionally served with tea during the day, this meal is about bringing people together to experience different tastes and textures. Choices include steamed buns, gau, gyoza and money bags.

Find more information here.

J.B. Rivers

For flavourful Cajun and Mexican style cuisine, head to J.B. Rivers. Menu items range from banting breakfasts and baked confectionery to chicken or fillet enchiladas and spicy fajitas. A unique item here is the Build Your Brekkie, giving customers the option to personalise their meal.

Find more information here.

dim sum

After Dinner

Just Teddy

This boulangerie and patisserie recently opened up shop at Hyde Park Corner after much success at 1 Fox. They offer the most delightful pastries, macaroons, croissants, mille feuille, scones, cakes and eclairs. You can taste all of this and a mouthwatering savoury platter at the high tea, complete with a golden teapot.

Find more information here.

Paul's Homemade Ice Cream

One of our favourite ice cream stores is Paul's Homemade Ice Cream. Here, ice cream is made with fresh milk, full cream, eggs and sugar, with no additives or chemicals. Flavours are diverse from the standard Milk Chocolate and Madagascan Vanilla to the extraordinary S'mores and Red Velvet.

Find more information here.


We are all familiar with this ice cream brand that creates luxurious ice cream in decadent flavours. This creamery also offers a range of ice cream based desserts. Some of our favourites are the banana splits, waffles, floats, affogato, crepes, brownies, semi-freddo and the fondue.

Find more information here.

ice cream



Shopping is a dream at Hyde Park Corner. The multitudes of designer labels makes finding your perfect outfit a pleasure. Find the likes of 2A, Alchemy, Wolford, Paul Smith, Nicci, Geri, Bon Ami, Denham, Bianco, Emporio Armani, Luisa Spagnoli and Taibo Bacar, to name a few.

Find more information here

Home Ware

For that Top Billing style of opulence and grandeur, visit this shopping mall. With stores like Apsley House, Carrol Boyes, Generation, Here & Elsewhere, Le Creuset, The Home Shop, The Wish Collection, Vencasa, Vendange and Victorian Bathrooms, you'll soon be living in splendor.

Find more information here


After a day of indulging and splurging, it's only fitting that you get a pampering too. Hyde Park Corner has everything you need for some spoiling. The experts at Sorbet or Franco International can pamper you pretty. Then stop at Cosmetics Gallery, Jo Malone or L'OCCITANE for some take home beauty products.

Find more information here


Contact details: 011 325 4341 / Corner Jan Smuts Avenue and William Nicol Drive, Hyde Park / [email protected] /

*Feature image sourced from Hyde Park Corner's Facebook page.

Dining Out


One of our favourite Greek eateries is tucked away at The Zone @ Rosebank. Mythos serves authentic Greek cuisine with ingredients imported from the country itself. Try the Veg Platter for an all-round Greek experience. The platter consists of grilled halloumi, black mushrooms, tiropita, spanakopita, dolmades, kalamata olives, falafels, keftethes, hummus and pita. Finish the meal with a decadent slice of Baklava Cheesecake for a sweet touch.

Contact details: 011 268 0916 / Shop Number: G07 /


tashas offers simple food made with quality ingredients to create delectable meals worth remembering. Their menu features an array of options such as healthy and delicious breakfasts, light lunches and fulfilling drinks. The Roasted Hazelnut Latte, made with espresso, hot milk and hazelnut syrup, is the perfect drink for an August afternoon. Pair this with the Creamed Avo on Toast, with fennel, labneh, chives, pistachio and cucumber.

Contact details: 011 447 7972 / Shop Number: G28 /

Piza ē Vino

For traditional Italian fare cooked with authentic methods, try Piza ē Vino. Menu items include fabulous pizza, delightful pasta and gourmet burgers. Spoil yourself with the Mozzarella Inpanata for starters, followed by the artichoke, cheese and mint stuffed Ravioli in cherry tomato and butter sauce. End the decadence with a vibrant slice of Limoncello Tart with mixed berry sauce, granadilla and toasted marshmallows.

Contact details: 011 447 6569 / Shop Number: G2-4 /

the zone at rosebank restaurants

After Dinner

Ice Cream

If the desserts at these restaurants don't spark your appetite, then head over to one of the many ice cream parlours at The Zone @ Rosebank for a sweet treat. Get gloriously sugary ice cream tacos at Paul's Homemade Ice Cream, airy bubble waffles at Plan B Dessertery and mouthwatering sorbets at Häagen-Dazs. These creameries offer ice cream that is so good, you won't need the extra garnishes. Click here to find out more.

