Cue The Connex E-Luminate HD PC Projector!

Pull up an armchair, clear a wall and enjoy a night at the movies in the comfort of your own home with the Connex E-Luminate HD PC Projector. This portable projector is your professional projection solution with full HD projecting. You can stream and present in full HD 1080p, which will ensure crystal clear visuals.

Connex E-Luminate HD PC Projector

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How To Use Your Connex E-Luminate HD PC Projector

Need a few ideas as to how you can use your brand-new Connex E-Luminate HD PC Projector when it arrives? We have a few suggestions here! Movie night has never been this exciting! And we're sure home schooling the little ones will become a whole lot more entertaining.

A Special Kind Of Date Night

Haven't had a date night throughout the entire lockdown and need to plan something unique, special and thoughtful? Well, order your favourite takeout for delivery, uncork that bottle of wine you've been saving for a special occasion and watch The Notebook on the "big screen" in your lounge. Any romantic movie will do! Or you can project some stars onto your ceiling and walls to set the ambiance, minus the winter chill!

Enjoy A Movie Marathon With The Kids

Are the kids bored? Why not have a blast building a blanket fort filled with loads of comfy pillows and blankets? Then grab a whole bunch of your an d the kids' favourite snacks and drinks, get comfortable and watch your favourite animated, family-friendly films with your children? Don't forget the surround sound to ensure it's the ultimate movie night experience!


Image by Freepik via

Upgrade Your Video Gaming Experience

Playing videos games on a normal computer screen is a thing of the past! Upgrade your gaming experience by playing your favourite games projected onto your living room or bedroom wall. It's bigger action, bigger effects and even bigger screening that's sure to have you feeling as if you're actually right inside the video game itself!

Relive Your Fondest Memories

Spend an evening taking a trip down Memory Lane, viewing your digital collection of family photographs in a special slide show. Spend so time sifting through all your photographs and compile a presentation that's sure to give everyone a little bit of nostalgia. This is the perfect way to spend quality time with your lockdown "housemates" and reminisce about the happy times and memories... pre-lockdown. But not to worry, so we'll be back to making new memories that you can save for your next slide show.

photos projected onto the wall

Image by M_A_Y_A via Getty Images.

Take Home Schooling To A Whole New Level!

Battling to keep the kids motivated and focused while home schooling them during lockdown? Using a projector is an amazing way to display your lessons, creative ideas, interesting yet educational videos, and more. This is the perfect addition to your home schooling arsenal.

Order Yours Today

Sounds like loads of fun? Then click here to find out more about the Connex E-Luminate HD PC Projector, review it's features and specifications and more.

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Connex E-Luminate HD PC Projector

Situated in Johannesburg North, Randburg is an upmarket area that hosts over 32 smaller suburbs, offering a wide variety of neighbourhoods that's suitable to most lifestyles. This area is well known for its variety of shopping centres, family-friendly entertainment facilities, parks and schools, as well as its more commercial/light industrial features in Strydom Park. Central to the highway and offering easy access to tourist hot spots around Johannesburg, Randburg is an ideal area to start your adventure into the city.

What Are Your Looking For?

Accommodation & Hotels
Property & Apartments



Both large and small, Randburg is home to many various shopping centres and malls to ensure visitors can enjoy some retail therapy, no matter what they're looking for. Many of these malls, centres and stores offer a wide variety of products and services, ranging from fashion and footwear, beauty products and services, groceries and health, technology and accessories to books and stationery, electronics and audio, home and décor, hair and grooming and much more. One of the latest shopping destinations to join the collection of retail hot spots is Ferndale On Republic.

Explore Shopping in Randburg.

cresta mall inside the mall with people and shops


After a morning of retail therapy, surely visitors to Randburg would like to refuel with a pit stop at one of the many various restaurants and dining spots that the area has to offer. Whether you're looking for a quick takeaway to grab on-the-go, a relaxing sit-down with the family or a romantic date night out with that special someone, Randburg is sure to have just the restaurant. There's also a wide selection of cuisines available throughout the area including Italian, Mediterranean, Portuguese, Asian, Thai, Indian, American, fast food and much more.

