SA Fashion Week is South Africa's most influential portal when it comes to the fashion industry. Not only have they taken over fashion showcases in Mzansi, but they have also created a platform that shows the world what our country has to offer.

Why We Love Fashion Week?


Fashion Passion

The whole industry comes together at this show, from fashion influencers and bloggers to fashion designers.

SA Fashion Week has created a space were both well-known designers and up-and-coming designers have an opportunity to get creative and show the country all their talent.



Every season is a world of opportunity with Fashion Week, offering something new and fresh.

The quality and detail that goes into the making of these collections is incomparable, a true reflection of the creative minds that sketch these garments and turn them into reality.


Fashion As An Art

SA Fashion Week is about more than just clothes. It is a platform of self-expression and a way to showcase art at its best.

SAFW fashion designers have found innovative ways to stay true to who they are, while giving you the coolest outfits.


The Business Of Fashion

SA Fashion Week encourages fashion designers to look at fashion as a business, to master their skills and make their designs market-worthy.

Fashion designers have had the opportunity to turn their art into a business, grow their brands and open their own stores after showcasing their designs at Fashion Week.


As A Designer

SA Fashion Week encourages designers to apply and become a part of their showcases and trade shows.

The fashion industry is growing and we are excited to see new designers, creative ideas and inspiring pieces.

See you at the next Fashion Week, lovelies!

The reality is, M·A·C has crawled into the minds and hearts of everyone who loves beauty, art and fashion. We just love what they are about and the elements they always bring into the mix when it comes to the saying, 'beauty with a purpose'.

MAC Cosmetics Africa

A Global Beauty Phenomenon

M·A·C is at the tip of everyone's tongue, being a leading makeup work of genius, why wouldn't they?

Just a quick interesting fun fact: their full name is Make-Up Art Cosmetics. They have managed to become not only dominant player in the beauty industry but have built a solid foundation on the ramp, too. Making their way onto fashion  stages, shoots and many more exciting projects.

They themselves have been inspired by Fashion Week, it is no surprise that they have created a platform for themselves to be recognised as more than just a make-up brand but Art. Claiming the title of being a global leader in beauty.

M·A·C loves celebrating individuality, helping everyone define their own look and bringing what you want to life. Whether you are a make-up artist, beauty technician, designer or just an individual who wants to look gorgeous - they have something for you.

MAC Cosmetics Africa

Making Art

M·A·C Cosmetics also has their very own artists, who are known for creating, making beauty and out of this world works of art.

They have handpicked these talented beauty mavens to always make sure that every client is left happy and feeling amazing. Instagram worthy work, as some would put it.

You can find some of their artists in-store at M·A·C Cosmetics. Their stores are creating a buzz in Johannesburg, everyone flocking to them to find their best item, discover news ones and learn more about the art of make-up and the face.

On arrival, you will be welcome by the signature array of tons of products you want to take home, but also you will leave with a lot of knowledge from their professional make-up artists.

MAC Cosmetics Africa

M·A·C Products

If the plan is to get everything that has to do with the face, then you have certainly found the reality of your dreams at M·A·C.

They have everything from lip to brow, shade to base, accessories and tools, including fragrance. They are known for their incomparable quality and unique offering.

MAC Cosmetics Africa

As much as we would love to say that they are always on trend, which of course they are but most of all they set the trends. They have also managed to occupy spaces that nobody expected.

Pushing Through Make-Up To Being A Work Of HeArt

This amazing brand has managed to be in the forefront of the fashion industry, becoming an integral part of Fashion Week. They showcase the artistry that comes into creating a look that tells a story and brings an outfit together.

While beautifying the world, they also participate in making the world a better place. They have a M·A·C AIDS Fund which provides financial support to organisations that assist people who are living with HIV/AIDS. This helps with providing the necessary services required to lead better health.

Subtle patterns and African artifacts bring a chic touch to the plush, airy interior of the Saxon Hotel. This acts as the perfect backdrop to the House Of Kongo fashion show in association with the Maboneng Fashion Week. This trendsetting event was established by Maria Foster as a platform for designers to showcase street fashion through creativity and a passion for Maboneng.

The fashion designer behind the emerging label House of Kongo, knows a thing or two about uncomplicated elegance. Her mission is to dress women in pieces that embody a certain relaxed yet refined, nonchalant yet impeccably constructed look. For inspiration, Foster looks to Paris, Antwerp, and New York. Her latest collection embodies the spirit of elegance in the city. Though the offerings swerve more in the casual-cool direction, they're still imbued with Maria's signature sophistication.A city we believe will be elevated by benefiting from new themes as well as extended media coverage.

For the smaller brands and designers, Maboneng Fashion Week will serve as an opportunity to increase economic development in the area of fashion design and to enhance the visibility of the nation’s capital as a center of international fashion. Maboneng Fashion Week will be held in October 2017.

By Shenise

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