Food is most certainly a universal language, so we have decided to take you on a journey to the East of Africa. If you have been looking for something new, flavourful and African - we have just the thing. Today, we are going to take a trip through Ethiopia. Ethiopian cuisine in Joburg is what we're all about.

You don't need to go too far to indulge in some good traditional Ethiopian cuisine. All you need to do is have an open mind, receptive palate and an empty stomach.

Like any of our beautiful African people, we are feeders, we love to feed people tasty food as much as we love to eat it. So, we are headed to Ethiopia y'all.

Selami...To Yummy Food

Just a quick low down, Ethiopian food is all about colour. You will love the appetising nature of how their food pulls you in with its aroma. Spice is life with Ethiopian cuisine, and the food tastes so good it could make a grown man cry.

Now that we have given you the scintillating idea of what awaits, let's check out where to find it.

Ethiopian Restaurants Johannesburg


Situated in the beautiful, artistic, and African-embracing Maboneng sits Habesha. This spot is worth being on your food hop.

As soon as you set foot on the premises, you will experience nostalgic moments. Their decor will remind you of tropical restaurant movie snippets that make you want to dance.

Speaking of dancing, they also host cool events from time to time so keep an eye on their Facebook page for upcoming events.

Ethiopian Restaurants Johannesburg

Queen Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant

Queen Sheba is a world of indulging and caters to different dietary options. They make heartwarming vegetarian and vegan dishes. For all the meat lovers out there, they also have something delicious that awaits you. Even the health-conscious have generous options available.

They pride themselves in their usage of fresh ingredients that are naturally grown and prepared to perfection. They use spices straight out of Ethiopia.

Queen Sheba is all about introducing authenticity, you must try their food. To-die-for!

Ethiopian Restaurants Johannesburg

Little Addis Cafe

Little Addis is a lovely cafe that makes flavourful food that you are guaranteed not to forget. Situated in Maboneng and is loved by many for obvious reasons.

Little Addis is all about making hearty Ethiopian meals that will have you coming back for more. They have lovely Injera that comes with a variety of veggie options and meat - honestly, you have not lived if you have not tried this one.

Kassa, the owner of the cafe is so passionate about making food that makes you travel to places of joy enjoyment.

Your Ethiopian Detour

Things to keep in mind for the selective eater:

What Is Rosetta’s About?

Inspired by the legacy of the ancient Rosetta Stone, the décor within the bistro pays tribute to this famous artefact and inspires guests with simple yet quality cooking and ingredients, generous helpings, impeccable service, and unique food and beverage offerings that will tantalise any palate.

Rosetta’s Has Three Different Areas

Area #1: The Outside Area

The outside area is a relaxed bistro space, complemented by a deli-style display featuring a wide selection of freshly made Artisanal breads, paninis and cakes, along with an ice cream station, milkshake station, and a waffle and pancake area if you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth.

For quick bites or snacks-on-the-go, passersby have an opportunity to savour delicious ready-to-eat items. Upon walking into Rosetta’s, early risers and late diners are met by a 24-hour bistro that serves an à la carte, quick service eating menu with a selection of down-to-earth comfort foods. Signature items include Philly Beefy Cheese, Peri-Peri Chicken Livers, Wood-Fired Pizzas and Chicken Tikka Mayonnaise Sandwiches.


And, for those who need a coffee fix, the bistro has introduced a brand new coffee concept, BLACKSMITH Coffee. BLACKSMITH Coffee believes in transforming the youth’s potential into opportunities. It crafts beautiful coffee blends from certified Fairtrade farms in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda, and in doing so promotes social change, job creation, and skills development.

Area #2: The Central Space

The central space can be opened in four directions, and offers the flexibility to expand the outside area into a larger seating space, or can be opened up completely into the main restaurant space. Alternatively, the space can be closed off for private functions and conference groups.

Area #3: The Main Area and Kitchen Concept

This area encapsulates the buffet, the banquette seating, and the freestanding table seating. The presentation of the buffet in the kitchen area serves a variety of cuisines from around the world and gives diners the opportunity to enjoy excellent food at reasonable prices.


The kitchen chefs prepare the majority of the dishes right in front of guests while working to present seven distinct culinary speciality sections in the restaurant. These sections include:

  1. A Harvest Table with a selection of salads, mezze’s, cold starters, sushi, soups and an Artisanal bread station.
  2. For meat lovers, the Rotisserie, Roasts and Grill section features mouthwatering ribs, boerewors, chicken wings, whole chicken and beef topside with sauces and accompaniments.
  3. The Comfort dish section will see diners tuck into venison, tripe, traditional stews and casseroles, creamed spinach and other hot vegetables.
  4. The Mediterranean Station features a bevvy of grilled prawns, deep fried calamari, island style seafood, a pasta station and pizza expertly prepared in a wood-fired oven.
  5. For something a little spicier, the Pan-Asian station showcases mouthwatering Thai curries, North Indian curries, samosas, Indian pickles, a Chinese Wok station, sweet and sour pork, Beef Chow Mein, and Chinese spring rolls.
  6. Dining at Rosetta’s is truly a family affair with a Kiddies Station that includes a mini selection of hot dogs, beef burgers, pizza, chicken burgers, cheese grillers, and macaroni and cheese.
  7. To round off the dining experience, a generous sweet selection at the Dessert Station will see diners satisfying their sweet tooth with cheesecake, bread and butter pudding, chocolate Swiss roll, freshly baked cakes, soft serve ice creams, pancakes and waffles.

