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Johannesburg Garden Club Open Garden

The joys of it being spring, we can now go about the city and experience all the beauty it... Read More

How to get the kids interested in the arts

Art allows for messy hands, DIY projects and self-discovery. Get your kids interested in the arts by investing in fun... Read More

Explore Kensington - One Of Joburg's Oldest Suburbs

Kensington is one of the oldest suburbs in Johannesburg. Take some time out to explore the restaurants, landmarks and... Read More

Bedfordview - A Haven For Vegans

For a long time now, vegans have had to travel to the northern suburbs for their source of snacks, treats and other... Read More

Explore Constitution Hill

Besides the cool events you’ve probably attended at Constitution Hill, what else do you really know about it? Put... Read More

Explore Constitutional Hill

Besides the cool events you’ve probably attended at Constitution Hill, what else do you really know about it? Put... Read More

Joburg CBD
Best Spots To Watch The Flowers Bloom In Joburg

Zoo Lake What started out as a part of the farm called Braamfontein eventually turned into what we know today as Zoo... Read More

Sunninghill Is Worth Exploring

Sunninghill is one of those neighbourhoods where residents rarely have to leave. They've got awesome restaurants,... Read More

Explore Blairgowrie

On the surface Blairgowrie acts as a residential suburb to the working class of the surrounding business districts, but... Read More

Explore Blairgowrie

Eat Fussy Vegan Run by a very fussy vegan with a love for food and animal activism, the Fussy Vegan in Blairgowrie... Read More

Explore Krugersdorp North

Have you been to Krugersdorp North before? Not?! Well, here are quite a few of reason why you should take a trip to the... Read More

Explore Dunkeld

The upmarket neighbourhood of Dunkeld is a fun-filled place to work, play, stay and party in. Here’s what you can... Read More

Checking Out Victoria Yards

Just past Maboneng, around the corner from the Troyville Hotel and right across the road from the Nando’s global... Read More

Exploring Bedfordview

Bedfordview is home to many socialites, party spots and fancy restaurants. Come with as we explore this exciting... Read More

Explore Sandton

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The First Insta-Walk: Autumn Leaves

As the seasons change and the autumn leaves start falling, we thought it’d be a great time to host our very first... Read More

Explore The City By Bike

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The Best Of Bryanston

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Explore Soweto

The South Western Township, famously known as Soweto, is Johannesburg biggest township. The location has garnered a... Read More

Five Things That Make Us Joburgers

As inhabitants of one of the most exciting cities in the world, (voted by the New York Times) we own certain traits... Read More