Pat your ‘fro

The ultimate goal is to keep your hair moisturised and healthy. Your hair needs care to become fuller, even under protective hairstyles. Check out a few of the Pantene Golden Series products to give your hair some extra love. If you're looking for more advice on how to grow that 'fro, follow Honour Your Crown on Instagram and watch a few tutorials on YouTube!

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!

Most of us want to try every hairstyle under the sun; short, dyed, long, you name it! But to be grow your hair as long as Rapunzel's, you have to be patient with your hair. Care for your hair while it grows with good quality hair products. To see some of the best hair-growth products, check out this website.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair!


Your face and skin also need to be looked after. Use face scrubs, masks and creams to nourish and protect your skin. Find a product that works best for you and run with it!

Face Mask

To keep your face healthy-looking and radiant, use a face mask. There are various products on the market to cater to all skin types. The process is easy — apply the mask, wait for it to dry, then peel it right off.

Face mask benefits:
• Refines your pores
• Diminishes fine lines
• Even toned skin
• Firmer skin
• Increases hydration



Looking radiant takes a lot of care. You also need to find the right products that will rejuvenate your skin. Try a range of body scrubs, bath salts and amazing lotions to keep your skin glowing. Check out this website to find all the perfect body products to keep you glowing.

Skin Care Routine


Spring has sprung. Sneakers have been packed away and sandles, flip-flops and peep-toe heels are making a come back. This season, we need to keep our feet in tip-top condition. A great way to do this is with foot masks. There are a number of brands that offer foot masks. All you need to do is apply it before your beauty sleep, slip on socks you'll wake up with beautifully soft feet.

Feet Mask

The reality is, M·A·C has crawled into the minds and hearts of everyone who loves beauty, art and fashion. We just love what they are about and the elements they always bring into the mix when it comes to the saying, 'beauty with a purpose'.

MAC Cosmetics Africa

A Global Beauty Phenomenon

M·A·C is at the tip of everyone's tongue, being a leading makeup work of genius, why wouldn't they?

Just a quick interesting fun fact: their full name is Make-Up Art Cosmetics. They have managed to become not only dominant player in the beauty industry but have built a solid foundation on the ramp, too. Making their way onto fashion  stages, shoots and many more exciting projects.

They themselves have been inspired by Fashion Week, it is no surprise that they have created a platform for themselves to be recognised as more than just a make-up brand but Art. Claiming the title of being a global leader in beauty.

M·A·C loves celebrating individuality, helping everyone define their own look and bringing what you want to life. Whether you are a make-up artist, beauty technician, designer or just an individual who wants to look gorgeous - they have something for you.

MAC Cosmetics Africa

Making Art

M·A·C Cosmetics also has their very own artists, who are known for creating, making beauty and out of this world works of art.

They have handpicked these talented beauty mavens to always make sure that every client is left happy and feeling amazing. Instagram worthy work, as some would put it.

You can find some of their artists in-store at M·A·C Cosmetics. Their stores are creating a buzz in Johannesburg, everyone flocking to them to find their best item, discover news ones and learn more about the art of make-up and the face.

On arrival, you will be welcome by the signature array of tons of products you want to take home, but also you will leave with a lot of knowledge from their professional make-up artists.

MAC Cosmetics Africa

M·A·C Products

If the plan is to get everything that has to do with the face, then you have certainly found the reality of your dreams at M·A·C.

They have everything from lip to brow, shade to base, accessories and tools, including fragrance. They are known for their incomparable quality and unique offering.

MAC Cosmetics Africa

As much as we would love to say that they are always on trend, which of course they are but most of all they set the trends. They have also managed to occupy spaces that nobody expected.

Pushing Through Make-Up To Being A Work Of HeArt

This amazing brand has managed to be in the forefront of the fashion industry, becoming an integral part of Fashion Week. They showcase the artistry that comes into creating a look that tells a story and brings an outfit together.

