Heroes of Games and Comics

This popular store has three branches across Joburg, one each at Melrose Arch, Bedford Centre and Sandton City. They also have an online store. This shop has a range of comics from publishers including DC Comics, Marvel Comics and Image Comics. They also offer comic paraphernalia like action figures, statues, movies, clothing, games and books, among others.

Contact details: Bedfordview - 011 615 2447 / Shop U48 Bedford Centre, Smith Rd, Bedfordview // Sandton - 011 326 5491 / Shop L14C Lower Level Entrance 4, 83 Rivonia Rd, Sandhurst, Sandton // Melrose - 011 684 1204 / Shop 031EF, 44 Melrose Blvd, Melrose Arch / [email protected] / https://www.heroesofgc.com

Comic Warehouse

This warehouse is tucked away in Bedfordview. They offer a variety of comic books, pop-culture figurines, statues, life-size statues and merchandise. What makes this store great is their all-in-one approach. The warehouse has its own on-site restaurant, Kaylee's Eatery, which serves up some yummy and healthy vegan fair. They also have a cookie store on the premises. So guys can enjoy their shopping while the girls grab a bite to eat.

Contact details: 011 524 7604 / 147 North Reef Road Bedfordview / [email protected]  / https://comicwarehouse.co.za

comic books

Cosmic Comics

If your're looking for pop-culture merchandise, comics, graphic novels, statues, action figures and Funko POPs, then check out Cosmic Comics' online store or their megastore in Randburg. They pride themselves on their friendly and knowledgeable service, so if you are new to the world of geek or are gift shopping for a friend, this place is worth the visit.

Contact details: 011 678 0165 / 254 Beyers Naudé Dr & Acacia Road, Blackheath, Randburg / [email protected] / https://cosmiccomics.online

Smallville Comics

Based in Alberton, this comic book store retails their products both online and in store. They stock many figures, Wobblers, comic books, games and statues. Don't be fooled by the look of the shop, it may look like a regular comic book shop but inside you'll find all those rare collectibles and merchandise. The owner is a passionate comic fan and will be happy to assist with a smile.

Contact details: 083 534 9301 / Corner Penzance and St Aubyn Road,
New Redruth, Alberton / [email protected] / http://www.smallvillecomics.co.za

comic book store

Outer Limits

This comic book store is based in Randburg. Their products include rare collectible comics, graphic novels, trading cards, RP games, board games, memorabilia and novels. And if that isn't enough geekiness, Outer Limits is located in Nexus Hub, so you can also stock up on your video games, Anime, model kits, pop-culture apparel and merchandise while you're there.

Contact details: 011 789 8215 / 21 Harley Street, Ferndale, Randburg / [email protected] / http://www.outerlimits.co.za

Critters and Comics

Critters and Comics is a wholly online store. They sell an array of action figures, comics, graphic novels, statues, collectibles, clothing and accessories. If you can't find what you're looking for on the site, drop them a message and they'll do their best to source it for you. Their service and delivery is super fast, and their comic books are well priced. If you're looking for even better deals over and above their low prices, check out their product sales.

Contact details: [email protected] / https://crittersandcomics.co.za

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The Dark Carnival Is Now At Montecasino!

The formerly online retail store, The Dark Carnival has brought every imaginable sub-culture of geek to life with the grand opening of its flagship store at Montecasino in Fourways, Johannesburg! Just imagine all things anime, comic, gaming and more, brought together under one roof. Bliss!

Dark Carnival

The Dark Carnival is the brainchild of Kasia Jabrzemski, a self-proclaimed geek, who in 2011 with the help of her business partner Richard Harman, realised the untapped potential to turn the ordinary comic book store visit into an experiential audio-visual adventure for the anime, comic and gaming sub-culture by launching the original online retail store.

The Dark Carnival offers fanatics and the curious the opportunity to immerse themselves in a colourful and fantastic world of geekdom. You can expect everything from comic books and graphic novels to pop culture merchandise of your favourite anime, movie and TV series characters; video gaming musts; costumes for the cosplayers; homeware; kitchenware; character bobbleheads, figurines and plushies; and even laptop sleeves. It's an adventure into another world.

