Doritos has brought another BOLD flavour into our lives and we are grateful to lick off the Spicy Wings dust off of our fingers. This tasty snack recently launched their new flavour Mexico style at the Doritos Festival De Mexico.

We have to confess, we didn't think they would go meaty and they finally did and boy is it a scrumptious bite of deliciousness.

Doritos Festival De Mexico

Taking The First Bite

On entry at the festival, we were welcomed with the adventurous BOLD Doritos Spicy Wings Flavour and we have to say - as a savoury snack lover myself, we went right in and was absolutely blown away by this unexpected flavour. They went all out to make sure that everyone got their own packet as soon as they entered the gate.

To top it off, they traditionally served this amazing snack with the best salsa we've had in a long while. We have to say this was the best combo - pity we couldn't have the whole casserole all to ourselves.

The Main...

The festival was filled with tons of stalls that really complimented the event theme, the Doritos media booth was well stocked with a stew of Mexican culture. They served amazing mouth bursting dishes, enjoyed a dish with pulled beef, chunky guacamole, a tomato relish and tortilla, sweetcorn caressed with feta, paprika and another spice (can't put our finger on it).

They also had a mixture of their amazing BOLD Doritos Spicy Wings flavour and tortilla that you could serve with thick cheese sauce and salsa relish - absolutely yummy. They had about 3 or 4 different kinds of salsa with different dishes.

To all the snackers, meat lovers and corn snackers out there; Spicy Wings is a must try.

Doritos Festival De Mexico

The Music At The Festival De Mexico 

What is the best wash down while munching on your snacks? Good music and a good drink of course. The music was super awesome - really enjoyed the experimental pieces, Jimmy Nevis killed it with the old school vibes, it was a delight and everyone was just grooving to the jams, and headliner Lady Zamar was well received too, Jozi was dancing up a storm.

Adding Spice

Their hashtag, #DownToTheDust trending - we could play their tailored 'Would you rather?' game. Absolutely funny, had the participants in stitches. Every attendee could get an awesome Mexican sombrero as an incentive for sharing a super cool picture and using their hashtag.

Doritos Festival De Mexico

The Varrrbs

The place was just filled with beautiful people that had only good vibes to share. The fest was really packed but still had tons of space which we found quite refreshing for moving around and stuff.


Dessert was the cherry on top, delicious Doritos BOLD Spicy Wings with another salsa - completely different, but still also complimenting the amazing meatiness.

Doritos Festival De Mexico

It's true what they said, there is nothing quite like tipping back the bag to get those last intensely flavourful crumbs and to end off - licking the tasty dust off your fingers.

Lastly...thank you for the spicy invite🌶