Explore Restaurants in Randburg

restaurant hopping down northrand road


Looking for a fun day out with the family? Randburg offers plenty of entertainment options that's sure to delight visitors of all ages. During the day, you and your family can spend the afternoon enjoying some friendly competition with a few rounds of Adventure Golf, catching a movie or even taking to the ice at a nearby ice rink. And once the evening arrives, there are a couple late night hangout to visit if you're in the mood to dance the night away or meet up with your friends for a game of pool. And you can even take your four-legged companion for a walk around one of the local parks. The entertainment activities are endless. There's something for everyone.

Explore Entertainment in Randburg

honeydew mazes

Image by Honeydew Mazes.


Randburg boasts 34 schools across all suburbs within the area, ranging from public to private schools, beginning at the starting blocks of pre-school, all the way to tertiary education institutes for those who are looking to further their education. A few of the more well-known Randburg schools and educational institutes include Damelin College, Robin Hills Primary School, Radley Private School, Vega School, Hoërskool Randburg and SPARK Cresta.

Explore Schools in Randburg

Back To School

Accommodation & Hotels

Visiting for business? Taking a well-deserved holiday from the hustle and bustle of everyday living? Or simply need a romantic weekend away to reignite that spark between you and your sweetheart? Whatever your reason, there are plenty of accommodation and hotels within the area. You'll be spoilt for choice with a wide variety of accommodation styles, rooms and options to suit your needs and budget. On a tight budget? Take a look at three-star lodges, B&Bs and hotels including the Sierra on Main, Apollo Conferencing Hotel or 49 On Cherry. Or if you're planning something special and would like to go all out on the accommodation, choose something from the five-star options including Morrells Manor House and Over The Moon Guesthouse.

Explore Accommodation & Hotels in Randburg

Luxury Accommodation

Property & Apartments

On the market for the home of your dreams in the suburbs where you can raise a family of your own? Or simply looking for a convenient location to call home that's central to work, family and friends, and all of the other lifestyle and entertainment hubs in between? No matter what you're looking for, when it comes to property and apartments, Randburg will certainly have just the space to call your own, whether it's a house, a flat, a cottage, apartment complex or commune. With over 32 suburbs to explore within the area, you're bound to find the perfect home.

Explore Property & Apartments in Randburg

Municipal Services

All within close proximity to one another are SARS, Home Affairs, the Licensing Department, the Traffic Department and City Power. You don't need to travel too far in order to get all your administrative errands done and dusted. These municipal services can all be found either on Malibongwe Drive or within the Randburg central business district. Also, if you need to get a few repairs done on your car or home, be sure to visit Strydom Park on the other side of the suburb for some maintenance assistance.

Explore Municipal Services in Randburg

How To Lower Your Electricity Bill This Winter

Jobs In Randburg

There is nothing better than finding a job that's close to home. Not only will you have the convenience of living within close proximity to your office or workplace, but you'll also save on travel costs and spend much less time fighting through the rush hour traffic. Visit Indeed's Randburg Jobs page to see what jobs and vacancies are available within the area to get your started on your path to success.

Explore Jobs in Randburg

Visiting the city of Sandton? Click here to see what Sandton has to offer. 

You won't believe how few and far between subscription boxes for kids are! But now that the lockdown regulations have eased slightly and we're allowed to order goods online and have them delivered right to our door, here are a few subscriptions to try out with the little ones! Not only are they fun and exciting, but they're also educational and promote development of many vital skills. Just make sure you sanitise your delivery before playing!

Moxie Kids Craft Box

Getting crafty is always a fun activity to do with the kids! And if you're looking for some fresh crafty ideas, Moxie Kids Craft Box is just the subscription box you need! Not only are these craft boxes perfect to get your kids creative, but they're also great for developing their fine motor skills!