Dark Carnival

The launch of the flagship store at Montecasino is hot on the ‘geek’ calendar radar. The much-anticipated dragon, which was custom-made to fill the space outside the store, is set to be a huge talking point.

For More Information

For more information about The Dark Carnival and it's brand-new store, visit www.darkcarnival.co.za.

You can also contact the store on 011 465 3701 or [email protected].

Don't forget to give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Dark Carnival

Rather Late Than Never

Not so long ago, we took a trip to the other side of the city. To the east, to be specific. We were looking for something new, fun and exciting to do (we've already covered the north!) and boy, did we find it! Now, not everyone is into the whole Marvel / DC comics thing or has hopped aboard the Hogwarts Express and become a devote Pothead, but if you happen to embrace, live and breathe geekdom and love all things nerdy, then you'll be thrilled to hear that a brand-new nerd paradise has opened it's doors out in Bedfordview - The Comic Warehouse! We had no clue that they've been up and running since about the end of last year (2018), but rather arrive late than never, right?

The Comic Warehouse

Sourced from Comic Warehouse

It's Literally A Warehouse!

When you think of comic book or geek merch stores, what comes to mind? A dingy hole-in-the-wall hangout? Something a lot like the comic book store run by Stewart in The Big Bang Theory? Not too sure? Well, this store is nothing like those - it's literally a warehouse! A big warehouse dedicated to and filled with everything you could possibly image regarding the nerdom and geek world - fantasy, Sci-Fi, Marvel, DC, Anime, Funko Pops, you name it. "What do you mean EVERYTHING", you may ask? Well, just think comic books for Africa; action figures from almost every fantasy movie, comic and game ever made; and all the merchandise you'll ever need. Yes, it's EPIC.

The Comic Warehouse

Did We Mention The Displays?

As if all the goodies, merch, comic books, apparel and  weren't enough, the displays add the cherry on top. This is what makes a visit to the Comic Warehouse a must for all ages! You can feast your eyes and take a few selfies with some of the great movie and superhero memorabilia set up on the show floor. Wondering what you can expect? Well, just imagine stepping into a few scenes from the Harry Potter movies; standing next to the intimidating but oh-so-cool Batman; taking a selfie with the almighty Wonder Woman, spotting Spiderman hanging around from the ceiling; and even coming face-to-face with the infamous Star Wars baddie, Darth Vader! There's also a bunch of vintage cars on display if you're more into four-wheeled beauties.

The Comic Warehouse

There's Also A Restaurant In Store

Checking out all the cool merch and taking a million selfies with all your favourite baddies and superheroes can be quite exciting and exhausting at the same time. But not in a bad way, of course. So, to regain your strength and refuel, make a stop at Kaylee's. This vegan restaurant offers healthy, plant-based, cruelty-free meals as well as fresh-pressed juices; interesting smoothies; and coffee with your selection of soy, almond or coconut milk. Have a sweet tooth? No problem! Just head over to The Cookie Co, which sells the most amazing chocolate chip cookies, so make sure you try one (or three). There's also a selection of imported sweets and drinks for your to suss out and indulge in.

The Comic Warehouse

Oh, And Fun For The Kids!

Not only will adults have a great time, but so will the kids. There's a little play space for them to let their imaginations run wild. And of course, let's not forget about all the graphic novels, cool and colourful figurines and show floor covered with neat things to check out and explore. Everyone, even parents, will feel like kids in a candy store at this cool venue.

Tip: Keep An Eye Out On Facebook For Specials

On a tight budget or simply just want to make sure you don't go overboard on the spending when visiting Comic Warehouse (still need to get those groceries to survive, you know)? Then make sure you keep an eye out on their Facebook page as they post specials that'll be in store or coming up soon.

The Comic Warehouse

For More Information

For more information about the Comic Warehouse, visit comicwarehouse.co.za.

Want to contact them? Drop them a mail on [email protected] or call 011 524 7604.

Don't forget to give them a like on Facebook or Twitter to keep in loop on the latest specials, news and products.

