With the lockdown slowly easing its restrictions, let’s raise a glass to the decisiveness of our President and all South Africans for answering the call and staying home. We've all helped to #FlattenTheCurve.

During this time of social distancing, we've all found new ways to connect with our friends and family. Now, you can get your favourite Inverroche Gins delivered right to your door using one of their trusted drinks delivery partners. It’s time to toast to our resilience during this challenging time and celebrate with our number ones.

Inverroche Gin range with a floral background

Image by Inverroche Gin

Which One Is Your Favourite?

Inverroche Gin Amber

Infused with fynbos from the coastal region and dunes of the Cape Floral Kingdom, Inverroche Gin Amber is a rich and aromatic, amber coloured gin with fresh citrus, slight juniper, sweet toffee apples and delicate floral notes which intertwine to deliver a dry, woody finish.

Click here to see their signature serve Amber G&T recipe.

Inverroche Gin Amber

Image by Inverroche Gin

Inverroche Gin Classic

Infused with fynbos from the limestone-rich soils of the low lands of the Cape Floral Kingdom, Inverroche Gin Classic is crispy and dry with upfront green, grassy juniper notes which blend seamlessly with a bouquet of soft flowers on the nose. Redolent of summer citrus, rose petals and assertive florals, delivering a clean, dry and spicy finish.

Click here to see their signature serve Classic G&T recipe.

Inverroche Gin Classic

Image by Inverroche Gin

Inverroche Gin Verdant

Infused with fynbos from the mountainous terrain of the Cape Floral Kingdom, Inverroche Gin Verdant is floral and soft with a translucent golden-green hue. Delicate aromas reminiscent of elderflower and chamomile, lead to summer blooms, a touch of spice, subtle juniper, waxy lemon rind and alluring liquorice on the palate.

Click here to see their signature serve Verdant G&T recipe.

Inverroche Gin Verdant

Image by Inverroche Gin

Place Your Order Online Now

Decided on which gin you'd like to have delivered to your door? Now, all you have to do is order it online and await its arrival. You can get yours delivered by one of their trusted drinks delivery partners:

For More Information

For more information, visit their website at www.inverroche.com.

Don't forget to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Disclaimer: Please shop, drink and enjoy responsibly. Refer to lockdown regulations regarding the sale of alcohol during level 3. 

Southside Cocktail

Are you a fan of mojitos as well as gin? Then you'll definitely love this Southside Cocktail recipe. This cocktail is also known as a gin-style mojito. Also known as a mojito, gin-style. Not only is it super refreshing and delicious, but it's quite easy to make! Here's a Southside Cocktail recipe by Geoffrey Zakarian via Food Network:



  1. Combine the gin, lime juice, sugar syrup and mint sprig in a shaker.
  2. Add some ice cubes and shake vigorously.
  3. Strain into a chilled martini glass.
  4. Garnish with one mint leaf, smacked to release the oils, floating on top of the cocktail.

Quick sugar syrup recipe by BBC Good Food:

Source: www.foodnetwork.com

southside cocktail

Southside Cocktail from The Food Network by Geoffrey Zakarian.

French 75 Cocktail

Ever thought of mixing gin with champagne? You can combine these two favourites into one glass and sip away on a French 75 cocktail. It's just like a mimosa, but lighter. This is usually an absolute hit at most social gatherings, but since we're all in lockdown, there's nothing wrong with making a jug all for yourself! Take a look at this easy recipe by Amanda Formaro on Amanda's Cookin':



  1. Using a paring knife or a zester, slice peel from lemon, going all the way around to create a long spiral.
  2. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add gin, lemon juice and simple syrup. Shake vigorously for 20 seconds.
  3. Strain into a chilled champagne flute and top with Brut.
  4. Curl lemon peel around a wooden spoon or your finger to create a long twist.
  5. Garnish drink with twist and serve immediately.

Source: amandascookin.com

French 75 Cocktail bu Amanda's Cookin'

French 75 Cocktail by Amanda's Cookin'. Image by Amanda's Cookin'.

Pink Lady Cocktail

How about a pink cocktail to lift your spirits? Try this Pink Lady Gin cocktail recipe from BBC Good Food. It's perfect if you're planning a Zoom hangout with your girlfriends or simply just want to enjoy something on the sweet side.