Moxie Kids Craft Boxes are ideal for children aged between three and nine, and gives them four exciting crafts every month with a unique theme. It's all about educational fun and family time. Ready for some out-of-the-box fun? Take your pick from a number of subscription options available. Simply sign up for month-to-month billing or select a pre-payment option. Want to give it a trial run first? Visit their 'One Box Shop' and purchase a once-off box to see what it's all about. Plus, you'll get FREE delivery right to your door!

We love their:

Details: | 083 444 6081 | [email protected] | Facebook | Instagram

Wacky Box

For a box full of experiences, why not give the Woelwater Wacky Box a try? This is the perfect entertainment solution that offers loads of excitement for the kids along with some quality family time as moms and dads are encouraged to join in on the fun! Subscribe and get a themed Wacky Box every month, filled with 14 to 16 educational activities, delivered to your door for free. You can also opt for the once-off Wacky Box option if you're not ready to subscribe to a monthly subscription. The boxes cater to children in four different age groups: five to 12 months; one to two years; two to four years and four to six years. It's homeschooling made easy! Also, if you sign up to their newsletter, you'll receive a FREE daily lockdown activity for kids aged five months to nine years old.

Details: | [email protected] | 010 141 8242 | Facebook | Instagram

Charley's Boxes

From unique gifting to fun for the little ones, Charley's Boxes has just the thing! Catering to babies aged between zero to 18 months, Charley's Boxes has searched far and wide to bring the best products for you and your child to enjoy! Each box is handpicked with necessities and must-haves that cover their three pillars: education; development; and fashion. All you have to do is pick your desired age category (zero – three months; three – six months; six – 12 months; and 12 – 18 months) and the box will be filled with age and gender specific items to be delivered right to your door, for FREE. The cost for these beautifully packaged boxes starts from R359 per month*. As for shipping, boxes are shipped around the 25th of every month and can take up to five working days to arrive. Also, Charley's Boxes offer unique gift boxes, snack boxes, baking boxes and more!

Details: | [email protected] | 082 778 7000 | Facebook | Instagram

Little Thinker

Looking for a subscription that offers something to keep your children's minds active? Then why not consider the Little Thinker Box? These boxes provide parents with activity sets with milestone specific entertainment for babies and toddlers aged between three months and two years old. Each box focuses on fine motor skills, tactile stimulation, spatial awareness as well as cognitive development. With their innovative activity flashcards, unique equipment, reading books and a milestone tracking chart, learning and play is simplified and fun for you and the kids.

Details: | [email protected] | 082 964 5641 | Facebook | Twitter

Arctic Justice Is A Must-See This January

In the beautiful, remote Arctic village of Taigasville, a tiny fox named Swifty has big dreams of becoming a Top Dog - celebrity husky courier dogs, and town heroes, that deliver life-saving goods in the harsh and frigid tundras.

Swifty gets a job working alongside the Top Dogs at the Arctic Blast Delivery Service (ABDS). There, he becomes friends with P.B. (a thoughtful polar bear), and Lemmy (an absent-minded albatross). Swifty is just a low-ranking lever puller, but he’s determined to work his way up.

Arctic Justice

To impress his crush, Jade (a worldly red fox), Swifty steals an ABDS sled to deliver an urgent package for her to a mysterious dwelling in the middle of nowhere. After the ABDS’s strict manager, Magda, catches him boasting, she suspends Swifty from work.

Swifty is soon captured by Bertha and Leopold, two nutty conspiracy theorist otters, who recruit him to uncover some sinister plans, which seem to be connected to the Arctic’s rapidly rising temperatures. Swifty investigates and learns that the Top Dogs have abruptly quit. Pitching himself as the town’s only delivery solution, Swifty is soon back at the remote dwelling, the secret cave of Otto Von Walrus!

