Who Are Nova Chocolate?

Who doesn’t love chocolate? The more, the better! The only problem is that it’s not the healthiest treat and not everyone can enjoy it without an allergic reaction or spiking their blood-sugar levels (think lactose-intolerance and diabetes). Cue, Nova Chocolate! This company is passionate about creating and supplying healthier chocolate products that are not only delicious, but moreish too.

Nova Chocolate products are manufactured locally using imported and local ingredients. Their range of chocolates are gluten and dairy free; vegan- and diabetic-friendly and contain no sucrose. So, you can enjoy a rich and decadent treat without the guilt, sugar rush and intolerance. At Nova Chocolate, they pride themselves in producing premium chocolates.

Nova Chocolates

Many Flavours To Choose From

The beauty of chocolate is the fact that you can incorporate many different flavours into it, making the chocolate even more flavourful. Here's a few Nova Chocolate combos to choose from:

To find out what other delights they have on offer Click here.

Nova Chocolates

How Nova Chocolatier, Dylan Jonnson, Got Into Chocolate

Dylan Jonnson secured a position at the 5-star Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton, where he started his career as a chef. He also got the opportunity to work in Scotland at a small boutique hotel in the mountains, where the menu changed daily. This inspired him to explore the potential of food.

Jonnson fell in love with chocolate 15 years ago, and in 2010 opened a small restaurant where everything on the menu had chocolate in it. In 2011, he opened a catering company and made premium chocolate products. To get a better understanding of business, he joined the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship where he got the opportunity to cater for Sir Richard Branson, as well as make exclusive branded chocolates for him. Thereafter, in 2017, Nova Chocolate was born.

Nova Chocolates

Where To Get Nova Chocolate

To get your hands on this guilt-, sugar-, dairy- and gluten-free treat, visit one of these stores:

You can also stock up online!

Nova Chocolate will be available in Dischem stores soon, and they’re also growing their footprint within Spar stores.

Nova Chocolates

For More Information

For more information about Nova Chocolates, visit www.novachocolate.co.za or call them on 011 743 1911.

You can also follow them on Facebook, and Twitter.

Nova Chocolates