Back To School deals valid from: 01 December 2020 – 07 February 2021.

Whether you're heading back to the office or need to get your kids ready and prepared for another year of fun and learning, PNA has you covered with 2021 Back To School deals that you certainly don't want to miss! Click here to check out their catalogue, which is jam-packed with a kaleidoscope of stationery goodies. And that's not all, you could also stand the chance to WIN R50 000 for your school when you download the full PNA Back to School catalogue! Click here for more information about the competition. For more information about their Back To School deals, visit


Back To School deals valid from: December 2020 –  February 2021

CNA has always been one of the top Back To School spots to get you and your loved ones stationery ready for school, work and varsity. You can get your hands on everything from art supplies, exercise books and colourful paper, to flip files, highlighters, pens of all sorts, crayons and pencils, backpacks, pencil cases, puzzles, dictionaries and so much more. Click here to check out what they have to offer with their Early Bird Back To School deals.

Bidvest Waltons

For a stationery solution that covers all bases, be sure to check out Bidvest Waltons during the stationery shopping season. They make Back To School stationery stock-ups super easy and convenient with various purchase options to choose from. Schools can get stationery bulk orders for all their supplies, parents and students can make catalogue orders allowing them to get exactly what the school has requested on the stationery list, pre-pack orders are also available for young children entering the school system and last but certainly not least, online orders for those who prefer the convenience of shopping without leaving the comfort of your home. Getting ready for school has never been this easy.

back to school

Back To School deals valid for: A limited time only and while stocks last.

Skip the queues and the Back To School rush by doing all of your shopping at! What we love about stocking up on school essentials here is the fact that they have everything you need, all on one site. They have recommended stationery packs for various age groups (for Grade R - Grade 3 and Grade 4 - Grade 7), a school wear range where you can get their uniforms sorted, sports and tech gear, all the stationery you could ever imagine, backpacks and cases, cool lunchboxes and there's even something for the teachers! Click here to check out the catalogue.


Another thing we mustn't forget when it comes to going back to school is sorting out those uniforms! Be sure to head to Ackermans to stock up on new school wear, because you know how kids are - they grow up far too quickly and seem to get those white shirts and socks absolutely filthy. Also, don't forget to get them a brand-new pair of Toughees school shoes! Click here to see what they have in store.


Back To School deals valid from: December 2020 January 2021

You can get stocked up on all your stationery essentials at Makro! They have awesome Back To School deals that won't bust the bank. They have everything to start off the new year on the right foot. You can get everything from pre-cut book covers and stationery, maths sets, backpacks and pencil bags, and so much more. Click here to see their catalogue.

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The Crazy Store

Back To School deals valid: from 26 December 2020 31 January 2021, while stocks lasts.

Just in time for the Back To School frenzy, the Crazy Store has gone crazy with amazing deals you don't want to miss! There's something to get kids of all ages creative from the arts and crafts goodies. Then there's the filing and storage options to make sure you keep everything organised and in order. Preparing to go back to school is not complete without the annual stationery shopping spree. And don't forget about lunchboxes and water bottles.


Back To School deals valid from: 15 December 2020 – 28 Febuary 2021

You can find all the Back To School basics at Game! They have a wide range of stationery products at amazing prices that won't leave your wallet feeling extra strained this January. To get the best stationery and Back To School deals, click here to take a look at their catalogue for 2021.  It's a long way until pay day, so make sure you take advantage of this deal and save a few bucks before it's too late!

Pick 'n Pay

Back To School deals valid for: A limited time only and while stocks last.

For all your back to school needs, Pick 'n Pay has you covered! There's stationery everywhere at great prices, they also have you sorted with lunchbox ideas for the kids online, and let's not forget that you can do all your shopping online, in your slippers, curled up on the couch, Back To School rush averted!

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We all love doing something different and unique, and with so many things on our bucket list, we wanted to introduce you to something that will be a jaw dropper.

This calls for some zorbing, we can call it a ball of fun.

