We don't know if its just us, but we just love food. Just the idea of indulging in something scrumptious and moreish makes our mouths water. So we figured we'd explore and check out these amazing chefs to inspire you, and potentially get you whisking up a storm in the kitchen.

Why You Need To Follow Thy Food Connoisseur? 

Chefs/food blogs have become not only influential, but the people to follow when you want to create something inspired by a professional for your next dinner, date or just a simple spoil.

Apart from the obvious, following the best food blogs can be great for all the explorers out there, to inspire you to try out something new and experiment.

Now, let's check out these awesome chefs.

Food Blog

Nthabiseng 'Nti' Ramaboa

Nthabiseng, better known as Chef Nti. She is a lady with a knack for fashion and undoubtedly shows off her love for both fashion and food on her Instagram.

Having started out in fashion, her love for food stole her heart and encouraged her to pursue this lovely career path. She has graced us with this beautiful talent and inspired us to really look at food from a different perspective.

Food Blog

Bertus Basson

This gentleman's love for food has truly captured the eyes of Mzansi at large, being a deep food philosophy jock - Bertus Basson has mastered the art of South African cuisine.

If you do not know this gentleman, we are pretty sure that you are familiar with Overture. This restaurant made the Diners Club World's Best 50 Restaurants, so you can only imagine how this contributed to South Africa being in the eye's of the world with regards to the food industry.

He's definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Food Blog

Zola Nene

Zola Nene, we're sure that you recognise her on shows such as Espresso. Zola has really created a rep for herself, and we are not surprised why she is a such a hit in the food industry.

Zola has not only inspired many to get creative in the kitchen, but took it upon herself to write amazing books so that the world can keep her amazing tasties and nibbles in their homes. With her studies in Food Media, it is no surprise that she has managed to keep a good balance with being a celebrity chef.

Food Blog

Siba Mtongana

This food enthusiast has become one of the country's most beloved celebrity chefs in the country, having graced our screens on her show - Siba's Table.

Siba has managed to share her tasty creative ideas with us on screen, as well as on her social media pages, enticing us visually into a drool and in comfort.

Speaking of which, winter is approaching, maybe checkout restaurants with fireplaces.