While beautifying the world, they also participate in making the world a better place. They have a M·A·C AIDS Fund which provides financial support to organisations that assist people who are living with HIV/AIDS. This helps with providing the necessary services required to lead better health.

What Is It?

Time to get that beauty on at the Exclusive Smashbox Makeup Masterclass.

Come and learn how to get that flawless look from contouring to smokey eye, the works - Smashbox will be helping you learn the techniques.

You don't want to miss out on this exclusive masterclass.

When Is It?

Saturday, 28 June 2019

Session 1 - 11:00 - 12:00

Session 2 - 14:00 - 15:00

Where Is It?

Sandton City Shopping Centre, 1st Floor, Atrium on 5th, Banking Mall, Sandton City, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

How Much Is It?

Booking is R100 per person.

NB: Please be advised that you will only be able to book through a Smashbox makeup artist at the Smashbox counter in Woolworths, Sandton City.

For More Information

For more information, visit Here.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and yes indeed that is true however there is absolutely nothing wrong with enhancing that beauty. Whether you want to be a make-up artist or just want a good facebeat, Kohl Make-up Academy can definitely assist to get you a step further with what you want.

FYI: For those who don't know what facebeat means, it means make-up that is perfectly done. Kind of like when you hear people talking about slaying.

Kohl Make-Up


As A Student, You Can Expect...

As much I would love to just say that Kohl is just about make-up, they are not. This academy is all about equipping and also developing skill for anyone who wants to get into all round beauty and capturing the beauty.

Their expertise is also in hair-styling for performances, productions, airbrush make-up, body art, fashion, media, photographic, magazine and lots more amazing skills. The pride themselves in offering a modern approach to the both theoretical and practical applications for students while offering the best training.

Their courses are internationally accredited so you walk away with qualification you can be proud of and wider opportunity in the working industry. They themselves have worked in ample international gigs that have really allowed them to also see the newest trends and better them. Allowing them to offer creativity at its best at their Joburg, Pretoria and Cape Town branches.

Being a student here really opens up doors for you to be scooped up by beauty houses and productions to kick off your working experience.

Kohl Make-Up

Getting All Facebeat

Kohl Make-up Academy also has a "book an artist" option which allows for you to book someone to come and create magic with you; be it for your production, an event, seminar and more.

You do however have to be a member so you will probably need to quickly register on their site and then you can begin your journey. Simple enough right?

If all you want is equipment, they also have a shopping cart for you to buy anything for starting the look, miniature touches and finishing off the look. I'm talking face, body, primer spray, airbrush gun, accessories - you name it.

Kohl Make-Up

Men and Make-up

Men are very skeptical about the idea of make-up, and honestly, South Africa, Africa in general is not necessarily as big on this trend nevertheless it is a growing trend in many other countries and is slowly growing in the country, with more gentlemen opening up to make up.

Men in the film and production industry have however had no choice but to warm up to the idea as this is a norm in the industry. So! see, it's not that bad, just a matter of preference and if you don't know what you are doing and see professional advice - the Kohl Make-up Academy is the place to go.

The Finishing Spray

With all that said ladies and gentlemen, the academy is known for its amazing work and you can pay them a visit to inquire about their courses or merely seek advice. They are situated in Randburg on Malibongwe.

Dermaquest – Solar Moisturiser SPF30

Trust us when we tell you that this may be the only daily moisturiser you’ll ever need! This 2-in-1 formula and remarkable broad-spectrum sunscreen boasts an SPF of 30 that shields vulnerable skin from the sun. Better yet, thanks to the plant extracts, peptides and antioxidants, this sunscreen also firms, plumps and restores energy to your skin.

If that’s not enough, it inhibits the accumulation of lesions that gradually weaken skin and lead to photo ageing and skin cancer, plus, it enhances recovery from sun exposure. Needless to say, this is definitely a must-buy on your summer holiday checklist! Click here for more.

