Kids are naturally imaginative and dreamers, that is why they are easily stimulated by environments filled with colour, characters and a place where they can have endless fun. Under The Oak Tree is the place where all the magic happens.

Under The Oak Tree Johannesburg

What Is Under The Oak Tree?

This amazing world of imagination is situated is Bramley, they are an exclusive party venue for kids. Their venue is made in such a way that the children are motivated and encouraged to enjoy themselves and have fun.

Not only do they have a spectacular animated venue, they also add on the party planning service to their name so if you're planning a birthday party and just want it to be perfect or basically don't have the time - this is the place that will save you, mom and dad.

What they do is come up with creative out-of-the-box thinking to create something special for your little. Something unforgettable to be exact, every party they do is themed and tailor-made specifically for your child.

It's A Wonderland...

They have two amazing venues that will even make the parents wish they were still kids to enjoy the creative gestures. Their spaces are suitable for ages 1 to 10 years old.

Under The Oak Tree Johannesburg

Kids love these spots because it's like a world of fantasy that comes alive to create moments that are priceless. Parents have the option to make the difficult decision of choosing between the two beautiful venues. They both have so much character and encourage the little ones to feel like they are in a story book.

The first venue includes a little cute coffee shop with outside seating, farmyard, race track, tree house, sandpit and many more. The second option includes a garden shed, jungle gym, swimming pool, sandpit and more as well. Both venues have the cutest things like miniature chairs, little houses and cute little characters.

Under The Oak Tree Johannesburg

The Treats

Under The Oak Tree caters a lot of nibbles like adult platters for the parties (the parents have to eat too). They have cupcakes - who doesn't love a good cup cake? As well as a candy buffet and food stalls. As a take-home, they have amazing party packs that the kids can take home to enjoy.

The added fun activities include fun face painting, themed pinatas that have a sweet surprise inside, and cool and warmhearted mascots to interact with the kids. Did I forget the super cute unicorn rides? Too adorable.

Under The Oak Tree Johannesburg

They have a lot of activities, there is no room for boredom here. Just endless fun and little friendships.

If you prefer hosting in the comfort of your own home, they also mobile services that you can choose from to add some magic to your own venue. They deliver and can set up for you, the mobile play house can be delivered and set up for FREE within a 30km radius.

Under The Oak Tree is certainly going to be a hit for the hits and you too so why not check out this bundle of cuteness.