Go Outside! 

If you haven't yet been for a walk outside during the allocated exercise hours, what are you waiting for? Get back out there and enjoy the outdoors for a few hours. A good helping of vitamin D is not only good for your physical health, but your mental health as well. If you are struggling with social anxiety or excessive fears over going back out into the real world, contact a mental health professional for advice. You can also practice these mindfulness exercises to keep you calm and in the moment.

Reconnect With Friends And Family

Reintroducing ourselves to the outside world is going to be tough. So, reach out to your closest friends and family for support. Chatting to your mom or your best friend everyday can also help alleviate fears of meeting new people and holding in-person conversations again. Ask them to practice with you to help regain your confidence. Simply pretend they are a stranger you are meeting for the first time and want to get to know more about. Talk with them for 10 - 15 minutes about everyday things to build up your conversational skills. You may just learn something new about them this way and strengthen your relationship even more!


Take A Slow Drive

When last have you sat behind the wheel? If it's been awhile since you've driven to work or school, getting back on the road can be daunting. Ease your way back into Joburg traffic by taking a drive to the grocery store or around your block. To help you feel even more at ease you may consider turning your vehicle into a complete zen zone, using calming music, fresheners and charms to find your inner peace.

Enjoy Your Last Days Of Lockdown

Lockdown hasn't been all bad, has it? There have been some benefits to sitting back and taking account of what matters most to us. Enjoy your last days of slow living by chilling out in your garden or by taking a few online art courses. If lockdown has taught us anything, it's that we should be grateful for the little things. Make a list of all the small blessings you may have taken for granted before lockdown. Keep this list somewhere you can easily see it, so that even when you get back into the swing of things, you'll be reminded to be grateful for life's small mercies.


Recap The Facts

Before heading out into the big, wide world, it will be important to recap all you need to know about COVID-19. You may think you've heard it all, but new facts are emerging daily. Keep an eye on reliable news sources for up to date information. It will also be important to remember not to panic once you step out into a post-lockdown world. Stick to the hard and fast laws of COVID-19 prevention and you should be absolutely fine:

Please also remember that it is compulsory to wear a cloth face mask at all times when outside or in a public space. If you haven't bought yourself a face mask yet, support these local craftspeople and small businesses by purchasing a funky mask to show off around town.

Is your child preparing to go back to school in level 3 lockdown? Help prepare them for school life post-lockdown with these helpful tips and tricks.

Good luck, stay safe and we'll see you soon, Joburg! 

Why You Should Rather Buy Cloth Face Masks

We see a lot of people wearing those blue, surgical masks when they go out in public. But, if you think about it, restocking on these and using them daily are neither affordable nor eco-friendly. Here's why we suggest you order fabric masks for you and your loved ones to fight the spread of COVID-19:

Here are a few places where you can order your own fabric face masks online and have them delivered right to your door.

Mzansi Masks

Mzansi Masks are based in Cape Town and create handmade barrier face masks to help limit the spread of the COVID-19 infection and protect you and your loved ones from potentially contracting the virus. There's a wide variety of fabric colours, patterns and designs for you to choose from and their sizes range from children through to adults. Each mask is made with three layers of materials chosen to ensure comfort and protection. These masks are washable and need to be washed after every use. Click here to take a look at the selection of fabric face masks they have in stock. Delivery time and costs may vary due to the high volume of orders and courier availability.

Details: mzansimasks.co.za | [email protected] | 021 448 2058 | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



Kheper are known for their beautiful, high quality athleisure wear, ranging from their sought-after Gamer Changer Bra to their ever-popular V-Pop high-waist gym leggings. And to help the country and their customers fight and protect themselves against the COVID-19 virus, Kheper have started making their own fabric face masks in various colours and patterns, available for adults and children. The Kheper masks won't cost you more than R50* (excluding delivery) and offer four layers to ensure your safety.

Details: kheper.co.za | [email protected] | 0793 687 068 | Facebook | Instagram


Mia Mélange

For those who have never heard the name before, Mia Mélange is a proudly South African brand that handcrafts interior décor and lifestyle products. They have stepped up to the plate to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by crafting fabric face masks, made from 100% cotton Shweshwe (outer layer) and 100% cotton percale with a 200 thread count (inner layer). And due to them using thick cotton fabrics, their masks are made with two layers to ensure breathability. Mia Mélange offer single fabric face masks and also packs of three, five or 10. There's a selection of colours and designs to choose from.

Details: miamelange.com | [email protected] | 082 357 4044 | Facebook | Instagram


Custom Apparel

Custom Apparel has gone fabric face mask mad! Known for allowing their customers to let their imaginations and creativity run wild and customise their own style, Custom Apparel has heard the call and started to create masks to order. And best of all, they have some interesting and quirky designs to choose from if you're looking for something unique. They have made their masks from A-grade materials with three-layers to do their part to #StopTheSpread. Get your cool Custom Apparel masks at R70* each. Click here to take a look at the designs they have in store.

Details: www.custom-apparel.co.za | [email protected] | Facebook | Instagram



Cape Town based Ballo are known for crafting and creating various fashionable and lifestyle accessories, including sunglasses, hat hangers and pots made from recycled materials. They also have their own clothing range. And to add to their list of products, they now also make fabric face mask. Ballo use discarded pieces of material to make their masks, which costs R150* each. And for every mask purchased from them, they'll give one away for free to someone vulnerable and in need.

Details: www.ballo.co.za | [email protected] | 079 394 6572 | Facebook | Instagram


House of Hohwa

Looking for the most fashion-forward, on-trend fabric face masks to add to your wardrobe? House of Hohwa is just the place to find these works of art! Zimbabwean-born designer, Kuda Matiza, and his fashion line, House of Hohwa, have partnered with Newtown Junction Mall to make fabric face masks that are accessible to the public. These Iconic HoH Face Masks are absolutely stunning and come in a range of colours. You can get yours from their website at R100* per mask.

Details: www.digitally4u.co.zaInstagram


Sexy Socks SA

Buy fabric face masks that are crafted locally by a women's empowerment project! Sexy Socks SA is another Cape Town based brand but they do deliver nationally across South Africa. The masks they sell are made in Cape Town by a local women's empowerment project. And to give back to the community during this difficult time, a portion of the proceeds goes towards providing face masks to those vulnerable and less fortunate. Click here to get your Sexy Socks SA face masks at R55* each.

Details: sexysockssa.com | [email protected] | 021 286 7482 | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


If you'd like to make your own fabric reusable face masks, here's a few DIY tutorials that we found on YouTube to get you started on your next sewing project. And don't worry, it's a lot easier than it looks.

Please note: Due to the need of these fabric face masks, stockists and suppliers may be out of stock owing to the high volume of orders. Please be patient, visit their website and sign up to be notified when they restock. Also, prices mentioned are subject to change.