Arctic Justice

Otto Von Walrus is a blubbery evil genius with an adorable army of puffin assistants. Swifty stumbles upon Otto’s master plan: to drill beneath Taigasville, unleash enough ancient gas to melt the Arctic and become its ultimate ruler!

Swifty and his ragtag group of friends must band together to fight an epic battle. It’s only when Swifty embraces his natural abilities that he is able to save Taigasville—and the Arctic—from utter destruction.


The Cast

Arctic Justice

Don't Miss It!

Arctic Justice is in cinemas from Friday, 24 January 2020. This winter adventure is an absolute must for the whole family!

Arctic Justice

For More Information

For more information about Empire Entertainment and Arctic Justice, visit them on:

Arctic Justice

Janice Honeyman's 32nd Year At The Helm

Can you believe that veteran stage director, Janice Honeyman has been behind the wheels of the annual Pantomime for 32 years? In 1987, a fresh-faced Honeyman created her first ever Panto at the Alexander Theatre in Braamfontein. Three decades on and she has just as much fun as ever bringing Joburg audiences a big-budget Christmas musical with a unique South African twist.

Honeyman presents Jack and the Beanstalk on stage at Joburg Theatre for the first time since 2012. Featuring a stellar cast, vibrant set and costumes and the year's biggest music hits, this Panto spectacular is well worth taking the kids to this holiday season. After all, what would December be without Janice Honeyman's iconic blend of song, dance and fairytale magic?

Young Blood

While the directorship behind the Pantomime is well seasoned, the young cast brings an air of frivolity and fun to the stage. Making their Panto lead debuts, Zolani Shangase (as our hero Jack The Joller) and Dezlenne Ulster-Weale (as Raspberry Rose) will have the little ones giggling in fits of laughter, gasping in awe and sighing in admiration. I must admit that the tired tale of boy meets girl, boy saves girl from hungry tyrannical giant, is a little stale. These characters nevertheless endear themselves to audiences young and old. However, their vocal prowess is somewhat outshone by the more mature cast members. But their portrayal of a young romance is sweet, nonetheless.

Other youthful standouts include Gugu Dhlamini and Ashleigh Butcher as Jack's twins sussies, Sjoepied Suzy and Sagkop Sally. Their constant references to 'Snapchat, Insta and #everything' can be tedious, but their physical performances make up for this. In fact, the entire backing cast delivered great physicality in the well choreographed dance sequences. Kiddies will love the display of acrobatics and quick-footed moves.


Golden Eggs and Golden Oldies

Before I give a round of applause to the dames and villains of this Panto, I must mention the two absolute stars of the show - Henrietta the Hen and Daisy the Cow. The clucking chicken, performed by Noni Mkhonto, had the audience in stitches of laughter. However, it was super cute Moo Daisy who won the hearts of all, including Jack the Joller. Well done on your utterly convincing performances!

Now, onto the big guns of the production. This year's Panto is truly a star-studded affair, featuring bigwigs Lelo Ramasimong, Germandt Geldenhuys, Clive Gilson and Neo Motaung as the Dames, Dudes and lovable Good Fairy. Each delivered a noteworthy performance, but the Panto crown goes to Germandt Geldenhuys this year. His portrayal of Jack's hefty mother, Mies Miemie Mosbolletjie-Melba, was outstanding. With vocals like this, he is sure to go very far in the theatre world.

Of course, I have yet to mention this year's super villain. Played by actor, comedian, writer and and radio host, Casper de Vries, Hendrink Hideoso had the children booing with complete conviction. Surprisingly, de Vries seemed uncomfortable in his role. Perhaps as the show runs he will become more accustomed to playing the 'baddie'. Nevertheless, his presence is undoubtedly a big draw card for grannies and super fans.


A Magnificent Giant

Jack and the Beanstalk was my first ever Panto experience way back in the early 2000s. While the show has adapted with the times, the set remains almost the same. The mechanical giant was as terrifying as ever, while the magical growing beanstalk had kids gasping in wonder. I must concur that the overall stage picture was one of the most vibrant Pantos in recent years. With 1980s resplendence, the costumes and disco lights create an atmosphere of celebration. This is a great way to kick off the silly season, all the while keeping the kids entertained. Go see it now!

