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Whether you're looking to broaden your horizons on ideas for dinner or want to try something new, the Yuppiechef Cooking School will have the course for you! Here, you will learn to master popular recipes, various techniques and cooking styles from the comfort of your own home. All you need is an internet connection, smart device, ingredients and all your cooking utensils in the kitchen.

Professional chefs, such as Peter Goffe-Wood, Sarah Graham and Franck Dangereux, will take you through a series of video tutorials that'll have you cooking like a pro in no time. All Yuppiechef online cooking courses include:

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An Introduction To Craft Beer

Become well-versed and educated in the world of craft beer! As we all know, South Africans love their beer, so why not get clued up on the fundamentals? With this course, you'll learn how to tell the difference between craft beer and regular beer; get insight into how beer is made with four key ingredients; brush up on beer history; learn how to classify beer; and master the perfect pour. There's many more aspects to cover in this course, so you'll have to enroll to find out more!

beer on tap at a bar

Decadent Chocolate Creations

For something decadent, how about some mouthwatering chocolate creations to satisfy that sweet craving? Presented by LINDT Master Chocolatier, Dimo Simatos, learn all the tips, tricks and techniques you need to artfully create amazing chocolate truffles, decorations, delicious desserts and the legendary chocolate fondant. This course is an absolute treat, especially for chocoholics!

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All Time Breakfast Favourites

There's no better way to start your day than with a hearty breakfast! And if you're looking to learn how to cook up the perfect breakfast spread for yourself, your family, friends and guests, then you need to check out Yuppiechef's All Time Breakfast Favourites course. Presented by Peter Goffe-Wood, this course will take you on a journey into the savoury and sweet morning delights. You’ll master making Eggs Benedict, as well as chef quality frittatas, omelettes, waffles and moreish flapjacks.

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French Classics

You don't need to purchase a ticket and fly to France to experience French cuisine! You can make it in the comfort of your own kitchen. All you need to do is learn how to do French Classics with Yuppiechef. Presented by accomplished chef and restauranteur, Franck Dangereux, brush up on the history and secrets of various French recipes; unravel the mystique around classic French-style soups, sauces, potato dishes and desserts; and gain the confidence and skills required to create timeless classics including Steak Au Poivre, Soupe Au Pistou and Crème Brulée.

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Far from the west bank of the upper River Rhine, a little piece of classical French cuisine has floated all the way to the southern tip of Africa. Located in Roodepoort, just across the hill from Florida Glen, Les Delices de France is almost unnoticeable, tucked away in between office parks.

It's A Regional Thing at Les Delices de France

The decor is warm with inspiration taken from the French homestead. Dressed not to impress but to promote comfort and homeliness, Les Delices de France exalts ebullience.

The menu at Les Delices de France flows by region. Items such as rösti ( a potato pancake, originating from the Swiss borders of France), galette des rois (king cake, originating from the north of France) and veal paupiette (meat rolled and stuffed, popular in Normandy) explores as much culinary ground of the country without losing track of what's important – the taste.

Les Delices de France

Source: Les Delices de France

It is evident that the kitchen's capability to pull off such extravagant and carefully curated dishes stems from having knowledgeable and strong leaders. At the helm of this hidden gem is Chef Robert Baxa and manager Claudette Gourjux. Chef Baxa spent time in the kitchen with acclaimed Chef Marc Guebert at Ile de France in the mid-90s. The original Ile de France has come and gone, but it was one of the first restaurants to put the French palate on a pedestal in the city, whichwould later revolutionise the South African culinary scene. It is safe to say that this eatery has picked up where Ile de France has left off.

Les Delices de France

Source: Les Delices de France, Facebook

There Are No Wrong Choices At Les Delices de France

The menu might be in French (with English subtitles) but the waiters are more than knowledgeable and can guide you in the right direction. The concept behind this eatery is to introduce classical French cuisine to Johannesburg. Patrons can expect a fusion between haute cuisine and contemporary indulgence – the reason why American Express gavethe restaurant a platinum fine dining award in 2017. When it comes to ordering à la carte, the duck carpaccio with apricot, sesame seeds, olive oil, honey and walnut comes highly recommended.  Mains is divided between meat and fish with no wrong choices in between. If the tender rabbit braised in red wine and mushrooms served with spaëtzle noodles is not your cup then we recommend keeping it authentic with an oven-roasted beef fillet drenched in rich and creamy béarnaise sauce. On the fish side of life, items such as the bourride à la brestoise (fish stew with shrimps, mussels, mushrooms and a cream sauce) sing songs of the Riviera on a summer's evening.