Laser Projection Keyboard

Typing out emails has become more exciting (and compact) than ever with the Laser Projection Keyboard (available at Mantality). This is as cool and futuristic as far as tech gadgets go. All you do is plug it into a USB port or switch on your device’s Bluetooth, connect to the Laser Keyboard, place it on a flat surface and watch as the red laser QWERTY keyboard appears. Not only is this gadget compact, portable and low on battery consumption, but it can also be used as a power bank. Bonus!

Tech Gifts For Dad

Transcend DrivePro 220 Dashcam Car Video Recorder

Not only ideal for security reasons, a dashcam is also a great gifting idea to capture stunning sights and those road trip memories with Dad. All adventures will be recorded, including your driving paths, GPS coordinates, speed rates, dates and times. The dashcam is also fitted with warning systems to ensure a safe journey. If this sounds like the perfect gift for Dad, then head to Mantality and get the Transcend DrivePro 220 Dashcam Car Video Recorder – a must-have if he does a lot of travelling.

Tech Gifts For Dad

Midland M24-S

Walkie-talkies make fun childhood memories with Dad. Remember the days of going camping/fishing/hiking with the old man and pretending to be raiders, delivering orders and commands over radios with the formal “copy that”, “roger” and “over and out”? Those were the good old days. And with the compact, lightweight Midlands M24-S PMR 446 transceiver with 24 preloaded channels, your pops (or you) will never go MIA while roughing it. Check out Cape Union Mart to get your two-way radios before your next camping trip.

Tech Gifts For Dad

Powertraveller PowerMonkey Discovery

Staying connected with our “extra appendage” (AKA our Android or iPhone) is a priority these days, but if the ever-dreaded load shedding or travel bug hits, keep Dad prepared with the Powertraveller PowerMonkey Discovery. This nifty thing offers real power while on the move – it will recharge an iPhone twice, standard mobile phones 3–4 times, or give his iPod an additional 120 hours’ play time. The power bank also comes with five adaptor tips to accommodate for whatever brand of phone he has. You can never go wrong with a power bank.

Tech Gifts For Dad

TomTom Touch Activity Tracker

If Dad is one of those techno geeks who also loves to keep on top of his fitness, then the TomTom Touch Activity Tracker from Loot is the way to go. This little gadget captures not only your heart rate throughout the day, your daily activity, achievements and stats, it also measures your body fat and muscle mass percentage at the touch of a button, and keeps you connected with phone notifications. Keeping track of his workouts and progress has never been easier.

Tech Gifts For Dad

Jabra Wireless Earphones

Another great option for tech-savvy fitness dads is wireless earphones. Normally, earphones/headphones just get in the way with their lengthy cables or end up breaking after an unexpected yank while running. So, why not spoil Dad with a wireless solution? Take your pick from the Jabra Sport Pace Wireless earbuds or the Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless earbuds. They offer a secure fit, are sweat- and weather-resistant and charge quickly – 15 minutes of charge time will provide 60 minutes of battery life.

Tech Gifts For Dad

Plug-n-Play Retro TV Games Arcade Kit

Treat Dad with a tech gift that’ll bring out his inner child, and possibly bring back a few long-forgotten memories. The Plug-n-Play Retro TV Games Arcade Kit offers him hours of fun – all he needs to do is plug this little handheld controller into the TV. Spend time with him by playing and challenging him to rounds of shooting, arcade, puzzle and sports-based games. There are 200 retro games to choose from – including Racing Fighter, Aerial Warfare, PongPong and Space Base, just to name a few – so get your fingers ready for one awesome nostalgic gaming session.

Tech Gifts For Dad

Livescribe Smartpen 3 Bluetooth

Is Dad a busy businessman, in and out of meetings all the time, losing track of his written notes? It sounds like he needs a piece of stationery that does everything all at once – which is why the Livescribe Smartpen 3 from The Gadget Shop is a great option for Father’s Day. This pen does it all. It writes, records audio that can be played back on a companion device (laptop, tablet or smartphone), has a high-speed infrared camera and an ARM 9 processor. Talk about a fancy, tech-savvy piece of stationery for Dad!

Tech Gifts For Dad

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