Janice Honeyman's Jack and the Beanstalk will be staged at Joburg Theatre on the Mandela Stage until Sunday, 22 December 2019. Book your tickets here.

For More Information

Visit the Joburg Theatre website for more information, or follow them on social media:

Facebook -

Twitter -

Details: 163 Civic Boulevard, Braamfontein, Johannesburg | [email protected] | Box Office Tel: 0861 670 670

What Is It?

Listen up Joburgers, we heard that there is something amazing coming to Pretoria for the whole family and we want to be part of it all. Get the whole family together and enjoy a fun weekend with thrilling rides at Pretoria Zoo Family Fun Day. It promises to be a weekend to remember with lots of activities to keep everyone entertained. There is something for everyone, so be sure not to miss it, you can expect giant inflatables, fossil digging competitions, colouring, jumping castles, tug of war, mobile train, parachute, and go karts. And for the kids there will be pedal boats on a pool, instant photo-booth and face painting.

When Is It?

Sunday, 01 December 2019 at 09:00 - 17:30.

Where Is It?

National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, 232 Boom Street, Daspoort 319-Jr, Pretoria.

How Much Is It?

Tickets are R120 - R150 per person, and you can simply purchase yours by clicking here!

For More Information

Visit this Facebook page for more information.

What Is It?

At the monthly Jozi Urban Market you can enjoy craft beer, ciders and gins at the Jozi Craft Bar while listening to live music. Pair it with delicious gourmet food from all over the world at their food stalls. Find unique, exclusive gifts and special, locally made treasures. They also have a section just for the family, featuring free kids entertainment. Entertainment includes a pop up movie zone on certain months, a Nerf Battle zone, jumping castle, expert face-painting and more. The Jozi Urban Market will be the highlight of your month.

This October, there will be a special feature at the Jozi Urban Market - they would like for you to help them set a South African Record for the Shades of Pink event as the event is powered by the Group 1 Renault Spring Fest Car Show! This is the biggest Car Show & Shine competition, powered by Group 1 Renault The Glen. There will be two main car events for both classic and modern vehicles – the Show and Shine competition and the Sound Off competition. Bring the whole family along for a thrilling experience out in the spring sunshine.

When Is It?

Sunday, 13 October 2019 at 10:00 - 15:00.

Where Is It?

Gold Reef City, Northern Parkway & Data Crescent, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

Entrance to the market and the spectators circle at the car show is free. But if you want to join in for the Shades of Pink event, tickets are R150 per person, and you get yours here!

For More Information

Visit their Facebook page for more information, or contact 011 248 5000 or [email protected].

What Is It?

This is your chance to stroll down this beautiful park and feeding the animals, also not forgetting that you and your friends and family can have a picnic next to the tranquil lake. To add on all the endless amazing things you can get up to while you are around, this event offers you the opportunity to indulge in all the fun things that will be at the park, you can also buy crafts from any stall of your choice, be warned you'll want to buy everything you lay your eyes on. There also will be food for all the foodies out there!

When Is It?

Saturday, 06 July 2019 at 08:30 - 15:00.

Where Is It?

Crafts in the Park - Bokkie Park Food and Craft Market, Bokkie Park, Southvale Road, Parkdene, Boksburg, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

Entrance is free.

For More Information

Visit this Facebook page or contact 072 713 3332/[email protected] for more information.

What Is It?

The amazing part is that you will get the chance to cuddle the goats and get to learn more about goats and what they do. Bring your purse and buy their handcrafted goat milk soap and natural body-care goodies. The Vintage Amber Coffee Shop for refreshing drinks, coffee, gourmet burgers and the best cakes around. Make sure you also bring a picnic blanket as take-aways will be available too for those who want to wander and relax out in the garden. This event forms part of the Magalies Rocks the Cradle weekend. See you there!