What is Zorbing?

Many consider it an extreme sport, however it can be considered a game depending on what it is used for. It is growing in the country and many people are starting to getting into it.

For those who are not familiar with what zorbing is, this is a transparent plastic ball you can either go into or wear. The traditional way to zorb is to go inside the ball and go down a slope and with other innovations like playing soccer, you can wear the ball.

Why It's the Bomb Dot Com?

Although it might seem a bit daunting at first, you will be aching to do it again once you have tried it.

Zorbing is just absolute fun, and will get the adrenaline pumping. It is also extra fun to get the entourage or the family together to join in on the fun.

Let's check out some places where you can find it around Johannesburg.

Jozi X

Jozi X is known for their fun and extreme activities, and they have also brought zorbing into mix to add some more fun into our lives.

They offer two different kinds of zorbing, Hydro Zorbng as well as Harness Zorbing. They are both quite an experience, we would encourage you to try both. Their Hydro involves a water chute and roller coaster so you can already imagine the ball of fun you'll be having.

Their Harness Zorbing is an adventure you don't want to miss out on. The high speed is definitely what an adrenaline junkie would love.

Sandton Action Sports

Sandton Action Sports is as its name suggests, situated in Sandton and has become very popular for the action sports and now they have included indoor bubble soccer.

How this works? With indoor bubble soccer, you wear the plastic ball and have fun playing against others and bumping into each other during the game. The perk about this is that the fall is not that painful.

They have curated amazing options for team buildings and kids parties as well.

Bumper Balls

Bumper Ball SA

Bumper Ball SA is situated in Greenside at the Pirates Sports Club. They are all about bubble soccer so if you looking for a soccer game with a twist, this is it. Their zorb balls are life size added all the more to the fun.

They host bachelor parties, team buildings, festivals and events. The more, the merrier - the game is always better with more people. So, take all your mates and go have some fun or you can suggest what venue would be suitable for you.


Understand The Load Shedding Stages

Let's be honest, when we hear them announce that we'll be going through load shedding stage 4, most of us are not too sure what that even means. So, to help you better understand the stages, we've listed them here. If you know what they mean, great! Just skip this and carry on with the rest of your load shedding prep below.

Four schedules have been formed, based on the level of risk and to ensure that load shedding shared and done in a fair manner:

Download A Load Shedding App

There are a handful of load shedding apps out there, but what we have noticed that not many of them are accurate. So far, the one that seems to be hitting the nail right on the head regarding load shedding schedules is Load Shedding Notifier. It's rather simple - just download it (Google Play), add and set various zones that will be affecting you (home, work, other family households, etc) and you're ready to be notified. There's also the Eskom Se Push app if you're looking to use and compare multiple schedule sources. Another great way to keep on top of the load shedding schedule is joining community Facebook pages if your suburb has one.

load shedding

Fully Charge All Devices 

Since you have downloaded a load shedding app, you'll now know when to expect your next black out. With this is mind, make sure that you fully charge all of your devices - laptops, tablets, phones, Kindles, everything that can be charged - before the set times of your zone load shedding. That way, you don't need to worry about flat batteries and being bored while you wait for the hours of darkness to pass.

load shedding

Homeowners, Consider Buying A Generator

Own your own property? Don't live in an apartment or flat? Then why not consider investing in a generator? Yes, they're noisy. Yes, they'll cost a some moola to run (most use petrol). And yes, they do cost a pretty penny (easily between R2 000 - R10 000 depending on size, wattage and fuel tank capacity) BUT at least you won't be sitting in the dark and you'll have a power source than can be used for many years to come. Most home and hardware outlets will stock generators, so make sure you head to Builders, Game, Leroy Merlin and Takealot. Don't forget to pick up a few extension leads and adapters to "share the love". Another source of power that's more environmentally friendly than the generators is solar power. This seems to be becoming more popular in recent times.

