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What's great about a smoothie bowl:

Spilt Milk

Spilt Milk, situated in Melville, is home to some of the best smoothie bowls. This amazing spot serves a good variety for you to choose from. One of our favourite bowls is The Nutty Professor, which is packed with protein and added cashews for crunch and texture.

Details: No. 1, 7th Street, Melville, Gauteng | |

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Inspired by the tropical islands, Kauai bursts with character.

Their food bowls are packed with flavour, especially their Peanut Butter Berry Smoothie Bowl. Made with peanut butter, blueberries, banana and coconut milk, this is simply delicious.

This is just what you need to start your day on the right note.

Details: Various areas, Johannesburg, Gauteng |  | [email protected] 


What's great about a smoothie:

Boost Juice Bar

Boost Juice Bar is one of the best smoothie bars in the city. Their smoothie menu is packed with a variety of delicious fruity smoothies.

Grab something as a treat after a good workout. They have so many options to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice.

Details: Various areas, Johannesburg, Gauteng | | [email protected]

Snack Attack Johannesburg

Fruits And Roots Health Store

Fruits and Roots Health Store is a great spot for getting the best smoothies. This store is all about wellness, making sure that their menu items are packed with natural ingredients.

They encourage everyone to lead a healthier and greener lifestyle. If you are looking for super foods, this is the place to find it.

Details: Hobart Corner Shopping Centre, Hobart and Grosvenor Roads, Bryanston, Johannesburg, Gauteng | | [email protected]


Not only can you find amazing smoothie bowls at Kauai, but it is also one of the best places to indulge in either a creamy or fruity smoothie. They have a generous menu that has something for everyone. Their options are not only delicious, but healthy too.

Details: Various areas, Johannesburg, Gauteng |[email protected]

See the battle between smoothie & juice bars in Joburg.

So, what is your choice: a smoothie or a smoothie bowl? Let us know in the comments section below!

One things for sure, there is nothing quite like exploring with different kinds of cuisines and allowing yourself to go on a good food hop. So we decided to share a few places that have amazing food bowls that we're certain you will love.

These spots are very unique to their own taste (pun intended), upon visiting each of them you will realise that they probably all have something different to bring to the table. Then again, food is the one thing we should be open minded about.

So, let's check out these super cool places...

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Momo Baohaus

Momo Baohaus' name makes us want to say, "I want that Momo". Don't ask why, but it just makes me want to eat more and more.

This amazing spot really does count as a spot that makes a mean food bowl, not only do you eat with your eyes but the food itself is absolutely mouthwatering and leaves you wanting more. If you are looking for Asian cuisine with a twist or something healthy - without a doubt, you will find it here.

You can find Momo Baohaus nicely cuddled onto Greenway in Greenside.

Food Bowls

Spilt Milk

Tucked in a cute spot is Spilt Milk, to my surprise - when we walked into this place and we fully admit this was based on a sterotypical mindset, we thought we would probably get strictly gourmet food and  did not expect to see smoothie bowls on their menu.

They have the most amazing smoothie bowl options we've seen, these yummy generous acts really have you the palm of the hand. One look and its got you, my favourite bowl is The Nutty Professor - my weakness for cashews is undeniable here.

You have to visit this spot.

Food Bowls

Saigon Suzy

On the bustling block on Jan Smuts is a cool food bowl spot, Saigon Suzy.

This does not surprise me at all because their food is impeccable. A sentence to describe the bowls here; "Saigon bowls are food for the eyes, heart and explorers". To all the barbecue lovers; this spot is all about Asian barbecue and best believe, it is the absolute best.

The perk about paying them a visit when you want a good time out, they have ample spots in surrounding for a good party.

This one, you will not expect...

Food Lovers Rosebank - Poké

We are going to be upfront with you, the Food Lovers in Rosebank is one of the branches we've have seen. They literally have stalls inside the actual store, and they still managed to keep their look and feel.

So, there is a stall - that has a signature touch you won't miss; they have an actual bowl with chopsticks on their logo - cutest thing ever. Theere, you get to build your own bowl with rice, choice of 3 meats, choose 4 sides (this was the hardest for me), 2 sauces and a sprinkle of optional seeds.

This is definitely something you need to try, mouth waters by the though of the bowl.

Now the question is, where do you start? Honey, we don't know but just start eating. It will be worth it!