The big question is, why is Food Lovers Market the best?

Well! I wish I had all the answers in the one, but its simple really, their food is amazing. Done!

First Things First

Let me start off by saying that every Food Lovers fan will tell you that the first thing that stands out is that the food is always fresh and the options are endless. Honestly, I couldn't agree more, my weakness is fresh food and wholesome meals and they know how to make my tummy happy - always upping the ante.

They are basically like a Walmart but for food, and you will find almost anything and everything at the bigger Food Lovers - vegetables, fruits, sweets meal, groceries and now even street food.

Food Lovers

The Food Lovers Innovation That Surprised Me...

Food Lovers has become one of the best stores to actually get lunch, dinner or even breakfast for that matter, holy moly! even dessert.

They have managed to keep their traditional market and add the trendy new school market element to some of their branches by adding food stalls in the actual store. The best of both markets coming together is the coolest thing they could have done.

The new innovation completely had me gobsmacked; one day I decided to walk into their store in Rosebank and to my surprise, I walked into what looked like a food market. The best thing you can do for any foodie really, talk about #FoodPorn on another level (eating with your eyes is not always a solid theory, but here, it most certainly is. I absolutely love street food. Side Note: The one at The Marc has a Food Lovers Eatery.

It completely caught me off guard, it was the best thing that could've happened to me because personally the idea of seeing food being made and plated in front of me gives me the peace of mind that I need.

Food Lovers

Why The Food Stall Styled Food Lovers Has Become The Love Of My Life?

Firstly, they make me feel like I'm getting what I paid for. Plus, I can literally get breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snack so it's like a full on food experience.

Ze Buffet

Their buffet is filled with so much variety, you probably won't know where to begin. This is a really 'feast your eyes' experience with ample choice of salads (The ham, broccoli, feta with sauce. To-die-for) and I also love their meat options (The crispy coated chicken strips with sesame seeds are divine, a good sriracha mayo dip is a good finish)

Food Lovers

The Bakery Goods

They have almost all the bakery nibbles I know and more, and the smell. I can still smell the cheesecake tart from the whiff that got me when I was there, but I ended up walking away with brownies. I'm very picky with where I get bakery good, but these brownie, I'm definitely sold.

The Last Bite 

If you haven't been to a Food Lovers Market in a while, I hope this article will motivate you. It has changed, for the better indeed.