When Is It?

Saturday, 24 August 2019 at 10:00 - 13:00.

Where Is It?

Vintage Amber Coffee Shop & Padstal, 5 Rustenburg Road, Ga-Mohale, Magaliesburg, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

Not communicated.

For More Information

Visit this Facebook page for more information.

What Is It?

The NIROX Foundation has organised a spectacular day out in the NIROX Sculpture Park near the Cradle of Humakind this March. Bring the whole family along to their one-of-a-kind theatre in the park event, which will see dancers, performers and artists pay homage to the great bard, William Shakespeare.

The event will be presented in three stages across the sculpture park. To begin, a physical theatre performance entitled 'Walking Tall' will be presented in the Poplar Forest. This performance piece is sponsored by PAST - Palaeontoloigcal Scientific Trust, which aims to foster education, research and the public understanding of the sciences related to our origins. 'Walking Tall' takes the viewer on a 13.8-billion-year journey through time. It has been performed to over 1.3 million people around the world.

To follow, a series of readings of Shakespeare's sonnets will be presented on the Main Lawns. Acclaimed South African thespians David Butler and Brenda Sakellarides will perform readings of their selection from a combination of Shakespeare's tragedies and comedies.

Lastly, the National School of the Arts will perform a contemporary rendition of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. The play is set in a South African urban plastic jungle, which reflects the attitudes and the materials of our age. In a world that has become plastic and fake, just for a moment this play gives us a chance to find our imagination and to dream.

NIROX Artist in residency Gabrielle Kruger has created the set design for the play. Using solidified acrylic paint, she crafts a world of deconstructed plastic and separates her work from the meaning that is associated with landscapes and the natural environment. Lerato Lichaba and Tubatsi Moloi from The Urban Village ensemble will provide the live score for the performance. They are also currently in residence at NIROX.

The performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream will be presented in the Ampitheatre.

When Is It?

Saturday, 16 March 2019 from 10:00 - 18:00.

Where Is It?

NIROX Sculpture Park, 24 Kromdraai Road, Kromdraai, Krugersdorp, Johannesburg.

How  Much Is It?

Tickets are R200 online and R250 at the entrance on the day – subject to availability.

Pensioners & students R150 at the entrance on the day.

Children under 12 enter free of charge.

For More Information

For more information, visit the NIROX Sculpture Park Facebook events page, or click here to book tickets.

What Is It?

Welcome the new season with a bang! The Discovery Jacaranda FM Spring Walk is back for its seventh year and promises to be bigger and better than ever before with a brand-new home and heaps of family entertainment. Discovery, together with Jacaranda FM, encourages both young and old to participate in one of the new, safe and scenic routes right in the heart of Loftus. This is the perfect way for Spring Walkers and their families to unfreeze their fitness goals.

This year’s Spring Walk includes a 5km and 10km run alongside the traditional 5km and 10km walks and the 15km timed walk. Also, a brand-new ‘Mini-Mile’ for kids has been added to get the whole family moving! And once you and your family and friends have crossed the finish line, enjoy the festive atmosphere afterwards, complete with a food village at the stadium, big screens for the South Africa VS Australia rugby test match at 12:00 and a stellar artist entertainment line-up. Music acts including Jo Black and Prime Circle, will bring you more music you love, while the Jacaranda FM presenters will lead exciting activities for young and old throughout the day.

When Is It?

Saturday, 08 September 2018 from 08:00 - 16:00.

Where Is It?

The walk will start and end the iconic Loftus Versfeld Stadium, 416 Kirkness Street, Arcadia, Pretoria.

How Much Is It?

Entries are available on at R160 per adult and R110 for kids and pensioners.

Entry price includes:

Please note: Race pack collections open at Loftus Versfeld Stadium on 06 and 07 September 2018 OR race packs can be couriered in advance.

For More Information

For more information about this exciting event, visit