Thunder Gun

Thunder Gun has been around since the late '60s. I'ts always buzzing with people and a vibey ambience - and the reason why is because the ribs at this rack of heaven are absolutely amazing. Think of a sticky stack of saucy and juicy ribs...I don't think you need more convincing.


If you don't know Craft, then you have not lived long enough to hear about their amazing food, but what I specifically want to talk about is the ribs. Holy mother of food - remember when you were a child and you ate carelessly, sauce all over your face and everything? This is where you go back to your childhood, down to the points when you finish it off with their artistic wash downs.

Rib Joint In Joburg


Fireside Bistro and Grill

Norwood has been blessed to have the Fireside Bistro, I mean, what town wouldn't want to have a piece of what heaven tastes like. You should try the ribs here, they are amazing - and I personally feel that open fire certainly gives food that extra love. The slow cooked,  smokey ribs are stammeringly tasty and juicy. To die for!

Rib Joint In Joburg


Crave the scintillating idea of slightly smoked ribs at a groovy joint with spontanious touches of Mexico, Calexico is the place, situated at the infamous 44 Stanley. You have a choice between juicy beef or mouthwatering pork. Me; I'd take both - I'm weak to good food, and well can't exactly say no to ribs fam, no ways!

The Grillhouse

When we talk steakhouse, The Grillhouse is you place, no matter what kind of ribs you like - the ribs here will not disappoint you. Plus you are spoiled for choice to get more of your ribs fix because The Grillhouse is available in Rosebank, Melrose as well as Sandton. Here is an add that you don't find at any random steakhouse, at Grillhouse you get the option to either baste or spice you rack of goodness.

Rib Joint In Joburg

Alpine Restaurant

Alpine Restaurant, the ultimate rib gem of Randburg. The one thing that always stands out with this hot spot is that it is part of a butchery. you know what that means, fresh meat alert. The ribs are out of this world, just order yourself a good stack of sticky yummy deliciousness and you won't regret it. So the next time you want something that will not disappoint, Alpine will save the day!

Rib Joint In Joburg

The Countess

If the end of the rainbow had food, the ribs at The Countess would be the one. Guys! These babies are slow smoked and served with wood chips, this has to be the best combination one can ask for. You can enjoy a smaller portion of their ribs as a starter, but i'd suggest you just go big...having them as some form of aperitif will just have you wanting more. You can find this yum in Melville.

Now, let's get some sticky fingers!