Easter is fast approaching and most of us have forgotten about it because of everything that is going on with the COVID-19 virus.

While dealing with the virus is difficult, it doesn't mean that we should not spend time with our families. What better way to bond with relatives than over Easter? This festive season is all about family.

During these tough times, we don't want to ignore all the joy and happiness that comes with Easter. Here are some of the ways we can still celebrate this special holiday:

Easter egg hunt

Easter Egg Hunts

Easter egg hunts are a favourite for both kids and adults. This is a great way to have some fun and indulge in some soft and yummy Easter eggs, chocolate and marshmallows.

This Easter, why not set up an Easter egg hunt trail in your garden or home? This is a great way to bring some smiles to your children's faces, while keeping them safe from the Coronavirus.

Find A Hot Cross Bun Recipe

Hot Cross Buns are a traditional and old school must-have for many South Africans. For those who don't like the raisins, you can choose to make an option without any.

Get creative with the buns, go for chocolate, gourmet or savoury buns instead of the classic choice.

You can draw some inspiration from the Woolworths TASTE magazine, check this out.

Here's one of their recipes:



Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Combine the flour, yeast, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, lemon zest and dried fruit in a large mixing bowl.

Place the milk and butter in a saucepan and heat gently until the butter has melted. Lightly whisk the eggs and vanilla together and add to the dry ingredients, along with the milk and butter mixture.

Gently mix the dough using your hands or a wooden spoon until the mixture comes together.

Turn the dough out onto a clean surface and knead for 10 minutes. Place in a lightly oiled bowl, cover with clingfilm and place in a warm spot for 1½ hours until doubled in size.

After the dough has risen, knock it down to its original size and then roll into 12 evenly shaped buns.

Place the buns on a greased baking tray and cover with clingfilm, leaving enough room for the buns to rise. Allow the buns to rise for another 30 minutes.

To make the flour paste, mix the flour and water together to form a smooth paste, place in a sandwich bag and cut off one of the corners to make a piping bag.

Pipe a cross onto each bun and bake for 15 minutes, or until the buns are golden and cooked through. Glaze the buns while they are still hot.

Source: TASTE Woolworths

Go All Out For Dinner

What is Easter without an amazing dinner? You can gather the family and prepare an amazing dinner for everyone to enjoy.

This could be an amazing opportunity to explore, have fun and enjoy an awesome dinner together.


Decorating is the best way to spend time with the family and have some fun. Bring out all the unique decorations, the crafts and last year's décor. And spend some time making your surrounds festive.

Stay Safe And Enjoy Quality Time With Family

The whole point of this holiday, apart from the traditional meaning, is to spend time with the family and enjoy each other's company.

While we are in quarantine and self-isolation, it can be difficult to adjust to new habits and manage boredom. But there are many things you can do while cooped up indoors. Here are a few:

1. Healthy Eating And Drinking

Instead of ordering takeouts, why not start a new, healthy eating and drinking regimen? Of course, it's not easy, but it is definitely something you can do once you've set your mind to it.

Why This Is A Great Idea?

2. Try New Recipes

Trying something new can be exciting, especially when food is involved. You can start with simple and easy dishes.

This is a great way to become your very own chef. Bring your family into the mix by getting the kids to help out.

Why This Is A Great Idea?

3. Gym And Yoga At Home

There is no better time than now to get physically fit and active by trying a different fitness routine.

You don't need gym equipment to have a good workout. Search for exercises that you can do without equipment.

There are loads of YouTube videos to watch for yoga at home, from beginners right through to advanced yoga.

Why This Is A Great Idea?

4. Listen To Good Music

Music is a universal language, so why not explore some different genres?

Listening to music can change your mood, helping you feel happier and more positive.

Why This Is A Great Idea?

5. Learn A New Skill

There are many new skills you can learn, depending on what you love and enjoy.

There is an array of things you can choose from, including learning to play an instrument, learning a new language, baking, sewing and so much more.

Why This Is A Great Idea?

6. Catch Up On Your Reading

Go on a new journey by starting a new book.

Reading is a great way to learn, sharpen your mind, explore and relax.

Why This Is A Great Idea?