Let's Move with The Market Theatre Lab

Let's Move is an open adult dance class hosted twice weekly at the Market Theatre Laboratory in Newtown. These classes cover the basics of tap dance, Kasie funk, floor bar, body conditioning and contemporary dance. Facilitated by the talented Teresa Phuthi Majola, Let's Move is a high-energy dance class for urban movers and shakers. These hour long dance lessons are intense, making for a great workout. But, you will probably be having so much fun that you won't even notice. The classes are tailored to dancers looking to learn a variety of styles. However, you need not have any experience in these dance genres to join in on the fun. Just show up ready to learn and be full of enthusiasm!

Let's Move classes take place on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 17:30 – 18:30. At only *R45 - R60 per class per month’s subscription, these lessons are some of the most affordable in the city. Teresa also hosts kiddies dance classes. Two groups for children aged 3 -12, and 13 - 18, take place at the Market Lab every Saturday morning.

For more information, or to register, contact Teresa on 062 022 1384 or via email at [email protected].

Details: The Market Laboratory, The Market Square, 138 Lilian Ngoyi Street, Newtown, Johannesburg.


African Goombay 

Joburg Theatre have opened their doors to dancers with African Goombay classes. Offering beginners a fun experience, based on narrative and storytelling through movement. The classes cover different African dance styles, from their traditional elements to modern influences. These styles include South African Pantsula, Afrobeats and Gumboot dancing. There are also classes teaching West African Folk, Modern African street dances and various traditional styles from around the continent. All African Goombay classes are set in an enjoyable dance environment, allowing you to learn about African culture, as well as refreshing the mind and developing a healthy body.

African Goombay classes take place on Saturday mornings. There are two sessions, the first being for adults and teens, while the second is for children aged 6 - 12 years. So, bring the whole family along for a fun, Afro-fusion dance class.

Keep an eye on the Joburg Theatre website or Facebook page for details on upcoming classes.

Details: Joburg Theatre, 163 Civic Boulevard, Braamfontein, Johannesburg.


Joburg Ballet Open Classes

Did you ever dream of becoming Joburg Ballet's next prima ballerina? Well, now you can be (sort of). Joburg Ballet offers beginner and advanced open dance classes at their studio in Braamfontein. Both former dancers and newcomers to the style are welcome to attend. Teaching you basic barre, floor work and special routines is all part of the class experience. Dancers are encouraged to kit up with ballet pumps, leotards and tights, but you may attend in a comfortable, well-fitted tracksuit if that's more your style. There is no required fitness level, so anybody can join. All you need is a love of dance and the discipline to learn the art of ballet. So, point those toes, stretch those legs and leap for the sky. After all, it's never too late to learn a new skill.

Joburg Ballet open classes for beginners takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 18:15 to 19:30. Once you have grasped the basics, you will have the option to move up to the advanced classes which take place on Mondays and Thursdays from 18:15 to 19:45, and Saturdays at 08:30 to 10:00.

Classes cost R100 per lesson, which you may pay in cash on the day.

For more information, or to register contact Chase Bosch at [email protected] or Iain MacDonald at [email protected].

Details: Joburg Ballet, Joburg Theatre Complex, Corner of Loveday Street and Hoofd Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg.
Happy Dancing!