  1. Put two cocktail glasses in the fridge to chill. Pour the gin and grenadine into a cocktail shaker, then fill with ice. Shake until the outside of the shaker feels ice-cold. Strain the mixture into a jug, discarding the ice.
  2. Tip the egg white into the shaker and pour in the gin mixture. Shake well until the egg white is frothy – you can also do this in a food processor or using a hand blender, if you like.
  3. Pour the cocktail into the prepared glasses.
  4. Skewer the cherries onto cocktail sticks, if using, then use to garnish the glasses along with the lemon zest, if you like.

Tip: Homemade Grenadine

Source: www.bbcgoodfood.com

Pink Lady Cocktail

Pink Lady Cocktail recipe by Miriam Nice via BBC Good Food. Image by BBC Good Food.

Spiced G&T

Not looking for a pretty cocktail? If you enjoy drinking your G&T as is with a few flavoured elements, then try this Spiced G&T from BBC Good Food. This twist on a G&T is perfect to enjoy before or after a hearty winter warmer meal and looks absolutely fabulous and refreshing.


To garnish:


  1. Put a large handful of ice in a big glass, then pour over 50ml cardamom-spiced gin.
  2. Crush 2-3 whole cardamom pods so they just split open and drop those in too.
  3. Pour over 100ml classic tonic water, then garnish with fresh or dried rose petals.

Source: www.bbcgoodfood.com

Spiced G&T

Spiced G&T recipe by Miriam Nice via BBC Good Food. Image by BBC Good Food.

Before Summer Ends...

The city's sun-baked afternoons are starting to cool down. Autumn is certainly fast approaching. And to make the most of the last days of summer while watching our beloved Joburg shift from hues of purple and green to a regal gold and auburn, why not visit Flames Restaurant at The Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff and delight your taste buds with their refreshing limited 4 All Seasons: Summer Edition Gin?

Distilled and bottled solely for Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff by Ol’ Jimmy’s Microbrewery and Nano-distillery, this unique gin delight is an infusion of juniper, coriander, angelica, lemon, orris and pomegranate. And for the perfect pairing, serve and enjoy with Fitch & Leedes Pink Tonic and pomegranate. The gin's alcohol content is 43%.

There's no better way to say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn than with some of the best views in the city, while sipping on a 4 All Seasons: Summer Edition G&T at The Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff.

For More Information

For more information about the Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff, visit www.fourseasons.com.

You can contact them on 011 481 6000 or [email protected].

Don't forget to like and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with the latest news, events, offers and more.

The Best Place To Be This Summer

Make the most of the city's sun-baked afternoons by cooling off with the refreshingly new limited 4 All Seasons: Spring Edition Gin, at Flames Restaurant.

Distilled and bottled solely for Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff by Ol’ Jimmy’s Microbrewery and Nano-distillery, this unique gin delight is an infusion of butterfly blue pea flower, lime blossom and jasmine. As tonic is added, the vivid blue spirit melts into violet – the perfect celebration of the purple blaze that transforms the city as Jacaranda trees burst into bloom.

As the best view of the city is undeniably at the Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff, the hotel has launched two inspired offerings, exclusive to Flames Restaurant, in spirit of Jacaranda season.

Jacaranda Aperitivo Afternoons

From R275 per person, Flames invites you to sample the signature G&T or one of the four bespoke cocktails crafted by local mixologists – Molecular Bars. Heighten this experience with a choice of two canapés or sharing plates. Indulge in the divine menu by Chef Keith Frisley, which includes baked purple figs with brie and hazel nuts; and salmon tataki, avocado and coriander pesto served with crudité. The Jacaranda Aperitivo Afternoon will run from Friday, 04 October 2019 until Sunday, 08 December 2019 between 15:00 and 18:00 at Flames Restaurant.

Westcliff Jacaranda

Friday Jacaranda Lunch

For a gastronomical experience like no other, Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff welcomes guests to the Friday Jacaranda Lunch, which will be served between 11:00 and 15:00. At R595 per person, Flames Restaurant offers a buffet of seasonal cold appetizers followed by an a-la-carte main course and a selection of desserts from their master pastry chefs. With drinks packages offered to large groups, the Friday Jacaranda Lunch is the ideal choice for a memorable end-of-the-year celebration. The Jacaranda Lunch will run every Friday until 06 December 2019.

