The Cakery At La Tazzina

La Tazzina in Edenvale is one of our top spots for Saturday morning brunch. But until we can safely visit them again, a good slice of cake from their bakery will have to do. You can order a single slice of their best loved cakes for delivery, or contact them for a special order for your birthday. Choose from lemon drizzle cake, New York cheesecake, carrot cake, orange sponge, marble cake or chocolate ganache. The Cakery even makes custom dog birthday cakes for your precious pooches, so everyone can celebrate their birthday in lockdown!

Call or WhatsApp them on +27 67 627 9356 to place your order, or contact them via email at [email protected]


Another must-visit spot on our list for life post-lockdown is Frangelicas Kosher Patisserie in Glenhazel. This family-owned cake shop and cafe is renowned for its indulgent cheesecake, cupcakes and pastries. Their birthday cake menu is just as impressive, with over 16 varieties to choose from. Our personal favourite is their Lemon Meringue Cake - a delightful play on the classic tart. Frangelicas cakes are baked with absolute love and care, bringing a true feeling of home to any occasion. If you're the type of person who detests fondant on their birthday cake, this is the place to get yourself a good old traditional cake.

Order online from their website or contact them on [email protected].

birthday cake

Frangelicas Cheesecake

Just Teddy 

Now for something a little more glamorous and ooh la la! Just Teddy Patisserie, located at Hyde Park Shopping Centre, is famed for its world-class cakes and pastries. Since the start of level 4 lockdown in May, they've been offering delivery on their high tea boxes, as well as their eye-catching cakes and tarts. Order yourself a show-stopper of a birthday cake like their Haute Couture Cake, which is free of both gluten and dairy and smells just like roses! It's pure yum that everyone can enjoy.

Contact them on 010 203 9038 or via email at [email protected] to order your perfect birthday cake for delivery.

Crumbs & Cream 

Ice cream cakes have made a comeback thanks to Crumbs & Cream at Illovo Junction. What started out as a humble ice cream truck moving down the V&A Waterfront has turned into one of Joburg's top dessert spots. Thankfully, under level 3 lockdown you can now visit their store to order a quick takeaway. But if you're sparse on time, get online to order yourself one of their whimsical ice cream cakes. Decadently smooth ice cream sandwiched between giant biscuits and topped with an assortment of sweet sprinkles, what more could you need to have a smashing birthday?

You can order your ice cream birthday cake from Crumbs & Cream through the Mr Delivery, Uber Eats or Order In apps.

Fournos Bakery 

There's nothing wrong with ordering your birthday cake from a tried and trusted bakery. Fournos Bakery has been whipping up scrumptious cakes and nibbles for decades. Plus, they have branches located all over Johannesburg, so no matter where you live you can get your cake delivered. Fournos offers a wide selection of classic cakes, as well as custom themed birthday cakes. If you would like to order a character cake for a kiddies party or for yourself, please give Fournos at least 14 days notice. A few of their other gourmet cakes also require a few days notice, so order in good time to avoid missing your birthday all together!

Order your cake from Fournos' website or contact your nearest branch here.

Need a little more birthday inspiration? Check out our guide to celebrating your big day in lockdown. 


Cheesecake is said to have originated in ancient Greece. So, where better to get yourself a dreamy, creamy slice of baked cheesecake than the Mediterranean inspired Europa? If you have never tried their Oreo or Bar One baked cheesecakes, do so as soon as possible. With a sweet, crumbly base and decadent cream cheese filling, these pair perfectly with a bitter coffee or equally sweet hot chocolate.

Click here for more information.

George's Bread & Co.

Ask any Boksburg resident where to find a great mini cheesecake and they will tell you George's Bread & Co. This bakery and confectionery is all about delicious baked goods served with a smile. They offer classic cheesecake and baked cheesecake, both in full size and mini portions. So, whether you are hosting a cheesecake party or just have a craving for the tangy goodness of cream cheese, there is something here for you.