Whether it’s a quick breakfast, business lunch, or family feast, Rosetta’s Bistro, Restaurant & Kitchen offers an impressive, modern dining experience that won’t break the bank.

Rosetta’s Bistro, Restaurant & Kitchen Opening Times

Rosetta’s Bistro, Restaurant & Kitchen is open at the following times:

Make a Reservation Now!

To book your table at Rosetta’s Bistro, Restaurant & Kitchen, you can call them on (011) 928 1367, email [email protected], or visit Emperors Palace’s website at


For all the coffee addicts and tea lovers in Joburg, I went out and about in the city and tested some great cuppa Joes to bring you this list of Top 10 Coffee Spots in Joburg. From great lattés and aromatic teas to freshly brewed coffees, these spots are definitely worth a visit!


Cramers Coffee

If you want some good quality coffee on the go, or to sit back and catch up on the latest gossip with your bestie, then head down to Cramers coffee in Marshalltown. This little spot is definitely worth a stop if you are in the middle of the CBD. They have great snacks to nibble on and I just loved their Gingerbread Latté.

For more information, visit their website.

Bean There Coffee Company

With fair-trade coffee that is rich in flavour and a great space for you to sit out in the sun, Bean There at 44 Stanley is the perfect spot to sit back and chill. They roast their own coffee and you are sure to be welcomed with freshly brewed aromas of coffee from Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi. I will definitely be back!

For more information, visit their website.


With everything from espressos, frappés, and chilled cappuccinos to flavoured and gourmet lattés, Lattélicious in Nelson Mandela Square definitely has a great selection of coffee beverages to choose from. The medium roast Lattélicious Brazilian is perfect if you are looking for something different with a bit of a sweet flavour and the Choc Mint Cookie Latté is divine!

For more information, visit their website.

Walnut Grove

This has always been one of my favourite spots in Sandton City when I need a break from shopping. Walnut Grove near the Food Court has a nice selection of Artisanal coffees for you to choose from to get your caffeine fix. I absolutely love the moreish Sinful Cappuccino drizzled with condensed milk. Definitely one for those who have a sweet tooth!

For more information, visit their website.

Motherland Coffee Company

Motherland Coffee Company is the perfect place for all coffee addicts! At Motherland, you can get your favourite coffee fix in either small, tall or the Mother Cuppa sizes, and there is a good selection of coffees (hot or iced), hot chocolates, teas and smoothies to choose from. Be sure to try the Dictator – condensed milk, double espresso, whipped cream all topped with chocolate shavings ... too yummy! Tip: Try the cheesecake!

For more information, visit their website.

Doubleshot Coffee and Tea

A great coffee hot spot in Braamies is Doubleshot Coffee and Tea. With a welcoming roasted coffee aroma and tasty baked goods to go with your aromatic coffee, this is a great place to just relax. And, if you want to take some great coffee home with you, you can buy some stock to take home and enjoy. Their double shot flat white is so good!

For more information, visit their website.

The Fat Zebra

A perfect cosy spot for some great breakfast and even greater coffee is this Linden-based gem. Only the creamiest cappuccinos come out of The Fat Zebra and be sure to order some tasty eggs to go with your cuppa ... it's the only way to start the day!

For more information, visit their website.

Father Coffee

Another fab spot in Braamfontein to grab a hot cup of coffee is Father Coffee. You will feel as if you have just walked into a wooden cabin filled with the delicious aroma of coffee everywhere! You can sit back and relax with a cuppa or get one on the go. Their own secret blend is so rich and delicious!

For more information, visit their website.

The Whippet

Perfect for a Sunday morning outing with the family, the Whippet out in Linden is a cosy little spot for you to sit back and relax. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee and indulge in a tasty baked treat to get your day started. Try their boutique teas that include flavours such as strawberry-hibiscus and pineapple-ginger. And for the coffee addicts, enjoy their Linden blend made from a balance of creamy Costa Rican and rich chocolate Malawian beans.

For more information, visit their website.

Warm & Glad

One of Joburg’s favourite coffee spots, Warm & Glad offers you the perfect spot to get comfy and indulge in some decadent treats. Their coffee is from Deluxe Coffeeworks in Cape Town, and is roasted to perfection!

For more information, visit their website.