Top 7 Sunblocks For Summer

Dermaceutic – K Ceutic SPF50

Dermaceutic K Ceutic is a repairing cream with K Complex and SPF 50. It’s best for use after peeling, or laser or cosmetic surgery as it prevents the appearance of red patches – we’re sure you can see why this may be great for sunburn too!

Let’s break it down even further – K Complex is a tissue repairer that restores skin micro-circulation in order to minimise oedema and erythema. It also has Vitamin C, which promotes collagen synthesis and optimises cell renewal. With all the goodness contained in this product, your skin is sure to look and feel better in no time! Click here for more.

3. Lamelle – Nourish Multi-Active Sun SPF30

The Nourish Multi-Active Sun 30-70ml is great for maximally protecting skin from both UV radiation and free radicals and modern day sun protection, which means it fulfills a wide range of functions.

Multi-Active Sun 30 is basically a broad spectrum organic sunscreen product that has been significantly enhanced by high levels of a powerful antioxidant known as PycnogenolTM – it thoroughly soaks up excess free radicals. This product is clearly a well-researched solution to skin protection, wouldn’t you agree? Click here for more.

Top 7 Sunblocks For Summer

Nimue – Sun-C Tinted SPF40

Okay, let’s start by saying that the Nimue Sun-C sunscreen is one of our all-time favourites, so it was much to our delight when the new tinted version arrived. Still with the same stunning feel, this broad spectrum UVA and UVB offers protection with light coverage in shades of light, medium and dark. The SPF 40 formula is multi-functional, and has an advanced anti-oxidant complex with moisturising elements to complement the look and feel of your skin perfectly.

The sunscreen is just as effective as the original, but with added pigment to even out your skin tone for those no-make-up days. The application is extremely smooth, and absorbs nicely to leave you with even-looking skin and a radiant glow. The lightweight, non-oily emulsion base also offers anti-ageing benefits to assist in reducing and preventing the visible signs of photo-ageing – can you see why we’re such big fans of this must-have product? Click here for more.

Environ RAD Sunscreen

Environ RAD is a breakthrough sunscreen that contains both sun reflectants and filters to shield you from UVA and UVB irradiation. Officially recognised by CANSA, RAD is suitable for all skin types and ages, including babies! It also contains a free radical scavenging system with antioxidant vitamins to combat the harmful effects of environmental pollution on the skin and is available in a 75ml tube that shields the active ingredients from the elements.

Plus, it’s so simple to use – all you have to do is apply RAD SPF 15 to the face, neck, decollete and body. It’s great for daily use on all exposed areas of the body, making it the perfect product to pack for your next beach day! Click here for more.

Top 7 Sunblocks For Summer

Dermalogica Oil Free Matte SPF30

This lightweight, ultra-sheer broad spectrum sunscreen helps prevent shine, regulates oil production and soothes inflammation – are you sold yet? Better yet, oil-absorbers help to maintain an all-day matte finish without the powdery residue.

Formulated without artificial fragrances and colours, after cleansing and toning, you simply have to apply it evenly and liberally to the facial area, preferably 30 minutes prior to sun exposure and presto! Even coverage for your day in the warm, summer sun! Click here for more.

Demelan–S Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF50

This broad spectrum SPF 50 product has UVA and UVB filters, is non-greasy and is suitable for all skin types. It basically goes on as an invisible layer and is used after your cleanser and moisturiser in the morning - talk about the perfect routine to start your day!

Did you know that the most common cause of pigmentation problems is UV damage from the sun’s rays? Scary! Ultraviolet radiation can affect the skin, plus UVA and UVB rays are known contributors to colour changes in the skin and premature ageing. That is why wearing sunscreen protects your skin by absorbing and reflecting UV rays. Demelan-S’s water-based, non-greasy and water-resistant product is available at pharmacies nationwide. Click here for more.

Top 7 Sunblocks For Summer


By Fallyn Farber