Maid Of Honour 101: The MOH Basics

You’re The Bride’s Partner In Crime!

First things first, being appointed the MOH role makes you the second most important person (after her soon-to-be-husband, of course) with regards to the wedding! You will be her lady in waiting, her support, and the person who knows her best. Your duty is to be there for the bride in her time of need, whether it’s to help her make a decision on the invitation designs, visiting a number of wedding expos to gather inspiration and ideas, or listening to her vent over the stresses of wedding planning.

The Leader Of The Pack

Being the MOH means that you will be the leader of the bridesmaids. It will be your job to coordinate with the bridesmaids on their duties, ensure that everyone gets to fittings on time, finds the correct jewellery and shoes to match with their dress, and also to keep the troupe informed on any pre-wedding get-togethers and what they need to know. This also includes ensuring that all the ladies are wedding-ready on the big day – from being on time, getting their make-up and hair done, to getting the right bouquets.

Wedding Planning With The Bride

When it comes to the bride planning her wedding, offer to be part of the pre-wedding tasks. Whether it’s shopping for her wedding dress, looking for a venue, picking out floral arrangements or invites, or cake and menu sampling – offer to be there for the bride. The bride will love to have company while doing these tasks (if the groom-to-be is not available), and will also appreciate a second opinion on her choices and decisions regarding her taste in colours, décor, and vision.

Always Be Present

Okay, we’re not saying that you have to be joined at the bride’s hip 24/7, but make sure that you are present at all of the pre-wedding parties and functions. This includes the engagement party, the kitchen tea and/or bachelorette party, bridal party teambuilding get-togethers if you plan on such to get to know the groomsmen and bridesmaids, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, and of course, her big day! You are the bride’s right-hand lady, so make sure you’re there for every event!

Party Time!

Along with the help of the bridesmaids, you will be in charge of hosting, planning and setting up the bride’s bridal party and/or bachelorette party. You know the bride best (hence why she picked you to be her MOH), so you will know exactly how she wants to do to celebrate her last days of being a ‘single lady’. This includes finding the right venue and caterer, refreshments, transport (if needed), sending out the invites, deciding on a theme, organising entertainment (games or speakers), items to dress up the bride, splitting costs among the bridesmaids and guests, etc. This is one of the biggest responsibilities as a MOH, so if you need a little assistance, make sure you speak to your fellow bridesmaids!

The Big Day

After months of planning and support, your best friend’s wedding day has finally arrived! And that means that there is a whole new list of other responsibilities you need to take care of. On this special day, you will be required to:

1. Ensure that all the bridesmaids are on time, had their hair and make-up done, and are given the correct bouquets.

2. Hold the groom’s ring during the ceremony. Make sure you keep it somewhere safe.

3. Arrange the receiving line unless the bride has done so at the rehearsal.

4. Arrange the bride’s train and veil before the ceremony begins and once she has arrived at the altar if necessary.

5. Hold the bride’s bouquet while the bridal couple exchanges vows.

6. Along with the best man, sign the marriage licence as a witness if necessary.

7. Fill in as hostess (along with the bridesmaids) during the reception by speaking to the guests, showing them to their seats, where to place their gifts, where the restrooms are, etc.

8. Dance with the best man during the formal first dance.

9. This is optional, but prepare a toast for the bride and groom.

10. If the bride and groom are planning on leaving for their honeymoon right after the reception, help the bride change and look after her wedding dress until she gets back.

And those are the basics on how to be an amazing and supportive Maid of Honour! If you have any other tips for fellow MOHs or something has been left out, leave a comment below!