Les Delices de France

Source: Les Delices de France

Round off your experience with the three cheeses of the day or dive deep into a wide selection of soufflés. Choices such as lemon, raspberry, and vanilla flamed with rum will transport you to Provence in a heartbeat.

Les Delices de France

Sipping Champagne At Les Delices de France

F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote that too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right. This is the case and point at Les Delices de France. Boasting bruts such as Paul Roger NV, Follet Special, and Louis Roederer Premiere, the restaurant goes out of its way to source excellent brands for you to sip on. The bubbly train does not stop there, as Les Delices de France dabbles in prime MCC brands. Visitors can expect Colmant from Franschhoek, Graham Beck, and Simonsig. There is also a wide selection of French and South African wines to compliment your dining experience.

Les Delices de France

No matter where you are in Johannesburg, it's recommended to pick a warm day, drive to the west and sit on the patio at Les Delices de France, look out into the garden and get lost in a world of flavour.


Address: Corner Gordon Road, 2 Keith Ave, Florida North, Johannesburg, 1709

Visit their website at http://lesdelicesdefrance.co.za/ email them at [email protected] or call them on 011 027 8668.

Opening times:

Mondays: Closed
Tuesdays: 12:00 – 14:00, 18:30 – 22:00
Wednesdays: 12:00 – 145:00, 18:30 – 22:00
Thursdays: 12:00 – 14:00, 18:30 – 22:00
Fridays: 12:00 – 14:00, 18:30 – 22:00
Saturdays: 18:30 – 22:00
Sundays: 12:00 – 14:00

By Shawn Greyling

The New Season Brings A New Menu At Belle's Patisserie

Even though Belle’s Patisserie will be boasting a brand-new menu this summer, they’ll still be staying true to their roots with a strong French influence, bringing their customers the best in new food trends and authentic French cuisine. You can also expect to see new food styling to innovative meals, new packaging, and of course, a fresh menu filled with a bunch of phenomenal dishes and delights to tantalise your tastebuds.

Belles Patisserie

What’s On The New On-The-Go Menu At Belle’s Patisserie

Belle’s Patisserie’s new on-the-go menu is bursting with lots of delicious dishes and treats that you just have to try for yourself. From a variety of French delights, cupcakes and gateaux to croissants, croisnuts, salads and sandwiches, there is sure to be something to satisfy your craving while on-the-go. If you want to check out their menu, click here.

Belles Patisserie

For More Information

For more information about Belle’s Patisserie and what they have on offer, visit their website at www.bellespatisserie.co.za, call them on (011) 440 4474, or email them on [email protected].

Also, check them out on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.

Belles Patisserie

Belles Patisserie

Patisserie de Paris

The owner, Paul, studied classic French cuisine in the south of France. Fancy. He’s big on sourcing top-quality ingredients and crafting artisan breads. I am such a push-over when it comes to homemade bread, so I decided to try a filled baguette - I’m sensible like that. It’s been rated the best baguette in Johannesburg, so I was curious to see if it lived up to all the hype.

While I waited, I sipped on strawberry juice and pinched some lavender from a little wooden crate. Cheesy French music put a smile on my face, as did snippets of the conversation taking place two tables away from me. Blairgowrie moms can gossip like nobody’s business. My baguette arrived in good time, laden with smoked Norwegian salmon, cream cheese, capers, cucumber, and dill. The baguette itself was delicious and incredibly chewy (I’m assuming the French like it this way – no complaints from my side either). The ingredients, the salmon especially, were fresh.


The menu also boasts a French-bistro-style croque monsieur (basically a posh cheese toastie), as well as a burger topped with camembert and preserved fig. Once you’ve filled up on proper food, you’ll have the strength to go inside and eyeball the cake selection.

Was I charmed? Quite. Was I happy with my meal? Certainly. Am I going to return to Patisserie de Paris at some point with a little wheelbarrow to relieve Paul of his pastries and cheeses? Oui.

Have you been here before? Rate and review your experience below!