If there is one thing that makes me weak at the knees, it's delicious food — in this case, delicious street food. That is exactly what Sumting Fresh has to offer: a chicken full of heaven.

Who's your daddy? Chicken daddy!

That is pretty much a rhetorical question for "Sumting Fresh is the king of serving the best fried chicken around". Yep! They also come with a fresh lingo that will have you laughing, feeling good or just blushing to death (Okay, now I'm revealing my secrets. They had me at "Cause I met her in the summaaa, SUMMA!"  which means "a pretty lady customer ordering" ).

Sumting Fresh began their journey in 2012, spreading the love around Joburg in their street food truck. If you are a market traveller, you surely know them. Even if you don't, visit any market where they serve their amazing food and you will know them. They are probably the loudest and most welcoming people to feed you. It's great! Nothing is better than being fed and receiving golden service. Trust me — I know.

They say that their chants play a very huge part of their food. This is what grabs the customers' attention and keeps them entertained while they wait for their order. Not only is it motivation for the customer, but also for the Sumting Fresh family during the long hours that they have to work.

Can I get a ... Bump Da Cheese Up!

This, by all means, is very literal. Nothing to do with money, fam. Ever imagine something you are craving, and have that instant mouthwater? Well! I am certain you will have more of those moments before, during and after having their tasty food.

My personal favourite has to be the "Italian Stallion". This includes a generous portion of their signature chicken on a bed of salad dressed with their addictive home-made aïoli and sweet chilli sauce and hugged by a fresh bun. May I add that this is served with shoestring fries and a slice of watermelon to cleanse the palate. Other comforting dishes include their famous Goujon Chicken and, for an awesome Asian touch, their steamed bread caressed with chicken, a bed of salad and sauce.

As a foodie myself, one thing that always gives me joy is the homemade touch of love. They make their own sauces and I have to say, they taste amazing! The chilli sauce is like a better version of sriracha sauce.

Chicken Over Here!! Chicken Over Here, Yeh!

Where to find this mysteriously delicious, succulent chicken addiction? Sumting Fresh is situated in Norwood on 79 Grant Avenue. Otherwise, you can find them at the Neighbourgoods Market on Saturdays and The Fourways Farmers' Market on Sundays. Otherwise, follow their pages to see which events they are attending. They made my DSTV Delicious Festival a very yummy one.



I clearly love you guys, because writing this was difficult. I'm drooling like a bull dog, so that's it from me. Signing out!