Click here for more information.


Harpers Restaurant

Harpers Restaurant at Eastgate Mall is unofficially known as 'Bedfordview's favourite cake and coffee shop'. Their display table is the stuff of dreams, laden with English scones, macarons, cookies and, of course, cheesecake. Indulge yourself with a slice and one of the dessert drinks - Irish Coffee, Amarula Dream or Frangelico Hot Chocolate. It's simply delish!

Click here for more information.

Royal Coffee Roasters

Formerly known as Beans About Coffee, this quaint coffee cafe at Stoneridge Centre serves up some of the best coffee in the city. If you don't believe us, pay them a visit. We recommend the chocolaty Mocha - with bitter undertones of strong Ethiopian grinds and velvety chocolate, this gourmet coffee is the ideal mate to a chilled Blueberry Cheesecake. Served with blueberry compote and a dusting of icing sugar, this is cheesecake heaven if ever there was one.

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Motherland Coffee Company

Coffee and cheesecake seem to be the couple of the moment. Cue Motherland Coffee with their inspired caramel and condensed milk cheesecake. The biscuit base is dense and buttery, while the caramel is sweet and textured. We think that this is the most 'South African' of the cheesecakes on this list, so be sure to give it a try the next time you roll into Motherland for that caffeine fix.

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Shed & Silo

Shed & Silo is quintessentially farm style. Situated out in Benoni, this country cafe is famed for its cakes and generous breakfasts. The bakery recently introduced a Top Deck Cheesecake to the menu. Baked in three layers - vanilla cream cheese, chocolate cream cheese and condensed milk topped with Flake chocolate! Shed & Silo is the ideal getaway from the city, so take the trip out early on a Saturday morning. We promise that this cheesecake is worth the drive.

Click here for more information.

La Tazzina

Edenvale is the home of coffee shops and cakeries, tucked away on a quiet side street is one of the suburb's best - La Tazzina. With an Alice in Wonderland themed garden and a welcoming harvest table brimming with sweet delights, this is undoubtedly Edenvale's best kept secret. The owner is a whiz at whipping up a mouth-watering cheesecake. Encased in a biscuit shell, her New York style baked cheesecakes come in classic, berry or Belgian chocolate. You can order a slice at La Tazzina or go full on glutton and order one to take home for a special occasion.

Click here for more information.

Frangelicas Kosher Patisserie

Frangelicas is one of Glenhazel's oldest bakery-cafes. Family owned and community-orientated, this Kosher patisserie is almost always busy. Their classic cheesecake comes topped with sweet royal icing for added indulgence. However, if you want to truly test your sweet tooth, try out their Baklava Cheesecake, dripping with sweet syrup and covered in chopped almonds, this is cheesecake taken to another level of decadence.

Click here for more information.


The Strawberry Farm - Harties

Finally, we must mention the Tangoroa Strawberry Farm out in humble Harties. Strawberry picking season lasts from mid-September until early December each year, bringing in families from all over Joburg to harvest the ripe, juicy berries. But, the Strawberry Farm does not go into hibernation during the off season. Instead they entice visitors with their specialty cheesecake - made from their very own strawberries, this chilled cream cheese cake is layered with strawberry coulis and crumbed biscuits. Enjoy a slice with a cup of strong tea and the serene farm surrounds.

Do you know of any other awesome cheesecake hot spots hidden in the city? Let us know about them! 


Frangelicas motto is simple: Happiness can be measured in cupcakes and coffee cups. One of the oldest and best loved Kosher patisseries and cafes in Glenhazel, this hidden gem is a must-visit for cake lovers and sweet tooths. Run by a husband and wife duo for the past seven years, Frangelicas is a neighbourhood hub. With their delicious Kosher breakfasts, lunches and desserts, they offer the surrounding community a place to escape and enjoy the sweeter side of life. Catering for family functions and special holidays, the cafe is also a great party venue. They welcome diners of all kinds, so be sure to stop by on your next trip through Glenhazel.