Tip: Keep a few Jerry Cans filled with "liquid gold" stored in the garage. Generators can guzzle through litres of petrol depending on how much power you use, so be sure to have some extra on standby.

load shedding

Stock Up On Lighting Alternatives

If you cannot get a generator or simply just don't want to spend a small fortune, there's always the old-fashioned candles, flashlights and lanterns. Just don't forget to get matches, a lighter or batteries while you're at it or else this option is just not going to work! Candles, flashlights, batteries and lighters/matches can be bought practically anywhere - Checkers, Spar, Game, Shoprite, Pick n Pay - but as for the lanterns and light adapters, you can find them at any outdoor or hardware outlets. Also, it wouldn't hurt to install a few solar outdoor lights to light up your garden a little bit (just as an added safety measure).

load shedding

Replace Electrical Appliances With Gas

There's nothing more frustrating than not being able to get dinner on the table due to load shedding. No power, no microwave, no stove, no kettle, nothing. But there is an alternative - gas stoves. Just like a generator, this option doesn't come cheap, but it's a good investment. A little too expensive? Then why not buy a portable stove top that you can connect to the generator? Again, check out Builders, Game, Leroy Merlin and Takealot for those stove tops. Have neither? Not to worry! You can always grab some charcoal, fire up the braai and tuck into some braaivleis. Or even make a potjie. Also important: if you get a gas stove, don't forget to get a stove top kettle, that's a lifesaver!

load shedding

Power Banks Are Lifesavers

Since we are in the day and age where we use our cell phones for absolutely everything - alarm clocks, contacting people, checking load shedding schedules, ordering takeout, entertainment purposes, GPS, the flashlight function, etc - it's essential that its battery life lasts. To ensure it does, get your hands on a power bank, charge it and have it on standby. Also, the more you have, the better! Visit Incredible Connection, Takealot, Game, and The Gadget Shop to check out their selection of these lifesavers.

load shedding

Stay Connected

Just because the power is out, doesn't mean you cannot stream, surf the web or continue with your assignment or presentation that's due tomorrow! Use a portable modem or 3G dongle to keep connected to the internet during bouts of load shedding. Most mobile networks and internet providers offer these nifty gadgets, so make sure you contact them or visit your nearest store to get yours ASAP. See, owning a dongle isn't that bad!

load shedding

A Pantry Full Of Snacks

Before everything else on this list, make sure that you jam-pack your pantry with lots and lots of snacks! That way, you won't starve yourself due to not having electricity to cook up some dinner on the stove or in the microwave. It's not the healthiest of meals, we know, but it's a delicious way to pass the time.

load shedding

Just Sleep Through It!

Or maybe you could save yourself all the time, effort and money ensuring you're set, ready and prepared for the load shedding by just sleep through it! There's no harm in getting in more sleep, is there? Before you know it, you'll be awakened by the flash of lights turning back on. Or better yet, why not just go out into the city, find a spot with power and just hang out there with a couple of friends?

load shedding

You know you're South African (or a fan of good food) when you've developed a biltong addiction. To soothe those cravings, pop by these top rated stockists of your favourite snack.

Boskruin Butchery 

Voted as one of the best biltong spots in Joburg, the Boskruin butchery in the northern suburbs of the city, specialises in biltong made from game meat. From Wildebeast to warthog and everything in between, there is something tasty and tantilising for everyone.



Sloan Meat Market

For some of the best biltong in town, your favourite cuts of lamb and beef, poultry and spit braai catering, visit Sloane Meat Market and see what they have on offer! There is a huge selection of prime cut and quality meats to choose from, no matter what you are planning on preparing for dinner. And be sure to check out their bulk specials!

Details:  Sloan Meat Market


Country Meat

This wholesale family butcher and deli brings out the freshest and best quality meats straight from their farm. Their biltong comes in all shapes, sizes and flavours. Try the whole cuts of silveside and eat it like a beast without cutting it into strips - be the savage that you are.



