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#SupportLocal - There's A Hidden Gem of A Bakery At The River Club

In another life, I would be very thin. The problem is that my job involves scoping out amazing new places on your behalf – many of which involve food. And really, it wouldn’t be PROFESSIONAL if I didn’t taste some of it? Right? (Why are you laughing? Stop that immediately!) Anyway, when news arrived on […]

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Joburg Restaurateur, James Diack, To Open Fourth Restaurant

“My wife always said that if I opened a fourth eatery it would have to be called ‘Divorce’ or ‘The Singles Club’,” laughs Chef James Diack. “Instead, I’ve decided to call it Il Contadino, which means ‘the farmer’ in Italian and really embodies the spirit of our season-focused, farm-to-table style.” Set to open in October 2017, Il […]

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