Pastry Delights

Have a hankering for a deliciously moist slice of chocolate cake? Or, in need of a custom birthday cake? Frangelicas is the patisserie for you. Their catering menu includes a number of delectable cake options. From apple struddle with cranberries, to Bar One cake and chocolate mousse cake, there is sure to be something to tantilise your taste buds. However, what this bakery is really known for is their award-winning cheesecake. Frangelicas famous original cheesecake is smooth, tangy and rich. But, if you are looking for something a little more decadent, we recommend the baklava cheesecake. Dripping with sweet syrup and covered in chopped almonds - yummy!

The bakery also makes delicious breads like traditional Challah, available most Fridays. Their teatime classics such as muffins, scones and cupcakes are customer favourites. We like the sound of mini cheesecake muffins with a pot of piping hot Ceylon tea. Shared with friends or family, this would be the perfect way to unwind after a busy week.

Frangelicas makes their pastry delights using milk, Parev or Chalav Yisrael ingredients. Their first priority is to please you, their customer. So, if you have any special requirements, simply let them know when placing your order.

Savoury Treats

Frangelicas isn't only all about the sweets. Their savoury cafe menu also boasts an impressive selection of tempting breakfasts, light meals and mains. An eclectic mix of European cuisine influences, the savoury menu offers an assortment of toasted sandwiches, tramezzinis, pizza, pasta and salads.


Frangelicas should be next on your breakfast restaurants bucket list. Not because their breakfasts are unlike the standard cafè fare, but because of their welcoming atmosphere and generosity. If you have been searching for a family-friendly restaurant environment, here it is. Try their Breakfast Tower - freshly toasted Italian bread topped with a mountain of sauté spinach, scrambled egg, mushrooms and haloumi cheese. Add a serving of avocado or super smoky kippers to the dish for an extra taste dimension.

Lunch & Dinner

Lunch and dinner are sorted at Frangelicas, too. Their assortment of sandwiches is a lunchtime dream. From plain and simple cheese and tomato, to smoked salmon and cream cheese, their sarmies are the perfect light snack. If you want something a little more substantial, try out one of their four pizza options - classic Margarita, Hawaiian, Caprese or Vegetarian.

The cafè now also stays open after dark on Thursday and Sunday nights. Bring the family along for dinner on their breezy outdoor deck under the fairy lights. Or, stay warm and toasty inside the cafè next to their central fireplace. Frangelicas pastas make a wonderful, hearty meal and would be perfect on a chilly night out. The butternut cannelloni sounds like a winner to us. Alternatively, opt for a baked potato main, smothered in either creamy mushroom sauce, spinach and feta or Napolitana sauce and cheddar cheese. For the super health conscious there are a variety of tasty salads to choose from. Whatever you choose to dine on at Frangelicas, it is sure to be prepared with love and care.


Special occasions

Frangelicas specialises in turning your special occasions into lasting memories. Catering both sweet and savoury delights, they are your one stop party shop. For your convenience, their website features an online ordering section. You can specify all dietary requirements and special requests here, too. With just a few clicks you can order your cake and eat it! How great is that?

For more information

Visit their website for further details, or follow them on Facebook for the latest updates.

Details: 2 Long Ave, Glenhazel, Johannesburg | 010 013 4237 | [email protected]

Are you looking for Kosher Restaurants In Joburg? Fret not! We've searched high and low for the best of the best when it comes to kosher dining in and around town.


Frangelicas in Glenhazel is a household name, thanks to their cheesecake. Let me tell you that it’s nothing short of divine. But did you know that they also serve savoury food, too? Pull up a chair and order anything from French toast and golden crumpets to pan-grilled hake and baked potatoes served with delectable toppings.

Where: 1 Long Avenue, Glenhazel, Johannesburg.


