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Calling all fitness enthusiasts! Your fitness doesn't have to be on lockdown. Join the exciting Planet Fitness Live Streaming Group Exercise Classes.

The gym is hosting different classes that cater for different needs, you can check out their schedule on their Facebook page to see more exciting stuff.

They are also posting daily advice and health habit routines that you can also jump onto.

Classes that they are introducing include:

Live Ride

Brazilian Booty Blast

Power Box

Pump It Abs

Zumba Kids

When Is It?

Check the schedule here.

Where Is It?

Online, Planet Fitness.

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NB: Event is subject to be cancelled at any given time, so please check to avoid disappointment.

Virgin Active SA have welcomed in the new year by spearheading the 'Mix It Up' campaign, an initiative to get gym bunnies, couch potatoes and elliptical queens alike on the move and inspired for the year. To help you get back into the rhythm of work, play and exercise, Virgin Active SA have introduced a number of new classes to their schedules, as well as reviving a couple of old favourites. So, whether you are looking for an entirely new fitness regime or just a small change to your Tuesday morning workouts, there should be a class at your gym to fit your needs.


Here are our top picks of the new group classes and activities available at Virgin Active SA gyms across Johannesburg:

Just Dance

This is a 400-calorie burning workout disguised as a dance party, what more could you want out of an exercise class? Just Dance classes at Virgin Active are high intensity, cardiovascular workouts tailored to all fitness levels. This class is all about having a good time while working up a sweat. If you're the type who hates mundane exercise regiments, then this is the class for you.

Click here to see participating clubs.


Combining the best of yoga and pilates, the Nova class offers ultimate strength and flexibility. You get all the mental health benefits of these two super popular workouts, too. So, not only will you leave feeling stronger and more supple, you'll also leave with a refreshed mind. This is the ideal class for stressed out and tired yogis looking to change things up a bit.

Click here to see participating clubs.


Sometimes, all you need is a good, fast-paced spin class with friends. Why not challenge yourself and some buddies this year to attend regular cycle classes at your favourite Virgin Active gym? Peddle along to the epic playlist and sweat it out, burning an insane amount of calories along the way. Once you have mastered 'the burn', this is likely to become your first choice of fitness class.

Click here to see participating clubs.


Boxing is one of the best all-round fitness regiments, as it works muscles you didn't even know you had! Plus, a good boxing workout can leave you feeling stronger, both physically and mentally, preparing you to tackle the world with utter confidence. With nine rounds of high intensity training, Virgin Active's Rumble class is the perfect boxing regime to whip you into shape in no time.

Click here to see participating clubs.

Grid Games

Finally, we have the super champ of all fitness classes at Virgin Active gyms. For those of you not familiar with The Grid, it is a 30-minute power packed workout which focuses on six fundamental movements used in everyday life. Teaching you how to move quickly and with accuracy to avoid injury, this is a must-try workout for the new year. Challenge yourself by signing up for the Grid Games - a national competition which will see one guy and one lady crowned The Grid regional champions. Finalists could then stand the chance to compete in The Grid Games Global Finals against participants from the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and Italy! So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up here.

For More Information

Visit Virgin Active SA's website for more information about classes, pricing and clubs. You can also follow their social media pages:

Facebook - facebook.com/virginactivesa

Twitter - twitter.com/VirginActiveSA

Instagram - instagram.com/VirginActiveSA

Details: 0860 200 911

What makes it unique

B Swim School in Bryanston is unique in its approach as it aims to teach water safety skills in a matter of WEEKS! Using a very gentle and fun programme that was developed and tested in the USA, it quickly shows babies how to turn onto their backs, float, rest and breathe for an indefinite period of time. This amazing skill could prove to be a lifesaver if children accidentally fall into the water during a momentary lapse in adult supervision.

Plus, children undergo a “clothes test” before graduating to show that they can happily float on their backs while wearing heavy winter clothing. After all, accidental drowning can happen year-round and not just when they are dressed in light summer clothing. Special needs children are also accommodated.

b swim school

Next Step...

Children are then taught the float-to-breathe method – to float and swim with their faces in the water. This is very different to the doggy-paddle we all did as kids and builds a solid foundation and correct head position going forwards.

Thereafter, strokes and correct breathing techniques are introduced in group classes.

b swim school

Contact Details

Address: 27 Chesterfield Road, Bryanston

Phone: 083 649 9067

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.bswimschool.co.za

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BSwimSchool

b swim school