The Patisserie

For the ultimate indulgence, whether before or after dinner, head over to The Patisserie. This bakery creates the finest confectionery from quality and fresh ingredients. Experience a taste of Paris with their breakfasts, high teas and baked treats. Their macarons and red velvet cupcakes are famous on the foodie scene. But we suggest getting yourself one of their packed gift boxes, to try a wide variety of their luscious goods. Go on, you deserve it.

Contact details: 011 268 1304 / Shop Number: EG08 /


Nothing ends off dinner quite as nicely as a rich and bitter cup of coffee, especially after a sweet dessert. The Zone @ Rosebank offers several coffee shops, serving up some of the best java on offer in Joburg. Coffee shops here, besides the aforementioned restaurants, include Motherland Coffee Company, Father Coffee and Starbucks. Click here to find out more about the fantastic brews offered at this mall.

Ice-Cream Rosebank



For a romantic or fun family night out, head to the movies. The Zone @ Rosebank is home to Ster-Kinekor and Cinema Nouveau. Watch the latest in family, animated, thriller, horror, romantic comedy, comedy and drama on the big screen in either 2D or 3D. Or catch more artsy films and live screenings of theatre shows at their Cinema Nouveau.

Contact details: 087 809 1706 / Shop Number: 2F01 /

City Sightseeing

Experience the most fascinating points of interest in Joburg with City Sightseeing. Meet up at The Zone @ Rosebank, then spend the day exploring the city on the big red bus. Places you'll get to see include Constitution Hill, Zoo Lake, the Military Museum, Carlton Centre and the Johannesburg Zoo. You can also choose to extend your trip to a two day tour or have a two hour pit stop in Soweto to explore this unique town with a local guide.

Contact details: 081 744 4491 / Shop Number: KI04 /

The Fun Company

This popular fun zone features Spin Zone Bumper Cars with LED lights, comfortable seating, seat belts and the spin feature. They also offer the immersive 4D Theatre which creates a unique sensory experience with the vibrations, water spray, bubbles and smells. Other activities offered are Glow Mini-Golf, Tenpin Bowling, Arcade Games, and a Sports Bar.

Contact details: 011 447 4099 / Shop Number: FF20 /

the zone at rosebank the fun company

The Zone @ Rosebank contact details: 011 537 3800 / 177 Oxford Street, Rosebank / [email protected] /

*Photos sourced from The Zone @ Rosebank's website.

Sad? Happy? Want to make it up to someone with a delicious treat? Well, ice-cream is the best solution. Movies have created the stereotype that ice-cream is the go-to food when you are heartbroken, but the reality is, we all know we love it for every emotion and occasion.

So, we were thinking: where is the best place to indulge in some delicious ice-cream? The Zone @ Rosebank. The question still remains: where exactly?

We have all the answers you need and they are all delicious. Let's take a look at these ice-cream spots that will have you weak at the knees.

Ice-Cream Rosebank

Paul's Homemade Ice-Cream

Paul's, as it is known, began with the most pure and humble beginnings. A birthday gift turned into a little heaven for many to come and enjoy the best ice-cream.

Paul's Homemade Ice-Cream is always there to save the day, and surely made everyone's year when they finally opened up shop at The Zone @ Rosebank. Tucked away in a cute store, it's a must visit.

They have a generous offering of unique flavours such as roasted banana, birthday cake, butterscotch and brownie, apple pie and lots more. If you know that you are indecisive then you can just be spontaneous and go for their pick of the month.

There is a lot to enjoy, so make a date with yourself and a scoop.

Ice-Cream Rosebank

Plan B Dessertery

Plan B as many would call it, is an awesome ice-cream spot to enjoy yummy ice-cream.

They have been able to change the perception of the conventional ice-cream by adding unique and delicious twists that make it all worth while. Plan B's innovative ideas are great for someone who is looking to explore. Their signature touch is their waffle cones and tacos - an ultimate favourite.

Ice-Cream Rosebank

Situated at the food court in The Zone @ Rosebank, you won't miss it. Just look for the cute turquoise colour coordinated shop and heaven awaits.

Sweets From Heaven

Sweets From Heaven has been around for many years and still has delicious ice-cream to this very day.