Killarney’s Metzuyan is a haven for those who are kosher. Here, you’ll find delicious chicken noodle soup and Asian spring rolls… they even have a sushi menu! On top of all that, you can tuck into a chicken schnitzel, grilled Scottish salmon and vegetarian-friendly pasta. How’s that for the full shebang?

Where: Killarney Mall, 60 Riviera Road, Killarney, Johannesburg.

Next Door

Next Door’s pizzas are sublime. This restaurant gets very busy so be sure to call ahead and make a booking if you want to secure a table. Here, you’ll find sandwiches, soups, sushi, quiches and everything in-between. They even have dessert pizzas on the menu – have you ever?

Where: 80 Grant Avenue, Norwood, Johannesburg.

The Open Flame

Whether you want to sit down and eat or are catering for a special occasion, The Open Flame has got you covered. They sell a festive Rosh Hashana salad, roasted lamb shoulder and even beef ribs to take home. But if you sit down, choose from fried fish and chicken kebabs…simply delicious.

Where: 9 Northfield Avenue, Glenhazel, Johannesburg.


Michelos is a pizza and pasta parlour. Pasta options are plenty – expect to choose between basic Napoletana options to mouth-watering Indian dishes (creamy tomato infused with garlic and curry, topped with cheese). On the pizza side of life, they’ve truly got it all. The one that sounds like a real winner has got to be the Owner’s Favourite, which is topped with pesto, sweet onion relish and feta. Spelt bases are an option here, too. Plus, you can take home a large pasta, large family-sized salad, a sushi cake or a lasagne if you’re hosting people at home... or for those nights when you simply don't feel like cooking.

Where: 15 Northfield Avenue, Glenhazel, Johannesburg.

Kosher Nando’s

Your favourite flame-grilled chicken, only kosher – yes, please. All the usual suspects are on the menu at the kosher Bramley-based Nando's branch… from ¼ chicken and chips to strips and spicy rice, burger meals and more. Sit down or take away – the choice is yours. Kosher Nando's gets two thumbs up from our list of Kosher Restaurants In Joburg.

Where: 27 Aintree Avenue, Bramley, Johannesburg.

The Pie Works

Sometimes, you get a craving for a good old fashioned pie. And where better to get it than at a place dedicated entirely to pies? The Pie Works has drool-worthy chicken, curry, mince, potato, schwarma and apple pies. They’ve even got sausage rolls, soups, pizzas and pastas, but the pies truly stand out and the chicken one is nothing short of amazing!

Where: Greenleaf Centre, 74 George Avenue, Sandringham, Johannesburg.

Jozi Blue

A kosher coffee shop? Finally! Jozi Blue is great and their food is, too. Find items like salmon and cream cheese salads, classic cheese and tomato sandwiches and omelettes on the menu. They also serve scones, cakes and apple crumble for those of you with a sweet tooth! What’s not to love? Hint: add some cream to your coffee to make it extra indulgent... yum!

Where: 9 Northfield Avenue, Glenhazel, Johannesburg.


No list of Kosher Restaurants In Joburg would be complete without mentioning the legendary Feigels in Lyndhurst. If it’s traditional Jewish food you want, it’s traditional Jewish food you’ll get at Feigels. They serve it all – latkes, bagels, pies and blintzes. You can also order platters from this place, should you find yourself with a lot of people to feed!

Where: 3 Lyndhurst Discount Centre, Corner Johannesburg and Modderfontein Roads, Lyndhurst, Johannesburg.

Corner Café

Not to be confused with Corner Café in Craighall, this Glenhazel venue is a kosher spot where you’ll find classics on the menu... think along the lines of kippers and eggs for breakfast, as well as grilled fish kebab salads and, of course, bagels with schmear. It’s a delight for taste buds – kosher and non!

Where: Corner Queens Square and Cross Road, Glenhazel, Johannesburg.

Know other great kosher food spots not mentioned above? Let us know below!

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