Featured Photo: Sam and Mary By @iamjacob via Chularp Suwannapha

Okay, so the title was kinda extra, but I couldn't help but get excited about hats. Believe or not, hats have become a huge and stylish accessory in the world of fashion these days. Whether you are trying a casual or formal vibe or what I would call "an expressive look" - a hat is just the touch you need to add that sauce.

And I have to say, I take my hat off to the below stores...

Hats - Simon and Mary

Simon and Mary

As much as I would love to act all patriotic, I did not choose them because of my name. Simon and Mary happen to be on of the best hat connoisseurs I've seen, they have a rather nostalgic vibe.

Simon and Mary has well over 60-years in experience and have proven worthy back in the day as well as now. Their hats are the kind that one would associate with the word timeless. Generation after generation, they just keep getting better at what they do.

They live by the saying, "Hats are in our blood, it is more than a clothing item, but rather a way of life". If that does not sell it to you, I don't know what will. You can find some of their hats at Tread + Miller.

Hats - Swan Hats Online

Swan Hats Online

Okay ladies, this one is for you. Swan Hats Online is the place where queens can get some of the most extravagant hats around.

This is some horse racing, polo status type of hats. So if you are looking for a stand out accessory, this is the place to look for that fashion statement. They boast a collection of material hats, fascinators, as well as the ever-so-famous sinamay hats (I'm certain that the Royals have gone for this kind of material ample times).

Swan has been a milliner of unique head pieces for over 50-years, so you can trust that you will definitely find something unique, darling!

Hats - Emthunzini Hats

Emthunzini Hats

If the aim is to buy something for the whole family, the Emthunzini Hats is just the place you are looking for. This place has an accessory for everyone - men, women and kids.

Ever heard of the term, "UPF" - well! That simply means that your hat will not deteriorate to pieces the next time you bring it out for an outfit you just bought, plus you will be 98% protected from the sun. They have an amazing collection with ample variety to choose from, and can you believe it - they are endorsed by the Cancer Association of South Africa.

You can check out their website for more details.

I'm going to leave you with the words of Philip Treacy, "Elegance is all in the mind of the wearer".

My favourite hat to this day: think of Charlie Chaplin.