Rembrandt Slaghuis

From artists to TV stars swear by the products for sale at Rembrandt Slaghuis in Linden. It's as old school as can get and has survived regardless of the rise of super market butcheries. Their biltong is so beautiful that you can't help but eat it all in one sitting. In fact, the billies at Rembrandt Slaghuis is so good that it's enjoyed the world over.



The Fussy Vegan

Yeah, yeah the odd one out but great nonetheless. Swing by the Fussy Vegan in Blairgowrie for awesome cruelty free biltong. Sounds strange? Well, there's an amazing and cruelty free alternative to the traditional... in fact, there are quite a few. Cut off a piece of perfectly spiced seitan slabs of faux silverside or snack on slices made from mushrooms or coconut shavings. You'd be surprised how tasty vegan billies can be.



What Is It?

It's champions vs champions as Mamelodi Sundowns takes on Barcelona this May for a friendly match at Soccer city. Mamelodi Sundowns made the announcement Friday night that they will be hosting Barcelona on Wednesday, 16th of May 2018, and we are as excited as can be. Masandawana are looking forward to playing against the mighty Barcelona once again since they last met in 2007, where Sundowns lost to Barcelona by 2-1. You might be asking yourself whether the likes of Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez will be joining the trip...well it is still unclear, never the less we are excited.

When Is It?

Wednesday, 16 May 2018. knock off time to be confirmed.

Where Is It?

FNB Stadium, Soccer City Avenue, Nasrec, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

Tickets cost R 40 - R505 per person click here for tickets.

For More Information.

For more information visit for more updates.

Hiking has never been high on my list of priorities, but with an impending trip to Peru to attempt the legendary Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, some training was sadly in order. My super-fit and highly energetic cousin, Lisa, suggested that we head to Suikerbosrand to “get some miles on our legs”, and refused to listen to my suggestion that “hiking around the shops inside Sandton City” would do the same job.

Those in the know will tell you that the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve covers over 11 hectares and is situated close to Heidelberg (less than an hour’s drive from Joburg). I was silently willing it to rain, but the weather was absolutely beautiful and dry. “The perfect day for a hike,” trilled Lisa, while I sat on my hands to refrain from strangling her.

On the drive, I distracted myself with research into the types of animals we might see on our hike – Eland, Zebra, Black Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest, Brown Hyena and various species of birds. Apparently Baboons are also active in the area, which cheered me up IMMENSELY. Lisa is petrified of Baboons!

According to my research, Suikerbosrand comprises 66km of backpacking hiking trails, as well as 12km, 10km and 4km trails for Day Visitors. “We’ll tackle the 10km,” decided Lisa. “We can always turn round and do it backwards if we feel like doing 20kms.” We then laughed and laughed, because that was never going to happen on my watch.


I have to (reluctantly) admit that it was a SPECTACULAR hike. The facilities (aka bathrooms) at the Visitors' Centre are clean, the trails are well-marked, and the views are breath-taking. We came across quite a few people during the hike – even a married couple who were attempting a trail run. Well, he was trail running – she was lagging behind while apparently plotting his death!

Thanks so Lisa, we had loads of water (it did get pretty hot) and plenty of snacks. Sunblock and a cap are also highly recommended. We also discovered a Paraplegic Trail that is close to the Visitors Centre – ideal for those in wheelchairs.

The hike was actually perfect for me – it was challenging but not uncomfortably so. Lisa chose to complete it with a backpack weighing 20kgs (to prepare for a trekking adventure in Nepal) and also felt it was a good workout and great preparation for her trip.

Those looking for a longer hike can spend up to six days hiking through the reserve. The overnight huts are well-equipped with beds, hot showers, cooking area, gas lamps and chemical toilets.

I can honestly recommend a visit – even just to do the 4km hike. You will come away feeling as though you have been away for days!


For More Information

Tel: 082 484 8150 or (011) 439 6300


However, with my recent (very) challenging trekking adventures to Everest Base Camp in Nepal and Machu Picchu in Peru, I didn’t really have a leg to stand on when it came to not joining my extended family on camping trips. And so, I vowed that the very next time a family camping trip was mentioned, I would agree to go along with it and embrace the experience in its entirety.