For those not wanting to take part in the two Jacaranda specials, Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff encourages guests to visit Pre-View bar or Après Spa, where Chef Daniel Payne has specially prepared a tempting array of dishes and cocktails to complement the season.

Celebrate the change of season at Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff. Indulge in a Jacaranda Gin cocktail overlooking the purple canopy of the city and start the slow unwind to the festive season, in style.

Westcliff Jacaranda

Book Now

Reservations for both Jacaranda Specials are highly recommended. Make bookings through  www.flamesrestaurant.co.za or by calling 011 481 6000.

#FSJohannesburg #fsjoburgjacaranda #allaboutyou

For More Information

For more information about the Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff, visit www.fourseasons.com.

You can contact them on 011 481 6000 or [email protected].

Don't forget to like and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with the latest news, events, offers and more.

What Is It?

Have a fondness for G&Ts? Then this is an event you certainly don't want to miss! The Churchill's Bar Gin Festival will be bringing you a diverse selection of of wonderful gins later this March. Make sure you get your early bird tickets now, before it's too late.

You can experience the aromatic botanical blends that will tantalise your taste buds with every sip from a variety of gin houses who will be showcasing their fantastic spirits with their perfect serves. The gin houses that you can expect to see at the Gin Festival are Inverroche Distillery, Henleys Small Batch 18 Gin, Beefeater 24, Victoria Gin, Triple Three Distillery, Bloedlemoen Handcrafted Gin and Ginologist Handcrafted Gin.

Expect a lovely afternoon experiencing gin tastings, music from the in-house DJ and an array of delicious food items in the upmarket lounge and bar. But wait, it doesn’t end here! The evening will continue into our Mad Hatters Gin Party for you to party your night away.

Churchills Bar Gin Festival

When Is It?

Saturday, 16 March 2019 from 15:00 to 19:00.

Where Is It?

Churchill's Bar - Melrose Arch, Shop 52Hl, Melrose Arch Piazza, Melrose Arch Boulevard, Birnam, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

Early bird tickets cost R130 per person (includes three tasting tickets and a branded Churchill’s glass).

Tickets at the door are R150 per person (includes three tasting tickets and a branded Churchill’s glass).

Tickets are available at Quicket. Click here to book yours now.

Gin & Tonics are available at R30 each. There will also be food items available for purchase at the event.

For More Information

For more information about Churchill's Bar at Melrose Arch and this event, visit www.churchillsbar.co.za.

You can also contact them on [email protected] or 011 684 1040.

Don't forget to give them a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Churchills Bar Gin Festival

Island Bar At Southern Sun Hyde Park

For delicious cocktails, a fun vibe, and great music with a classic and elegant feel, pay a visit to Island Bar at Southern Sun Hyde Park ... it's the perfect spot for after work socialising with colleagues and friends. Grab a cocktail and dig into a light meal while watching the Highveld sunset from their rooftop pool deck. Sundowners with a stunning view of the city? It can't get any better than that!

Details: Island Bar | 011 341 8080 | Southern Sun Hyde Park Sandton, 1st Road, Hyde Park, Sandton, Johannesburg.

Jolly Cool Bar & Restaurant

This one has been around for many years and to this day, it's still one of the coolest hangouts in Parkhurst. Head through to Jolly Cool to play a few rounds of pool, grab a bite to eat, hang out with your mates, have a few drinks to unwind, and have a jolly good time. This popular hangout is the place to be after 17:00, so make sure you arrive early (finding parking can be a nightmare). With reasonably priced food and drinks, this is the best way to chill out. Don't leave without grabbing one of their pizzas!

Details: Jolly Cool | 011 442 3954 | 4th Avenue, Parkhurst, Johannesburg | [email protected]

Jolly Roger Restaurant & Pub

Directly across from Jolly Cool is the Jolly Roger Restaurant & Pub. From the moment you walk into this one, you instantly get the feeling of a traditional British pub. It's crowded, rather loud and can be smokey but the vibe is homey and friendly. Along with the warm atmosphere, there's also beer on tap, delicious pub food and friendly service. Don't forget to check out their all-year-round specials.