At this sweet spot, you get to create your own dessert, adding whatever you like or simply go for their fixed options. Offering the traditional soft serve to an extravagant cone made by you. They have a wide variety of ingredients that you can choose from and add on your ice-cream (at a cost of course).

Sweet From Heaven is truly a slice of heaven.

Ice-Cream Rosebank


Häagen-Dazs are passionate about making good quality ice-cream and creating the best combinations. Each of their offerings are to-die-for.

Their gourmet offerings are creative and each unique to its own, we're talking brownie explosion, paradise and many more. They also have traditional options which include chocolate, vanilla, some with a twist like the cookie dough chip and a select option of mouthwatering sorbets.

Häagen-Dazs also has some cute tubs for you to take home.


In African cuisine, there is no selection of desserts that can be called traditional, so join Moyo for their delightfully decadent dessert creations to end off your African dining on a sweet note! Their Berry Crumble sounds amazing. This showcases a selection of berries poached with vanilla sugar and topped with an almond crumble, served with vanilla ice cream and berry coulis. Or why not try the Orange Blossom Baklava – Tunisian pistachio nut and honey phyllo rolls drizzled with orange blossom sauce? I have no clue which sounds better, but would love to try both!

Paoletto Cafè Belgian Waffles

I had the pleasure of visiting this cosy little waffle house in Edenvale not so long ago, and I must say, I never knew waffles could be served with such a vast selection of toppings! From unique and different savoury toppings (Cajun Chicken Waffle just to name one off the top of my head), to the sweet and decadent, there is a waffle for everyone and every taste at Paoletto Cafè Belgian Waffles! I thoroughly enjoyed a Caramel and Banana waffle, topped with two generous dollops of ice cream. Definitely worth the visit!


Wakaberry has gained a lot of popularity among frozen treat lovers. This is the perfect place to end a dinner-movie date with that special someone. With a large variety of frozen yoghurt flavours and toppings, try everything and every combination possible! The best thing about Wakaberry is there is no set pricing – you pay by weight! My favourite flavour is definitely the cherry, or mixed berry topped with twirly marshmallows!

Häagen Dazs

Known as possibly one of the best ice cream spots around, why not pick up a scoop or two of Häagen Dazs in Sandton City? Definitely a great treat, with a variety of deliciously decadent flavours for that after dinner indulgence, or a sweet fix on the run. Even better news is that Häagen Dazs is also sold at select retail outlets, which means you can indulge your sweet tooth in the comfort of your own home!

Col'Cacchio's Bryanston

I have always loved Col’Cacchio’s for their large and interesting variety of pizzas which leave you feeling spoilt for choice. Reviewing their dessert menu left me just as curious and that was when the sweet tooth hit. The sound of their Chocolate Pizza is divine – mini pizzas covered in a layer of Nutella and, if you wish, covered with additional toppings such as fresh banana, ice cream, marshmallows and strawberries. But the White Chocolate Cheesecake sounds like the winner!


After a hearty steak at Wombles, why not choose something sweet to balance out your meal? They have a nice selection to choose from, including Crème Brulee (my absolute favourite!), Crème Caramel, Crepe Suzettes, Pavlova, and Chocolate Mousse Cake to satisfy any chocolate craving. There is also a selection of dessert wines available that are served chilled, in a 50ml glass or, if you wish, you can buy the whole bottle.

Cafe de la Crème

I used to visit this spot quite often while I was studying at UJ, and it was definitely a great place to be if you were looking for some sweet relief after a test gone wrong. From tarts to cakes, Café de la Crème is definitely a sweet gem on old Melville’s busiest intersection! Choose from their selection of sweet treats, fresh from their on-site bakery, have a bite to eat or spend some quiet time reading while sipping on a delicious café latte.


Visiting Fournos always leaves me wanting something decadent and delicious from their bakery. I remember sitting at the branch in Benmore Mall staring at the cakes spinning round and round in their glass cake display, making my mouth water at the mere sight of them. My father was nice enough to allow me to have a slice of Chocolate Mousse cake even though it was just before dinner. Soft, moist cake alongside a great cappuccino is definitely the perfect indulgence! Choose from a variety of cakes and, if you want a bite to eat, check out the rest of their delicious menu!

Life Grand Café

Life Grand Café is well-known for their amazing salad bar... but did you know that they also serve up a wide range of decadent treats? Their mini cakes are simply delicious (red velvet – yes, please) while their pain aux chocolat and their molten chocolate pudding will certainly satisfy anyone's sweet tooth!

By Kim Brown

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