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Extract CBD Labs brings you the highest quality CBD blended with proprietary herbals in four delicious fruit flavours, targeting four major factors:

CBD is an effective natural solution to a multitude of health issues and concerns. Many people use CBD to support the body’s natural systems. Cannabinoids are an integral part of the human body’s ability to regulate and balance a wide variety of physiological systems.

Lab tested and manufactured to global standards.


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About The Witchery
The Witchery is Jhahn Meagan Kruger’s outlet from which she shares her world of the esoteric with those of us thirsting for the knowledge and wisdom that communication with the reality of the esoteric brings.

From her cosy ‘Wiccan Witches Den’ she brings insights through a variety of forms. Such as: Psychic Tarot Readings, Spirit Guide Channelings, Reiki Healings, Meditations, Spiritual Counseling, Crystal Healings, Energy Massage, and she is the first in the industry to be offering Angelic Healing Sessions.

What can one expect from an Angelic Healing Session?
This includes the following:
- An Aura Cleansing and Healing of the Auric Field.
- Crystal Healing – Through the placement of a crystal grid on the body it helps to promote the body’s own healing ability clearing away emotional blocks and releasing the dis-ease within the body.
- The use of Angelic Energy to balance 13 of the energy centres within your body.
- The placement of Angelic Symbols into the energy field to ensure that the effects of the healing will remain for two weeks or longer.

Meagan’s Tarot Readings are as enlightening as is the world of discovering oneself. The same relaxed, but disciplined approach is taken to the opening of doors in her courses in Wicca, Energy Work, Meditation, Tarot, and now Angelic Healing.

Where is The Witchery
The Witchery is located in Fourways
For bookings and additional information you can contact Jhahn Meagan on the details alongside.