Details: Jolly Roger | 011 442 3954 | 10 4th Avenue, Parkhurst, Johannesburg

After Work Drinks

SIX Cocktail Bar

This stylish and upbeat little spot is a gem in the Melville precinct. It gives you great music, a social environment, drinks, a choice of 60 different cocktails and meals (in case you get a little hungry with all that drinking) all rolled up into one trendy, exciting and interesting venue. Happy Hour lasts for seven hours, from 12:00 until 19:00 daily (yes, EVERY DAY!), and during this extended hour you can enjoy their special of two-for-the-price-of-one cocktails. Go easy on the Long Island Ice Tea though, two of those and you'll be under the table if you're a lightweight.

Details: SIX | 011 482 8306 | 8 7th Street, Melville, Johannesburg | [email protected]

Billy the B.U.M.S

This one is an oldie but a goodie! Billy’s is a bar/cocktail lounge that caters for a more mature scene. With a variety of over 60 different cocktails and mixed drinks, American-style beef burgers (with over 15 different toppings to choose from), and good tunes, this is the ideal spot to wind down the week. Sit and chill in the seated areas and socialise with friends or, if you feel like busting a move, there is a DJ playing the latest music - feel free to make requests if you want to dance to your favourite tunes (there's always a great 80s track in the line-up).

Details: Billy The Bums | 011 465 2621 | Shop 15 and 16, Pineslopes Centre, corner Witkoppen Road, Fourways, Johannesburg | [email protected]

The Artisan - Cocktail & Tapas Bar

Enjoy some moreish tapas, fantastic cocktails and great music at The Artisan in Greenside after a long day at the office. This is just the spot if you're looking to meet up with a few of your mates, chill out, unwind with a few drinks (responsibly) and just enjoy the great vibe. The menu also offers a variety of craft beers, beer on tap and wine if you're looking to wet your beak. Also be sure to try their delicious nachos and burgers while you are there.

Details: The Artisan | 011 027 3707 | [email protected] | 12 Gleneagles Road, Greenside, Johannesburg

After Work Drinks

The Baron

Everybody knows The Baron! And luckily, this one can be found all over the city. There's one in Bedfordview, Kyalami, Fourways, Bryanston, Sandown and Woodmead, so take your pick, call up your mates and head down to the bar for a cold one (you can find us at the Sandown and Fourways venues more often than not). You can expect a good atmosphere, outstanding service, vintage wines, interesting cocktails and good food. What's nice about this place is the fact that you can visit as a family for a good meal or for a night out on the town. It's versatile, relaxed and easy-going. Also, it's a FREE WiFi spot!

Details: The Baron | Bedfordview, Bryanston, Fourways, Kyalami, Sandown, Woodmead

011 Dainfern & 011 Morningside

Brought to you by The Baron, 011 Dainfern and 011 Morningside are upmarket hotspots offering a lovely setting to relax after your hectic day of meetings, deadlines, presentations, fussy clients and millions of emails. Order a martini just the way you like it, tuck into something delicious from their menu (we love the sound of the lamb curry, especially if it's a little chilly outside) and be a little daring by trying out one or two of their refreshing and interesting cocktails.

Details:  Dainfern - 010 493 3660/1 | Morningside - 060 583 1802 |


Hogshead is a great hangout if you're in the mood for grabbing a few drinks and meeting up with your mates. It's one of the more popular restaurant/pubs in the city and offers everything from beer and burgers to a bar and even a kid-friendly section if you're visiting with the family. To help you relax, you can catch various sporting events on their TVs or make use use of their Wi-Fi to update your Facebook check-in or Instagram or even finish some last minute work (if you have to).

Details: Hogshead  | Douglasdale, Rock Cottage, Illovo, Hazelview, Centurion

After Work Drinks

The Radium Beerhall

Enjoy a night on the town in one of Joburg’s oldest bars. Expect live performances by local musicians and song writers, check out the new talent on the music scene, have a drink at famous Barman Larry’s Savannah Dry bar; and enjoy a great meal. With walls covered in old memorabilia, posters from ‘back in the day’ and newspaper clippings that have recorded the Radium Beerhall’s history, this bar definitely does give off the vintage vibe.

