Coffee culture in Joburg has grown immensely over the part few years. People in the city have claimed their favourite coffee spots. Another spot that should be on that list is Flight Coffee.

Been There, Done That

Many international coffee houses are now available in Joburg, and this has had a major influence on the city, motivating businesses to source and produce the best.

Through this kind of thinking, the coffee culture in Joburg has been growing. Joburg residents are appreciating the art of coffee making, pouring and drinking.

The baristas at Flight Coffee agree, they know that nothing beats a good brew.

Flight Coffee

Into The Brew

This urban contemporary restaurant sits comfortably in the bustling business district of FNB Bank City. They are in a cosy spot where dreams are made all day.

Passing by, you will be called in by the aroma of the quality blend. Flight Coffee takes their roast very seriously, making sure that the best beans are ethically sourced to give you a cup of love.

Flight Coffee

They pay close attention to every detail to make a delicious final product.

Every cup tells a story, which is why the team of expert baristas puts in extra effort to make sure that you enjoy every sip.

And the final touch is all the love they put in every brew.

Flight Coffee

Eats And Nibbles

They have some lovely healthy options to keep you filled up and making better choices.

Flight Coffee has a variety of options, from snacks to hearty meals. They have an innovative chef, who is always serving up some delicious food.

Flight Coffee

The eatery makes carb-free and low GI dishes to keep your energy levels up and running.

They also have mouthwatering cookie options, pastries and the best cakes in the city.

Flight Coffee

The Varrrbs Brew

Flight Coffee is snug with warm and romantic touches. The dark colours, complimented by the wood, exudes a feeling of relaxation.

The coffee spot is situated in a quiet corner, great for casual get-togethers and work meetings. The spot has become a favourite for many that work in the area.

So there we have it, Joburg! We are taking it back to the inner city, try it.