Make Yoga Fun For The Kids At Home

Start By Making Yoga Flash Cards

Children are visual by nature. So if you want to teach them something new, you should definitely bring in some flash cards. Make yoga flash cards or use a large roll of paper for a banner of poses. This way, it'll be easier for them to learn the name of poses and different yoga positions. And remember, don't make the yoga class serious or too intense for them, make it playful and fun to keep the little ones excited about learning something new.


Musical Mats

Moms, dads and kiddies, this one is something for all of you to enjoy. In a circle, lay out one less mat than there are kids. Place asana index cards at the top of every mat. Press play on a fun, upbeat song and let the kids dance around the mats in a circle. When the music stops, kids take the pose of whatever mat they land on. Whoever doesn’t get a mat is automatically out and can control the music for the next round, switching for each round. This is a great way to make yoga fun for kids.


Set Up A Routine

Kids feel more secure when there is a routine they can follow. You can start with simple steps to get them into a routine, like where to leave their shoes once they are in class, where to put their yoga mats and so forth. This helps create a sense of discipline and order. By doing so, there won't be anything holding back their progress.


Offer Variety

We all know that it is a hard task trying to capture the attention of a child, especially when they are still fairly young. So, try to divide the class in different segments to create more variety to keep them interested. You need to time your classes, make each section 10 minutes long and bring different themes in each class. Use music to keep your kids entertained and introduce 'a pose for the week'. Ask questions and let them ask questions, too. Start with easy poses so that it is easier for them to grasp the pose and help them understand what that specific yoga pose is for.


Repeat Poses

It's easier for kids to learn through repetition as this helps them build their confidence in mastering the poses and to learn the terminology used in yoga. Always remember to be patient with your little ones, because it is a step-by-step process. Teach them the right terminology, this will help them build their vocabulary and it will help them master the poses as time passes.


It's A Family Thing

Get the whole family to join in, because the little yogis are more likely to prosper when there are people around who they are comfortable with. Seeing adults enjoy yoga is the best way to go about encouraging kids to participate. So, as you are teaching them about yoga, be part of the experience and join in on the fun with them.


Photo Credit: Today's Parent

A Singing Child Is A Happy Child

If you want to grab the attention of your little one, use music. Melody and rhythm are a great way to get kids to engage. So if you can, turn the lessons into songs. This will help them learn faster in a more fun and less serious way. Music also helps children dial up their focus and stay in the moment.


Namaste, we hope you and the little ones find joy in doing yoga together.

Summer Wine Tasting Evening At Pick n Pay Good Food Studio

What Is It?

If there are two things Joburgers are serious about, it’s summer entertainment and wine. Join L’Avenir Winery in partnership with the Pick n Pay Wine Club and The Good Food Studio for an evening of good company, great food and a fine selection of wines.

Come and meet the winemaker of L’Avenir and learn all about their tried and tested methods. Then, tuck into a six-course tasting menu prepared by The Good Food Studio chefs. Diners will sample innovative seasonal dishes, using the best of Pick n Pay produce, all expertly matched with the LÁvenir wines.

Don't miss this epic summer wine experience!

When Is It?

Thursday, 10 October 2019 at 17:30.

Where Is It?

PnP Good Food Studio, Cnr Republic & William Nicol, Sandton, Johannesburg

How Much Is It?

Tickets cost R350 - R450 per person and can be purchased here.

For More Information

For more information visit the Pick n Pay Good Food Studio website.

Contact them on 011 998 3310 or via email at [email protected]

Social media pages:

Facebook -

Instagram -

Cape Wine Academy

Discovering the Sublime World of Wine - 2010

The Cape Wine Academy offers a range of entertaining and educational wine courses for members of the public, travel & tourism industries. Tailor-made wine tasting events are available for corporate groups. Our courses are held in Johannesburg and Pretoria. All courses are presented by winemakers, Viticulturists, Cape Wine Masters and people actively involved in the industry.

Level 1: The South African Wine Course
Topics encompass wine styles and the effect of wine on the taste of food; vineyard and winemaking practices
and how they contribute to making a quality wine. There is an hour tutored tasting at each of the three presentations. This can be completed in the evenings or as a 1 day event.
All lectures incorporate tutored wine tastings.

Level 2: Certificate Wine Course
An in-depth course on South African wine which covers viticulture, winemaking, distillation, fortification, sweet and sparkling wines. This course consists of 7 lectures which are conducted, in the evening or as a 3 day course. There is a theory and tasting examination. The South African Wine course or the Front of House course is a pre-requisite to attend.

Level 3: Diploma
A magnificent way to experience the world through a glass of wine! Four modules consisting of 7 lectures, held fortnightly. This 2 year course details the wine regions of the Old and New World with relevant subject tastings. The Certificate wine course is a pre-requisite to attend.
Module 1: Global Wine Production started August, 2010.

Wines of the World
Step into the international world of wines and broaden your international wine knowledge. Explore the world’s wine regions and discover the interesting wines that they produce. From France to Australia and the Americas, you will be able to compare their wines against ours! This course consists of 6 lectures which are conducted weekly in the evenings, or as a 2 day course.

Introduction to South African Brandy
A two hour evening, which covers the theory of Brandy and includes a brandy tasting. Everyone is welcome.

Corporate Tastings & Functions
Let us arrange a customised tasting or course for you and your corporate clients.

Gift certificates are available for all Cape Wine Academy courses.

The South African Wine Course

Introduction to the wonders of wine – for everyone who wants to learn more about this fascinating subject! Wine knowledge is an asset whether you are pursuing a hobby or enhancing your knowledge
for a career.

Course Outline:

Lecture 1 Wine styles, the FIVE taste sensations with a cause & effect tasting and discussion
Lecture 2 Vineyard practices & South African wine growing districts, varieties/cultivars – white wine tasting and discussion
Lecture 3 Outline of the ‘General Principles of Winemaking’ – red wine tasting and discussion
Exam Theory Examination (60 minutes)

For information on course dates and bookings please follow the links alongside