Details: Radium Beerhall | 011 728 3866 | Corner Louis Botha Avenue and 9th Street, Orange Grove, Johannesburg | [email protected]

Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen is a rockabilly-themed bar in the heart of Melville. It's got amazing décor that's sure to catch your eye from the minute you set foot inside! Their food is very tasty and is best washed down with their signature Hellfire Whisky! Perch yourself on one of the comfy leather couches and wind down while you listen to their awesome lineup of rock music. Let the mayhem begin!

Details: Hell's Kitchen | 079 980 9591 | [email protected] | Shop 4. 7th Street, Melville, Johannesburg

Rumours Rock City

This is just the place if you're more into the rock side of life. From Rock n' Roll and the Blues to metal and contemporary music, Rumours Rock City is a unique place when compared with your usual after-work hangouts. Not only do they offer great food and drinks at the best prices, a cosy log fire to keep you warm during the colder months and sports on the big screen, but they also promote great South African music and musicians. Keep an eye on their Facebook events calendar, there's always something happening.

Details: Rumours Rock City | 079 825 7995 | [email protected]Corner Weltevreden Road and Valley Avenue, Cresta, Randburg, Johannesburg

After Work Drinks

Lonely Hearts Club

Another addition to the Melville strip is the Lonely Hearts Club. This is a tapas bar and restaurant, yes, but it makes for an awesome hangout spot after work. Not only does it have a great selection of cocktails and wines and tasty tapas (there are great vegetarian options on the menu too), but also good food, good vibes, good company and great cocktails.

Details: Lonely Hearts Club | 082 267 1293 | [email protected] | 12, 10 7th Street, Melville, Johannesburg

Social On Main

If it's cocktails you want, it's cocktails you'll at Social On Main. Their cocktail menu is amazing and comprehensive, it has something for all tastes and palates, and the food.... so delicious! This one is a must if you find yourself in Bryanston.

Details: Social On Main | 011 706 7115 | [email protected] | Shop 1, Posthouse Centre,
corner Posthouse Street & Main Road, Bryanston, Johannesburg.

Roxanne's Rum Eatery

Neon lights, amazing cocktails, cool decor and awesome food, Roxanne's Rum Eatery is an up-and-coming hotspot in Fourways and for good reason! The drinks menu is massive! There's everything from 'spikedshakes' (AKA adult milkshakes) and spiked iced tea to wine, G&Ts and tantalising cocktails. If you enjoy sweet cocktails, then make sure you try the Dita Von Teese - Mhoba White Rum, lychee syrup, Socks Guava, lime and cranberry juice - it's delicious! And for the hungry, there is a food menu filled with loads of finger foods, glam burgers, busting bagels, fresh salads and dangerously delicious cheesecakes.

Details: Roxanne's Rum Eatery | 011 465 9917 | [email protected] | Shop G/H, Pineslopes Boulevard, Corner Witkoppen Road and The Straight, Fourways, Johannesburg

After Work Drinks

Colony Arms

From karaoke and Ribs & Chips specials to live music and beer on tap, Colony Arms has it all to turn your frown upside down when you have the weekday blues. And why not make your visit even better by inviting a few of you colleagues or friends along for a fun evening out? Colony Arms is all about having a good time surrounded by awesome company. There's something fun happening every day of the week - Monday Madness food specials, Tuesday Quiz Night, Wednesday Student Night, Thursday Ladies Night, Sporty Fridays and Saturdays, as well as Karaoke Saturday Night!

Details: Colony Arms| 011 447 6646 | [email protected] | 345 Jan Smuts Avenue, Colony Centre, Craighall Park, Randburg, Johannesburg.

Grand Slam Sports Diner

And if you're out in Edenvale, we haven't forgotten about you! The Grand Slam Sports Diner has everything you need to chill out after work... sports (think everything including Formula 1, soccer, boxing and rugby), beer on tap, good food and of course, an awesome vibe. They also host a few cocktail, trivia and live music events every now and then, so make sure you keep an eye on their Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest happenings.

Details: www.grandslam.co.za | 011 454 3700 | [email protected] | corner Elm Street and Sycamore Drive, Dowerglen, Edenvale, Johannesburg

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