Fast forward to March 2018, when my father-in-law nearly fell over in shock when he casually mentioned camping in Sondela and I said, “Great, let’s do it!” I then proceeded to find a date that suited the whole family and make the booking myself. I vowed not to overthink the whole thing, and to just go with the flow – it’s not that I CAN’T rough it; it’s just that I don’t want to!


Let me be the first to say that camping at Sondela is not roughing it. Far from it! The entire venue has been structured around ensuring that everybody – from grandparents to parents to children – have absolutely everything they need to make sure they have the best possible stay. It’s all there at your disposal – you choose what suits you and your family.

My parents-in-law arrived a while before we did – and were blown away by the offers to help set up the tent and caravan as soon as they had parked the car. We had opted for private ablution facilities (such a win) and really enjoyed the private toilet, shower and outdoor sink with hot and cold running water. An onsite braai was ready and waiting for us (which was cleaned daily by the support staff), and firewood, firelighters and charcoal were readily available at the café-style shop near Reception.


The facilities are SPECTACULAR – both cold and heated pools, a farmyard where children can feed the goats, free roaming sheep, horse riding, quad bikes, zip lines, game drives, daily entertainment and games, jungle gyms, and so much more. The BEST part for us was the freedom the children had to cycle, rollerblade, skateboard and play. My 12-year old and her friend only spent time with us when they needed food (or money) - and collapsed into their sleeping bags at 8pm having spent the entire day cycling and swimming. They had one of the best holidays ever – because of that freedom and the variety of activities on offer.


My 5-year old was equally happy with an abundance of aunts and uncles to play with. She fed goats, went on game drives, swam for hours, played on the playground – and even had her very first horse riding experience (and now wants lessons!) The very patient stable manager, Challenge, was so patient with her and helped her overcome her fear of horses. We went from excitement to floods of tears (when she was on the horse and wanted to get off) to a stunning outride where she chatted happily to Challenge, and now firmly maintains it was the highlight of her trip.

For me – having reviewed countless venues over the years – the standout feature of Sondela is the staff. I couldn’t fault them! The venue had NO idea that I was writing a review, so I was treated no differently from anyone else. Whether going on a game drive or horse ride, quad biking or ordering a cappuccino, the levels of service were spectacular.


And so is the pricing. We paid around R600 per night for the stand, the various activities are surprisingly inexpensive, with many free offerings like the pool, entertainment and game drive.

Some of the more active members of the family also went for a 22km off-road cycle and came back filled with stories of how they rode through a herd of giraffe! My sister-in-law also went for a 7.5km trail run and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I also love the fact that there is an onsite restaurant and pizzeria (perfect for those not wanting to face dirty dishes), and great for when lazing by the pool and needing a snack or drink.


There are also chalets - for those not wanting to camp – comfortable, fully kitted out, and with the added bonus of buck arriving at your froth door demanding to be fed.

The bottom line is that we will be back – and soon. My sister has now booked for the coming weekend, friends will be going in winter, and we are already looking forward to our next visit.

Thank you, Sondela – for giving our family memories we won’t forget in a hurry!

*This review was not sponsored, we paid for the trip in its entirety and all views are my own.*

For More Information

Tel: 014 736 8900
Fax: 014 736 3501
Email: [email protected]
Accounts Fax: 014 736 3747
Physical address: Farm Tweefontein 462 KR | Bela Bela (Warmbaths) | 0480 | South Africa

What Is It?

The Neighbourgoods Market is hosting a special night market that features the Red Bull Music Academy Weekender. Attendees will get to enjoy an exciting evening, filled with jam-packed entertainment for everyone. You can also engage with some of Mzansi’s photographic artists and top electronic music producers too. Gaming fanatics are also in for a treat as there will be cutting edge games from the world’s leading game designers on display. And remember, there will gourmet food and drinks on sale so bring those wallets. Come say hello to spring and join in the fun!

Where Is It?

Neighbourgoods Market, 73 Juta Street, Braamfontein

When Is It?

Thursday, 01 September 2016 at 19:00

How Much Is It?

Market is FREE, Upstairs Entertainment is R 50 per person. 

For more information, click here.


When it comes to clothes for your little 'mess maker', keep in mind that babies grow at such a rapid rate that you can barely keep up. So instead of buying expensive high-end clothes that will be too small in a few months or less, buy more frequently for less. Take a look at the baby clothes from Jet for some amazing offers. You can buy your baby toiletries while you're there as well!


Another great alternative for affordable baby clothing is Pep. From the cutest little baby shoes to the most adorable beanies, you have quite a lot to pick from. Not only can you have your baby infant's clothes sorted from Pep, but you can even choose to progress into the toddlers and kids' sections of the store. For boys and girls, you get it all.


If you're a first time parent chances are you don't have most of the baby essentials you'll need. And instead of jumping on board the secondhand ship, you'll probably want to buy brand new but still at reasonable prices. If this is the case then take a look at Game. From car seats to baby strollers and so on, you'll find good options.


Another great alternative for baby clothes and essentials is Ackermans. Not only do they stock some adorable baby clothes and essential toiletries, their website. We're absolutely in love with their range of boots for the little ones! They're all just so cute.

Baby Market

This market is like a dream for new parents and parents with baby stuff they no longer need. From strollers to car seats and feeding chairs, whatever you need, they probably have it. Although their products are mostly secondhand, they are strict with quality so rest assured you won't be buying run-down items for your baby. For more, visit their website here.

Gauteng Baby and Toddler Seconds

This is another great place to source affordable baby stuff, plus it's on Facebook, surprise surprise. From Gauteng Baby and Toddler Seconds you can buy, sell and swap pre-loved baby stuff. The group is not only limited to Johannesburg but accessible across the country. So if you're a Joburger and you're visiting family or friends in Cape Town, you can still make use of the group offers. You will need to join the group in order to sell or buy, just answer the admin questions and you're good to go.

Pre-loved Joburg

Pre-loved Joburg is also a Facebook group dedicated to buying and selling secondhand items. This group is however, not only focused on baby items but a whole range of items. So, while you're doing your shopping for baby, you can also buy yourself a pre-loved camera to snap some precious moments or a comfy rocking chair to rock your baby to sleep.

Second Hand Baby Essentials

With over 25 000 members in this group, surely you ought to be part of it as well? Plus, you get to score some great deals on Secondhand Baby Essentials. Do note that the group is exclusive to the buying and selling of baby items only, and if you do not abide by their rules, you will be removed. Either way, whether you are buying or selling pre-loved baby items, this is definitely a great option to consider.

Baby Depot

It may not be a secondhand store, but Baby Depot is a great spot if you're looking to get some great quality yet affordable stuff for your little one. They offer great combo deals that'll get you everything you need at a price you cannot ignore. They're stockists of Avent, Nuk, Tommee Tippee,Peg Perego,Graco,Chicco,Bambino, Tiny Love, Chelino, Hauck, Mothers Choice, Snuggle Time, Angelcare, Evenflo,Maxi Cosi, Joie Munchkins and Snookums just to name a few.

Know other budget-friendly places to get baby stuff? Let us know below!

Clearwater Mall is built in a three-legged triangular format, with an anchor tenant at each point of the triangle on the lower level. The Piazza is central to the triangle, with access to each of the three malls and is open to the sky with trees and a pavement café atmosphere. To solve the problem of cold Johannesburg nights, the court has a retractable roof, which will enclose the restaurant zone when required, and the area will become part of the enclosed mall. Some of the major tenants include Pick n Pay, Woolworths, Edgars, Stuttafords, Game, Dis-Chem and KTM on the outside, with a Hi-Fi Corporation and Incredible Connection Mega store. To find out more about Clearwater Mall click here.

Have you been here? Rate and review your experience below!